Mucus When Passing Gas


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 20 years ago. Three years ago, I was told I also have UC. Battling both has been a challenge, but it is what it is. I have a question for everyone out there. This is humiliating, but I trust someone out there is having a similar experience. Certain foods give me gas and it feels like eruptions going on in my intestines. It is very painful. Tums help sometimes and the heating pad works well too. I have been noticing lately that when I pass gas sometimes, liquid or mucus comes out with gas. Last night, I must have passed gas in my sleep I woke up in the middle of the night with a small wet spot on my bottom and my bed. It was mucus. So humiliating!!!! Anyone else experience this? Have you found anything to help this situation? I have been on Remicade for 2 years now, improving slowly, but not fast enough. New symptoms are showing up and not sure why. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Some more about me:

I love to exercise, but I’ve noticed that seems to set off a flare-up.


Joint pains, headaches, loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding.

Mucus When Passing Gas

I just found out recently that my hemoglobin is down to a 6.7. I had blood transfusions 4 years ago. Anyone else?

I have been lucky enough to avoid any surgeries, so I have all my intestines and rectal tract. I sometimes wonder if it would help at all. I have read all the stories of people having surgeries and still having symptoms. I cannot see going through the pain of surgery and still having symptoms. Its just crazy to me.

I pray everyday that my kids do not show any symptoms. I would feel terribly guilty if my kids had to suffer through this. They see me struggle everyday. I cannot be as active with them as I want to be, but they know I love them and that I am a fighter. They have seen me at my worst and at my best.


All oral medication has stopped working. Been on Remicade for 2 years. Feel like crap when it wears off. Get infusions every 6 weeks.

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  1. I also get mucus discharge. I have it even if I don’t pass gas. It use to get on my underware and I started worrying if it would show through my pants when I was at work. I just started using some cotton balls to help absorb it. Tissue paper works if I don’t have cotton balls. It was uncomfortable at first but I had to have surgery for an anal fistula and had to do this so I got used to it. I hate it. I have trouble passing gas and get horrible gas pains. Plus my stomach makes this popping throbbing, which I was told was built up gas. It’s so painful, wakes me up some nights. And the rumbles are so loud and embarrassing. I just took a breath test, waiting on the results. I just take Lialda and Imodium everyday. Hope things get better for you. I definitely understand about this preventing you from doing things with your kids. I have two and feel horrible that I can’t take them to do a lot. Even going for a walk, it’s hard and scary to be away from a bathroom. Not to mention, the pain and tiredness.

    1. I’ve had this for a while now and learned a thing or too…

      First off my system was extremely dehydrated, I never drank water only coffee or beer…

      I started over loading on water, constipation went away, but still had mucous with gas…

      Went to the doctor she thought it might be a parasite, but thought different because there was no diarrhea…

      Talked to a nurse and she told me it sounded like a parasite!

      Drank a glass with an ounce of white vinegar water, baking soda and honey…

      The moucous discharge was gone the next day!

  2. A google search for “mucus forming foods” reveals what people generally don’t want to hear or accept. Most acid-forming foods, are also mucus-forming. On the list I just found is sugar, meat, all dairy, flour and flour products, salt, and eggs. So, eliminating processed, packaged, high salt and sugar, fake food might take care of a lot of it. The rest is something to consider. I have UC and am currently NOT in remission, however I am vegan (no animal foods) and don’t experience mucus. None. Is it coincidence? I choose to think not. Regarding the uncomfortable gas, sounds like you know at least SOME of the foods that cause this for you currently, so you have to decide if it’s worth it to eat them. It’s my understanding that food sensitivities can change or disappear with time, as the bowel heals, but even I am struggling to figure out why I’ve had seemingly more bloating in recent months. Others I’ve talked to recommend a full elimination diet to identify trigger foods. You start off eating three or four specific non-allergenic foods for a couple weeks, then add one food every few days and eat a fair amount of it to see how your body reacts, documenting everything of course. If no reaction, you continue eating that with the other foods, and add the next thing on the list. There are books and websites to guide a person through this process. I’m considering it, unfortunately I’m underweight right now and concerned now is not a good time. I’ve been off medication for awhile, trying various natural supplements that some people find helpful. So far, nothing has helped me, so I’ll likely need to go back on some type of conventional medication. But I still hold out hope that some natural thing out there might at least decrease my need for a higher dose of conventional medication. Please share with us if you try anything new and notice improvement! There are many resources out there for doing an elimination diet, or a vegan diet, but holler if you need suggestions. I’m also learning more about the SCD diet, but think I’d rather try the full elimination diet to identify problem foods. I tried the SCD diet last fall, admittedly not sure if I did the intro. part correctly, but didn’t seem to notice a change after six weeks. It’s pretty restrictive for a vegan, so I quit when I didn’t notice any change. For anyone reading this who’s on SCD, I should’ve noticed a change within six weeks, right? Best wishes Debbie. Hope you find the right balance for your body to cut down on both gas and mucus.

  3. I too notice more mucous and blood when I am in a flare, definitely cannot trust a fart anymore! :) I am also experimenting with Lialda, when I was first diagnosed they gave me 40mg prednisone and wanted me on 4 pills Lialda per day but I didnt actually start the Lilada for about 3 weeks later. I felt SO great just beig on steroids but when I introduced Lialda, I noticed that I didn’t really have any “good days”…even before my diagnosis I had bad and good days but I noticed more blood and muscous after taking lialda. I ended up stopping Lialda cold turkey about 3 months ago, the gas pains and mucous seemed to subside, at this point I was only on 10mg prednisone only per day…I then went into a really bad flare and my knee started swelling (potential peripheral arthritis) so I then started taking Uceris and 20mg prednisone per day, a week later started taking VSL3 and decided to start up 2 Lialda pills per day…I actually felt GREAT for about 3 1/2 weeeks which was nice and I really wasnt sure what was contributing to that (vsl, uceris, more pred) who knows. Anyway, Ive been in a flare for the past 8 days and have decided to eliminate the Lialda once again since I am seeing alot more mucous and blood (if you read lialda side effects it actually mentions that UC symptoms is a side effect..) again, thjs is just me trying to figure out what my body likes and doesnt like…my doctor did mention that I could be “allergic” to the ingredients in lialda. (Currently just trying 10mg pred, uceris, vsl3) .hopefully I will figure this out as well as you too! Hang in there!! :)

  4. I agree TOTALLY about doing the “elimination diet”!! It worked for me…. and my dog!!! (She also has IBD! Go figure!) I got the idea from a women I know who has had UC and Chrons for 30 years. It works for her too! I now know which foods to totally avoid and which ones I can eat when I am in remission. I tend to flare when I eat a lot that is on my “in remission” list… which puts me back in a flare. But as soon as I go back to my limited diet I figured out I can eat without any problem, I start getting better – quick! I lose my will power sometimes and flare because of it but it’s worth it for me to stay with the foods I know I can eat without any problem. It really has been a saving grace for me! Hope this helps someone! :)

  5. Oh, and I can’t say enough about keep stress away!! Eating the foods I shouldn’t and being stressed cause me to flare every time. When I eat my limited diet and commit myself to living stress free…. I go in remission…. every time. Amazing. I wish someone would look at and research diet and stress as the possible main culprit. Hang in there everyone!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Marlee gave some great advice above.

    I would suggest giving DGL (diglycerized licorice, incorrect spelling, I’m sure). It will give you the same effect as tums, but will help with the healing of your gut at the same time.

    Also, make sure you are on a good, strong probiotic.

    All the best, be well,

  7. A few months ago I was in a terrible flare and passed gas while sitting on my white fabric couch. As soon as I did, I had this terrible sinking feeling that it may have been a little more than just gas. Sure enough, when I got up there was a huge blood stain on the cushion. I always have terrible blood/mucus mixture when I am having a bad flare (but no diarrhea). So from that day on, I will NEVER pass gas unless I am on the toilet if I am in a flare! I am pretty sure a lot of folks with UC have experienced something similar. Pretty recently there was a ‘poop in your pants’ survey–you’d be surprised how many people with UC this has happened to!

  8. Yes!!!!! I have experienced everything you speak of, (including bld transfusion) Mucus only during a flare, which have become less frequent and far between! Diagnosed 14 years now! I THANK finally realizing and submitting to diet, which for me was gluten free solely, I didn’t have to do SCD or any of these stricter versions, I also used Aztaxathan and turmeric with Bromelain daily until my flare subsided. Eating very bland foods during my flare, basically a cup of plain rice… It was really all I could handle! But it passed now back to normal foods (gluten free normal anyway)… I will let you know it did take quite some time for my flare to subside, months actually but I am so thankful and grateful! Please remember as tough and frustrating as you may feel try to relax and let go and let God!


  9. I’m so glad i stumbled on this. I am in my room upstairs because I’m in flare up and the wind is awful. I have to fart in the toilet using toilet paper as a silencer. I feel like there is an alien in my tummy. I’m irritable and tired and could do with a night on my own just to stay on the toilet.
    The wet slime is awful. You feel like an infantband their seems to be nothing you can do. I’ve treid the elimination thing, fodmap diets, natural remedies and nothing helps.
    I’ve just accepted I’m in for a life of crap and I’ll probably never be able to live with anyone else as i can’t use the bathroom when someone is in the house.

    1. Katie,

      I was in a really bad flare in 2018. Lasted a year and 3 months and almost took my life. I lost 55lbs and I was normal BMI to start within! In the process, I had a former coworker call because he heard i wasn’t doing well. I broke down that I couldn’t even do grocery trips anymore because of my condition. He started doing grocery runs for me and I’d take them then shove him out of my door. Eventually, he was there as my stomach went. I was so so embarrassed. I cried for hours. He told me its just something I have to deal with and not to be embarrassed. He asked me if I would think less of him if he was going through this. I said no. He was like well thats how I feel. As my condition got worse, he’d clean the house for me, take out trash, and make low residue meals for me for the week so I could put them in the microwave. We are now engaged and trying to figure out how we are pulling off our wedding with this pandemic. But he’s my partner for life and I’m so grateful for him. I’m out of my flare but still having urgency when I need to go and mucus farts. But its better. I feel like the mucus farts are way more common than before I had that flare. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that its nothing to be embarrassed about and when you meet the right one – having UC won’t matter!

      1. That meant so much to me. Since that post i told my partner the whole story and he was relieved as he thought it was something he’d done. Now he understands and helps me at my worst. Thank you for your lovely words.

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