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Colitis Misdiagnosis:

Like many of you I was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis after tests for celiac disease and other maladies. What is particularly interesting is that I was diagnosed 9 months after a colonoscopy when I was given a clean bill of colon health. Only one doc finally suggested that I have a follow up colonoscopy just to make sure it wasn’t UC. Well, it was UC and I was not surprised but I was surprised that it was not found in my initial colonoscopy. Goes to show one that finding a good gastro doc is very very important. Now, after having UC for over a year and a half and suffering the multiple daily sprints to the bathroom my UC is somewhat more in control. That’s not to say there are no urgent sprints to the bathroom or accidents when I can’t get there in time but it is better and getting better every day. What made it better? I give credit to the medications I am taking and to my changed diet. Balsalazide Disodium (Colazal) and two weeks of enema treatment with Mesalamine finally got things more in control. As for the diet, I changed to mostly fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast and fresh vegetable salads with saflower oil for lunch and dinner. I am hoping to expand my choices with suggestions I am getting from other readers.

If I have any advice for those of you

newly diagnosed with UC

or suspect that you have UC,

that advice is don’t give up.

There is hope and there is treatment. Oh yeah, I really miss my cabernet that I had to give up a few months ago but do intend to sneak a few glasses now and then. I am curious from other readers what their experience was from the time of first UC symptoms to diagnosis. Hopefuly, not as bad as my experience.

written by “Zorro”

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3 thoughts on “Misdiagnosis”

  1. Hey Zorro! I’m glad they figured out what was going on with you…could you imagine not knowing and having to live with the pain with no medications? Yikes, that’d be terrible. That’s great you’re feeling lots better and have found what helps you. My situation was kind of similar to yours – I had a colonoscopy because I kept have diarrhea and stomach pains, then I’d be constipated for a week. After finding no relief with the different medications that my primary care physician gave me, he referred me to a GI. They told me it was IBS and my colon looked great – I even have the picture of it. Then almost a year later I saw blood in my stool for the first time. I started having weight loss, nausea, bouts of diarrhea lasting for a few weeks. After I was having bloody diarrhea for two months, I went to the ER and had a colonoscopy done and found out it was UC. The picture from that colonoscopy was horrifying compared to my first one. It’s kinda sad how our bodies do this :( Anywayyyyy….here I am a year and a half later living with a J-pouch and lovin life! I hope you continue to have health and happiness :)

    1. Hi Allyson. Yes, your experience does sound familiar to my own. During the first colonoscopy the GI doc said I had diverticulosis and no polyps and it was nothing to worry about and come back in five to seven years. I really do suspect he missed the UC because the second GI doc found three polyps and the UC. Polyps just don’t appear that quickly. So, sounds like good news for you now and let’s hope others can get the medical help needed and more quickly than the two of us.

  2. My 16 year old son was just diagnosed with UC on February 17. His colonoscopy did not look good. He has been on 40 mg of prednisone and 6 tables daily of alsacol, with no signs of improvement in his diarrhea or severe stomach pain. It seems crazy that we haven’t found a way to cure this yet in this modern health world we live in. It is waaay to soon to talk about surgery but I was wondering if you could share your J-pouch experience, how old you are, and any recommendations you may have.

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