Mom and the Bean Together in UC

Hi all,

I am Laura, from Jacksonville Florida. I am writing in support of my daughter Brenin who is 17 and has been dealing with UC for two years. I am forging the path for her, she can be shy about her condition so we will be doing this together.

I hope to learn from all of you, and look forward to reading/chatting!

Laura’s Story About Her Daughter’s Colitis

We have recently received ultrasound results that show an enlarged spleen. Does anyone else have input, experience with this issue and UC?

She has missed school since the beginning of December 2015, and we have been successful in establishing her 504 requirements so her absences dont hurt her or keep her from graduating.

She seems a lot more desperate with the new year, to feel better. I see her struggle with her cramping and pain and just dont know what to do to make her feel better!

She is currently on Apriso and Mercaptopurine tablets along with a multi-vitamin. She has made a valiant attempt to go dairy free, and is limiting sugar. We are trying to find more information on holistic care and Eastern medicine herbalists and whatever else is out there.

Sh had been in a seven month long remission, but started experiencing flares after Thanksgiving last year. We thought she has contracted the flu, but a doctor gisit said she had a urinary tract infection so she was placed on antibiotics. Five days later she was better, then day seven she suddenly came down with a 103.8 fever, so off to the ER where they hydrated her and gave her another round of antibiotics. Her fever hasn’t come back, but she just cant seem to get back to feeling better and not having abdominal pain.

The most recent evidence found by the Ultrasound is the enlarged spleen. Her Gastro team at Nemours keep telling me that this is not related to her UC and refer me back to her Family Dr. I am just frustrated as a mom. These UC meds arent cheap by amy means, and I wonder if they help at all!

If anyone has any Herbal Teas or Supplements that are helpful please let me know. I am going to start a search for a Holistic care giver in our area, so what should I be looking for in terms of quality?

I don’t want to waste time or money on a quack with an herb garden and mortar and pestal! I have that for cripes sake!

Love and wellness to you all, and thanks for reading

Aka- Mamma Duck

3 thoughts on “Mom and the Bean Together in UC”

  1. HI Laura,

    Thanks for sharing the story. This is a post that I posted today, I am very excited to hear from others about it, but you can check it out right now as well…regarding a simple change that at least one person appears to have some success with:

    As for doctors, please check out the doctors listed on the doctor review page here:

    You can scroll down that long list until you get to Florida.

    Also, since this site is so massive with over 2500 pages, I would recommend you take a peek at the site map here:

    Lots of categories of topics that might help you guys out.

    And you can always use the search box up in the very top of the site to search any term you want regarding UC. Lots of info is within the pages, over 25,000 comments from others, and I think many questions of yours can be pretty easily answered.

    I think the idea of limiting or trying to remove the dairy if symptoms are active is also a good thing to try. That has helped me a ton over the years with my diet changes. I do occassionally eat some harder cheeses, but not much.

    OK, good luck with the links above and please keep us posted,


  2. It is not possible to give opinion ( even by a layman like me) unless some basic details about diagnosis ( what is it ?proctitis,?proctosigmoiditis,?pancolitis,?pancolitis with backlash ileitis etc),clinical history,sequence and dosage of drugs and response etc are available..Enlarged spleen unless it is very large is a nonspecific finding with too many causes and perhaps unrelated to ulcerative colitis.
    Make a list of diet and nutritional /herbal supplements )try, them one by one,maintain a food and supplement diary which will tell you what helps you—– every individual is unique and what suits others may not suit you. To cut cost of medicines, you may ask some of your friends in developing countries( if you have any) to send you the prescribed medicine—–you will get the same quality drugs at fraction of cost .

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