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Meet Megs:

Hi all! about 2 weeks ago I was just diagnosed with mild Ulcerative Colitis and proctitis, having dealt with IBD issues for years but only started seriously getting worse meaning blood weight loose and urgency 6/7 months ago.

I had my colonoscopy done Jan 21 and showed right sided inflammation of the colon and inflammation of my rectum. I am being sent to a different Gastroentologist at the end of Feb i guess for more testing? assuming i have other symptoms that show signs of Crohn’s as well. Other symptoms that have shown there ugly face has been very painful night pains, these started mostly in my knees but now the pain is pretty much in every joint, knees, fingers and elbows and almost every morning I wake up feeling like I lifted a tone of weights the night before. Hopefully joining this forum I will meet new people dealing with this painful disease.

Some more about Me:

loved to work out, cant really anymore to painful :(
love to cook.
scary movies.
traveling with my family.


Stomach cramps
back pain
Joint pain
night sweats
total lose of appetite

My Colitis Story

I would like to interact with people with the same or similar disease, I find that a lot of people in my life consider this just to be the case of the runs :/ which makes me wanna shove something up there ass literally :).

I am a young woman with 2 young kids that was is great physical shape and worked in a very physically active job “work for DHL courier” I basically was lifting boxes for a good 6 hours a day, so obviously this disease has stopped me from being able to work and flipped my life upside down. It’s very frustrating when people don’t see you as looking Physically ill so they think you are fine even my GP acts like that. I have lost 20 lbs and now weigh 110 pounds standing at 5’3 I feel like I am withering away.

I also feel like my life has become one big complaining session and I hate that :( Complaining to my doctor, to my work, the insurance company, and my family, I don’t even want to leave my house just hunker down and waste away.

Now, I am actually being sent to a GI doctor.   I will probably stop seeing my old GP too.  The last time I saw her she acted like she did not care anymore.   She didn’t even care that I was complaining about my bad joint pains and that I can hardly sleep or even walk in the morning.  Her exact reply was “oh well but that shouldn’t keep you from work” well that would be correct if i sat at a desk all day and was not required to wear steel toe boots and be able lift up to 70lbs.

Anyways thank you all for letting me vent and put it all out there.

Colitis Medication

I was just diagnosed so 4 pills daily of Pentasa, also taking wellbutrin for anxiety and depression.

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4 thoughts on “My Colitis”

  1. Hey Megs,
    Sorry about your new addition to the UC club. Your GP sounds like a real bitch! Drop her ass, there are great Dr out there just keep shopping around. My first GI wanted to remove my colon the first few months then I found some great docs and they were stunned by this. I hope the meds work for you, I know how awful this disease can be especially with kids.
    I wish you the best of luck, joining this website is a great start and will benefit you greatly.


  2. hey megs. how long have you been on wellbutrin? wellbutrin has been used for crohn’s patients to get in remission. i know some UCers use it as well.

  3. HI Megs…

    Isn’t that just like some doctors…you complain and they stop listening or become indifferent. I too never thought I’d be that person…the one with an illness…yet here I am…with UC! I’ve had it for 15 long years, and I guess I make a real effort these days not to talk about it all the time. I used to, when I was flaring, or when I felt really bad.

    Luckily, somehow I am in remission, without meds, and it is so much easier to not talk about it and complain, because when I’m feeling good, I suppose there is nothing to complain about!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself…you are new to this condition and it’s no easy thing to live with, right?! Give yourself a break…you won’t complain forever, but you are allowed to whenever you want! Things will improve…they always do.


  4. Hey Megs-

    Sorry about your experience with your doc. I think we all have experienced unsupportive people in our lives while dealing with UC. It is so difficult for others to understand so a forum like this is so important. I have learned so much from everyone here and the support is immeasurable. Keep the supportive people and try to minimize your interactions with the others.

    I was diagnosed 3 years ago, also a super active MOm of 2 boys. The diagnosis of UC WAS COMPLETE SHOCK AND AWE. I had to mourn the loss of my active lifestyle, social life, fit body, business etc., but once I got through that part & feeling a bit sorry for myself- I knew I just needed to do my best and tackle this disease. Getting healthy is the foundation of everything and that entailed a lot of emotional healing, too.

    I had those awful pains in the beginning, too. I would feel like someone was ripping my bones apart at night. It is from all the systemic inflammation. I took epsom salt baths in the morning and night and they helped and drink a LOT of water.

    Find a good GI doc, research, research, research, be kind and good to yourself, meditate, do yoga, eat like your body is a temple and try to find the joy in your day (there is always a gem).

    Best wishes to you. This is a painful journey but one which is (believe it or not) making me a better person.

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