My Adventure With Colitis – Elizabeth


riding harley davidsons with ulcerative colitis

before coming to school in Florida

It was May of 2010 when I first started seeing the white mucus in my stool. I was in a flare for 6 months before any Dr would see me. I went to the hospital around 8 times not knowing why I was bleeding rectally, and every time I went they told me they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t bleeding enough for them to do anything about it.

The Colitis Adventure:

Because I wasn’t able to afford a Dr visit for 6 months(not being able to find a GI dr who took cash patients) I had lost all my muscle mass and was barely able to walk. I became so dehydrated that I couldn’t even hold water down. Before I went into this flare I weighed only 130 pounds at my most.

My father sent me the money to go to the Dr. and as soon as the money arrived I was at the dr’s office the next day. My father never told me till the day before this visit that UC ran in the family on his side. When I saw the doctor I was in such bad shape that he had me call off work the next day and come in for a colonoscopy which he covered.

During the procedure I was awake for the entire thing, I remember them telling me it would hurt and I remember screaming, they told me after wards that they couldn’t put me under in fear that I wouldn’t wake up, and put 2 bags of IV into me on full drip the entire time.

The Dr then told me after the procedure of all the foods I was allowed to and not allowed to eat.

I cried on my way to the car. This was Aug 19th 2010. Then he gave me the meds and told me how to take them, I still continued to work my 40hr job in the beanery I worked at.

I was living with my Boyfriend at this point in time, constantly fighting because he moved his ex girlfriend and there new baby in with us while I was still dating him, so my stress level was very very high. (I broke up with him for 6 months and he got her pregnant, I knew she was pregnant when I moved in with him, she was no longer talking to him and giving the baby up for adoption.)

She wasn’t a good mom and I basically raised his daughter when I wasn’t working and going to school 14hrs a week as well. My body only weighed 115lbs at that time and I was barely staying alive.

My mom and dad constantly begged me to come home until October 16th 2010 when my body basically shut down. I had to wear diapers at this time because I couldn’t control my bowel, Puking every time I moved and In constant pain. My guy at the time refused to drive me to the hospital every time so I constantly had to drag my body down the stairs to the large van we had and climb onto the seat with every effort I had hoping I would make it. On my way to the hospital on the 16th I passed out behind the wheel 3 times in the mile it took me to get to the hospital. It was his Birthday that day and he wouldn’t take me, It was 2am when I left so luckily there weren’t many people on the road. My father begged me the second day I was in the hospital to come home and I agreed.

I was in the hospital till Nov 5th 2010 and i weighed 110pounds when I got out. I spent every waking moment packing my room to move home. He refuse to help me pack and I only had 2-3 days before my mom would show up in her car. I stressed my body out more in those 3 days then I ever have in my entire life. He was only nice enough to pack the van and take my stuff that wouldn’t fit in my moms car to the storage unit I purchased.

I am now going to school once again and I am going out of state to do so. I was very healthy when I got here in Florida but the combined heat and school and trying to find a job made me go back into a flare. I’ve tried controlling it with Predinsone but I didn’t have any luck with self treatment. So my guy is purchasing me diet books after he found this site for me. It’s a different guy than the one last year. I’ve known him for many years just never dated because of my ex. He’s been trying his hardest to maker sure I have a career as well as a healthy body.

Colitis Medications:

They had me on Apriso and I haven’t been able to figure out if its working or not.
Prednisone hasn’t been working but I think I’m becoming immune to it.
And when I left Texas I tried 6MP, All most all of my hair fell out and I begged my family dr to take me off of the meds.


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Elizabeths colitis flare in Florida

During my flare in Florida

9 thoughts on “My Adventure With Colitis – Elizabeth”

    1. I am planing on taking the scd diet, my fiance bought me the books and I’m waiting on them to come in the mail now, just trying to get out of this constant flare.

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    That was such an emotional and difficult journey,… I admire your courage, tenacity and resilience!

    I believe – despite what the about stress not causing colitis, I share your experience and believe it is a huge factor in causing colitis. Thank you very much for sharing – your strength gives me inspiration and courage.

    healing & love,

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate others for taking the time to read my story. It’s been very hard and I was about to give up with my family became my support from Ohio when I lived in Texas. I just hope that others who are going through it don’t ever feel as alone as I did when I was living in that house. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

      I believe my body was telling me it was time for me to move on and saved me from the life I was about to jump into. Everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t have met the man who is currently my very wonderful man if it wasn’t for my very bad ex. So I can’t say I regret anything but I would have done things differently if I would have known how much pain I wouldn’t have avoided.


      1. Elizabeth,

        Stress does play a huge role I will always believe that! You are so brave and strong!!!Enjoyed reading your post! Weird how alone this dis-ease can make us feel from time to time…I get it!
        I wish you all the best! erica

  2. Well glad you are doing a bit better. Keep the loosers outta your life. Its very hard to have this disease an theses drs we see at times have no clue how to treat us. I live in a small twn an the drs around here give me fluids an pain meds an push me out the door. They truely are uneducated to this disease. Be thankful you have parents who care. An wanna help. Mine are alcholics who are to consummed with their own addictions. Be strong fight for a cure an stay proactive. Shannon . 12yrs battling colitis

    1. Thank you both Shannon and Erica, It helps to know others care especially complete strangers. I tried to tell my entire story but with my story, I thought it best to give the gist of it rather then my life on a platter. I wish you both the best of luck.
      Thanks again,

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