Missing Work With Ulcerative Colitis

Let’s face it, ulcerative colitis is a disease which can really take its toll on a whole bunch of aspects of life.

Not only does it affect the person who is diagnosed with the disease, but it sure as heck messes with family members, children, friends, and of course co-workers and bosses too.  Of course it is a rare or at least not a common everyday disease, so that makes it seem like a strange thing to educate others on who haven’t even heard the word “ulcerative” before.  But at the end of the day, the symptoms and the effect that active colitis has on you is what makes it so tough.

Work is not always something that everyone considers fun.  I personally have had several jobs which I found truly awesome.  One in particular(working at a pizza restaurant in college) was my all time favorite.  Definitely not because of the pay, but just because it was plain old fun.  When I think of it now, I remember that it didn’t even have a bathroom, or at least I can’t remember one.  But even if you absolutely love your work, ulcerative colitis can shut any of us down to the point where we can’t even do a mediocre job.  The fatigue, the constant pain, the need to run off to the restroom and everything else that goes along with UC.  This is stuff which can make it all super hard to live with and work with.

How to Mentally Deal with Missing Work From Ulcerative Colitis:

  • if you stay and try to work, realize it might get you even deeper into medical issues
  • being able to sit at home and relax on your own toilet is worth it’s weight in gold right?
  • if you follow  a specific diet to treat your colitis, its going to be easier to do that at home
  • tell yourself that once you are feeling better, you will be able to work 10 times faster and better
  • maybe you will be eligible for disability pay from the government, you won’t be the first with colitis to get that

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