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My Father’s Success Battling Ulcerative Colitis Explained

I have been dipping in and out of your website on behalf of my dad and thought I would share what has helped him as I know when I was researching you can become bogged down by information.  These are just my findings but I hope it may help someone with this awful condition.  I wasn’t sure how to add this info directly onto your website, so thought would drop you an email.  I am happy for you to add this to your website.

Jo with father benefiting from symprove
with my dad!

My dad is 79 and had UC for over 2 years now.
He had a particularly bad flare up a couple of years ago so I started researching what I could do to help.

In a nutshell I discovered yr gut bacteria is massive for overall health so we looked at his diet and cut out dairy and red meat (he has chicken and turkey instead).  He has given up alcohol and I think this helps too.

While researching gut bacteria I came across a probiotic called Symprove a barley water based supplement you take 10 mins before food.  We found this helped but was very expensive.  We had been in contact with an excellent nutritionist called Mel Cronshaw and she recommended a probiotic called Bio Kult.  It recommends 1-2 tablets a day.  I started him on one tablet for a couple of weeks and now he is on 2 tablets a day.  They are also much cheaper than Symprove!
I would mention at this point he also caught C-Diff so was running very regularly.  He was on antibiotics for C-diff and thankfully it seems to have gone (although I am told this particular bacteria lives in everyone’s gut).

With the C-diff now cleared up and taking into account his diet and the new probiotic he is on, he has improved massively.  He can sleep through the night without rushing to the loo and he has been able to get through most days without feeling any urgent urges to go, but most importantly he doesn’t ‘get caught out’ as often, which for a elderly man of 79 has improved his lifestyle hugely.

As I say these are just our findings and they may not work for everyone, but if it does help one person with this condition, that would be enough!

Thank you again for your wonderful website.  Jo (W)

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9 thoughts on “My Father’s Success Battling Ulcerative Colitis Explained”

  1. Thank you for this info. My husband is in the midst of his first battle with Colitis and we are totally lost. Have no clue what to do next. So far his body seems to be rejecting everything, including the meds given to him at the ER 2 days ago. Reading your dads story gives me hope. Thanks again.

    1. Keep praying. My son was diagnosed at 18. He is currently 23. His first flare up lasted 18 months. His UC affects his entire colon. He us now in remission! Thank God. He still takes oral medications daily and Entyvio by IV every 8 weweeks so want him to come off medications but afraid for him to as well. Hang in there. It is a terrible disease but it can be managed. Sometimes it takes a while for the right formula.

    2. My body rejected all medications for several years. In fact, some of them worsened the colitis. I was finally put on Entyvio and have had no symptoms whatsoever for the past 5 plus years. I do have a monthly infusion, but most patients have it every 8 weeks. The drug has enabled me to resume my former lifestyle:)

    3. Start with a restrictive diet. Eliminate all the bad boys: wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy, bread, carbs. They all feed the inflammation in the gut. Eat clean: lots of water, broths, tea, cooked green veggies, protein like fish, chicken, turkey, eggs. Add a probiotic like VSL#3. Reduce stress.

  2. The picture of you and your dad is beautiful ❣️ The love you have for each other shows on your faces. Glad to hear he is doing better. Thanks for the probiotic information. My son whose 27 has had UC on and off since he was 11 years old. Symptoms started after a vaccine. He is always trying to tweak diet and supplements. Currently he is looking for a probiotic. I’ll pass information on to him. The best to you and you dad.

  3. Hugs to your Dad. I was diagnosed at 73. My doctor said he only knew of another senior coming down with this. Mostly young people get this. Like your Dad the first 2 years we’re bad. The medicine was causing great side effects. Then a doctor told me at that when a bad symptom started to happen see him right away and he would give me a steroid shot. Knowing this would help took away my fear. Thank you Adam for informing us of the latest.

  4. Lovely photo. So pleased your Dad is having an easier time. Symprove helped me but is expensive and thanks for the heads up on the alternative. Will check it out. Really pleased I’ve found this website. Many thanks Adam.

  5. Hello,
    I am 55 years old and i have UC for about 3 years. I tried different medications and nothing worked for me.
    I am glad I found your website to be able to get some hope.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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