My Confession; My Conclusion – Can Anybody Relate?

My name is Jean, I have been diagnosed and living with ulcerative colitis now for 6 years. It has become unbearable. I work 40 hours a week as an administrator. These years have been mostly unbearable. I have tried most of the medications without much success and my symptoms are getting worse.
I am due another colonoscopy in a couple of months and fear every time of getting colon cancer. I am 57 years old and my life has been literally controlled by this awful disease. I use mind control most of the time to deal with it. It’s getting very scary to me to see what comes out of my body, I want to screammmmm. I wrote a little poem to express my conclusion:

Colon Removal, here I come. No more fear, nowhere to run.
I can’t keep on living this way, so much pain and misery everyday.
No dates, not even a love tap, someone help me to get my life back.

I feel like a victim of a demon who came in the night,
and hexed me with something he knew I’d have to fight.
So, fight, fight, I have and never will surrender,
But one thing I will always remember:
the others who struggle with this disease,
who have hidden in the shadows like me, afraid, humiliated and appalled,
don’t give up, there is hope for us all!
Medications: any medication details you want people to know about you with regards to colitis
I am taking the medication “Lialda” at present and it helps only a little. Not enough!


Medications: I am taking the medication “Lialda” at present and it helps only a little. Not enough!

4 thoughts on “My Confession; My Conclusion – Can Anybody Relate?”

  1. Dear Hostage, Take control and get it removed asap..I cared for my 22 year old daughter for 6 months while it took control of her life and mine. Diagnosed on June 14 2010, she tried all kinds of meds, natural treatments and nothing worked. She had her colon removed Dec 22,2010, j-pouch created at removal and take down surgery on Mar 15, 2011 and she is regaining her weight and life back. It is a cruel disease and you should not let it run your life and keep you hostage. May heart and prayers go out to all who suffer from this.. God Bless You.

  2. Hi, have you tried cat’s claw? I use cats claw tincture and pills both of which can be purchased online or gnc. It has literally cured my UC. I no longer have urge to go to the bathroom twenty times a day, and no more blood in the stools. Nothing had ever worked for me to stop the awful UC symptoms until I tried the cats claw in large doses initially then gradually reduced it as I began to feel better. I hope you will give it a try after consulting with your doctors since you are already on some meds.

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