My First ER Visit for Ulcerative Colitis

What a Ulcerative Colitis Week:

So I had my first ER visit for my UC. I was at work, doing fine, didn’t eat anything wrong. I was going along, when my stomach started aching….really bad. I was hunched over, unable to walk unless I was squeezing my stomach. I told my manager I needed to go to the Emergency Room. They did a urine sample, some bloodwork, and xrays. The bloodwork came back abnormal so they did a cat scan. Turns out my lymph nodes were swollen from the UC, so they gave me a steroid shot in the IV I had for the cat scan, then gave me scrips for prednisone, an antibiotic, and lortabs for the pain. I so very much wish that prednisone wasn’t bad for you in the long run! When I am on steroids I just feel soo much better and I feel like I can live life again! Not to mention the lortabs help a lot and they just make me feel happy! So right now, I am not too shabby, but I know I need to enjoy it while it lasts, because I only have enough prednisone for five days, and ab out that much lortabs too. But I go to see my GI next week, and I am going to ask him if I can start a steroid for just a few months to get things under control. As of now, the Asacol alone isn’t really helping everywhere. Maybe it is healing my colon, but the rest of me is miserable. So, I will keep everyone updates as I find things out!

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2 thoughts on “My First ER Visit for Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. thanks for sharing. i always wondered at what point people go into the hospital. i have been in such bad pain before but didnt know what to do. i dont know when it is considered bad enough to go in. hope your GI doc visit goes well. :)

  2. Twinmomuc – hope you are taking a calcium supplement while on the steroids because they eat through the calcium in your bones! I do agree steroids make me feel normal too! I am currently on 40mg and I am on a sleeping tablet too – you know the way they keep you awake but the sleeping tablet has dampened all that. After 6 years on and off steroids I can’t believe this is the first time I have taken a sleeping tablet with steroids – best idea ever! Hope you get well soon. thanks for sharing your story!

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