Mom with Ulcerative Colitis Needs Help!

My name is Sarah, and I have had digestive problems since I was a teenager.
They diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome after I told my mother I had had diarrhea for about three months straight. No medication, just told me that is what I had.

I had issues then nothing on and off for years. Then when I was pregnant with my fifth child (no, I am not Catholic. Yes, I believe in birth control.) I started having the bad diarrhea again, and simply wasn’t able to gain weight. All the weight I “gained” was just the baby, so I basically just stayed the same body weight the whole pregnancy. After she was born (healthy, thankfully!), I went to the doc about the issues I was having. Still going with the IBS diagnosis, despite the fact that my brother has UC and had to have surgery (J-pouch) to help him, he told me he’d prescribe me Bentyl, which meant I’d have to stop breastfeeding. I chose to help my child by helping myself, despite the fact I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding. The Bentyl didn’t help. At all. I finally had a colonoscopy that December (2010), with a diagnosis of UC. The doc gave me Asacol.

Well, I’d like to say that everything is going good now, but it isn’t. I know that things are worse when I am not on the medicine, but just the past two weeks have been bad. I honestly don’t think I have stopped this “flare” since it started with my pregnancy, and she is 14 months old now. I am always in the bathroom, and my stomach cramps are tremendously painful. I don’t know what it is like to not be in a flare! Is this normal? Right now I am just seeing a family pracitioner. Should I ask for a gastroenterologist? I am just kind of lost. I am able to work (thankfully I have FMLA for my UC) but when the cramps hit I get short with my kids and my husband, and I don’t want to be a snappy mother who is always mean to her kids because my stomach is hurting constantly. Any advice is very welcome!

-Submitted by UC-Twin-Mom

Medications: Asacol HD three times a day

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3 thoughts on “Mom with Ulcerative Colitis Needs Help!”

  1. Hi Sarah, I definitely think you should ask to see a gastroenterologist who specializes in ulcerative colitis. All of the users of have started making a list of peer reviewed doctors who are gastroenterologist that you might want to look at for this, as there might be one listed in your town/city. here is the list, there’s doctors from all over the world:

  2. I suffered from ulcerative colitis for many years, I use to have flares twice a week, blood and mucus in every bowel movement witch I had 3-5 time daily
    I used few prescriptions’ drugs they helped a little If I stopped medication it will be worse than before.
    This happen by accident i ate some guava fruit and I been drinking a cup of guava juice daily. It’s like magic
    Now I am flares free no blood or mucus and a regular bowel movement for 4 months
    I still don’t believe it but that my story.

  3. I found out about guava last year from a Chinese program that discussed different health topics. The show explained that some colitis is caused by a weakened spleen and how guava strengthens the spleen. Whatever the reason, I tried drinking a cup a day and it has significantly improved my life. It didn’t work at first because I also had chronic diarrhoea from drinking rotten Chinese herbs. I had taken herbs on and off for many years, but a new doctor I saw stocked rotten herbs. I managed to get rid of the diarrhoea from eating blue cheese every day for a few months. Then the guava was able to work on my ulcerative colitis. I am now regular, healthy and have gained my weight back and I don’t even use any medicines at all now.

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