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Miracle Healing


I am a forty year old mother of two living in N San Diego County.
I was first diagnosis ed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2001 (lower portion of colon affected).


currently all my symptoms are gone! I feel better than ever!

My Story:

Suffering terribly, my daughter had a field trip to California Pizza Kitchen to learn about fractions.I had been in bed for about four weeks by this time and it was starting to really affect my youngest child. so Feeling absolutely horrible, I put on my brave face and went. A mom asked if I’d like a piece of pizza and eventually I ended up telling her about my problem. She recommended Dr. Chen (a Chinese herbalist) who helped her sister with UC who actually had her colon removed when she was 20 rs old. Once I got home I went on his website and immediately booked an appointment to see him. Over half of his practice has UC and people from all over the world have come to see him. He put me on a UC diet and prescribed some herbs. The diet was mainly cooked veggies and a small amount of protein – no chicken – which was the only thing I thought I could eat! So basically I went from not being able to eat ANYTHING to being able to eat a wi de variety of food within two days! No joke!! My husband and I could not believe the results. It has been like a miracle!
Dr. Chen specializes in UC and has saved my life!! I strongly suggest that anyone severely suffering go and see him!!! He will be able to help you. He knows about all the drugs out there currently being used to treat ulcerative colitis and works with your medical Dr to slowly wean you off any drugs you might be on.
If I had not been completely honest with this mom, I might not have ever found him. So please don’t be shy or embarrassed about your situation because you never know what kind of help or support you may receive.
again his name is Dr. Gary Chen, Encinitas, CA

Where I’d Like to Be in 1 Year:

I’d like to continue to be symptom free living a normal happy life with my husband and my kids!!!

written by Ali

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

21 thoughts on “Miracle Healing”

  1. Fábio Victoriano


    Can you tell us what your diet consists of? Can you also tell us what were the herbs you started to take? I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to talk with Dr. Chen as I’m from the other side of the globe.

    Would really appreciate some feedback.

    Thank you and wish you good luck!!

    1. The diet consists of mostly cooked vegetables – any kind I like. I think the more variety the better.
      Then some grains like pasta, rice, bread.
      Next is a protein like fish, beans or eggs if you can eat them.
      Finally is a small amount of fruit with the skins peeled off.
      No meat, pork, chicken, no processed foods, no refined sugars, no nuts but no sugar added peanut butter is ok, Honey is ok
      No dairy but soy milk or almond milk is ok
      Unfortuantely I have no idea about what the tea consists of – a secrect formula I suppose.
      But it has really been working.
      I hope you feel better!

      1. Ali,

        Wish you are doing great. Your post just light up my day when I feel another flare-up is coming intensely. I am like a person drowning and desperately need guidance on a ‘normal’ diet with rice, and preferably also wheat since my other medical conditions inhibit me from eating meat most of the time. If possible, could you please tell me how much rice/pasta, veges, eggs you eat every meal? Where do you get them? Homemade or from the stores? You can always reach me at I thank you ahead and wish you the best.


  2. Congrats on the great success with dr Chen. I too have had remarkable success with alternative medicine. I have been seeing dr Lise Parenteau in san Francisco. She is an applied kinesiologist and has recommended a zone like diet, with a range of healthy proteins and low glycemic carbs (nonstarchy vegetables). She also recommends a protocol of supplements, which she changes up every few weeks, but almost always includes b12.
    For those struggling with Uc in the Bay Area, I would recommend Dr p enthusiastically. For those in other areas, you might want to research applied kinesiologists in your area. My AK treatments are not covered under my health plan, so I have to pay for it myself. But I feel so much better than I did when I was taking the ineffective meds my GI was prescribing, it is well worth the cost.
    One point of disclosure: after a flare last fall, I did go back on Asacol and that has seemed to help (I think). That was after 2years of being off prescription meds entirely.

    1. I’m so happy for you!
      Alternative medicine can really help – if you get the right Dr.
      My insurance however is not paying for this treatment – but has been well worth the money I’ve spend so far!

  3. Hi, Ali. I’m so glad you’re doing better. I’m finally getting over a flare and I’m following the scd diet as much as possible, which I believe has really helped me. So many of us can’t go see Dr. Chen and we would love to know what herbs helped and more about the diet. Your post was a huge tease. I’ve been using supplements for a long time that are supposed to help, maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, I could be doing a lot worse. I hope you continue in remission.

  4. I too heard about Dr Chen and took my daughter from Canada to CA to see him. It was a long trip with a sick child yet Dr Chen was about 2 hours late for our appointment and then his machine where he checks your energies with was broken! His wife and staff are very efficient but he was cold and rushed us out of his office without answering questions. We ordered herbs on the phone and they arrived to us without problem but our consults with “Dr” Chen were the same as the actual visit, rushed, evasive, uninformative. I am not against trying alternatives such as chinese medicine, in fact, we have tried 5 different TCM practitioners with varying degrees of success – one helped more than any med but not enough to reach remission unfortunately. However, Dr Chen’s herbs did nothing for my daughter and he was just terrible with us. Just my story. I’m glad it worked for you.

    1. I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience.
      Dr. Chen is a very quite man and you do need to ask lots of questions. Sometimes I write them down before I go. I hope something helps your daughter!!

      1. Hi Ali,
        I am very sick with a disease called “chronic gastrointestinal pseudo-obstructive colits. I am seriosly considering going to see Dr. Chen. I live in Atlanta, so it is a huge undertaking for me to do this, considering how awful I feel. Is there a way that I could get in touch with you? I would like to get more information from you about Dr. Chen, etc. I would really appreciate your help.

  5. During flare up..i tried a food which is amazing….banana smoothies and boiled apple. Though rice is not part of SCD diet, but still i recommend congi( rice poridge). White rice contains all soluble fibre and is best. Do some breathing exercises like pranayam( Strongly follow it every day..). Once you are in remission try out more stretching exercises. Butter milk and tender coconut water is best during flare up…

    1. Hey Brajabasi,

      Is rice the main thing that keeps your weight? Could you please share your typical diet plan (food and amount)everyday? I am also very curious that you said butter milk is good during flare-ups, may I know where did you get them ? Thanks so much!



  6. I think those of us lucky enough to reach remission really believe that we have found the answer and therefore it works for everyone! Sadly, that just isn’t the truth, what actually works is what is right for us.

    I personally have been on azathioprine which was causing hepatitis, then been on azathioprine which was causing diaorreah as a side effect and sickness! And you would think with the amount I have had that I would know how to spell the word!!
    And something inside my head switched this year, I was fed up with my life, I was hardly working, being self employed as a therapist meant I was hardly ever employed. And I had just way too
    much time to be ill. I always have a theory that if you fill your life full you don’t get time to be ill, but I think that it has to be full of things you want to do! At the Begining of the year I decided to stop Internet dating, it was dragging me down and I was looking for men for all the wrong reasons. In March I went on a course called “creating an abundance in your life” with Kari Paues who is a psychic and told me I needed to deal with my emotions and said I should contact Gordon who owned the hotel where the course was and he would help me. I sent him an email with absolutely no idea why or what I was going to. And we just sat and chatted and swapped treatments. He gave me Reiki. And we just talked, I felt a bit of relief and went home and arranged another appointment and then completely forgot to turn up! Went to the second and felt like I didn’t want to be talking but again he helped lift some of the weight of emotions I had been carrying. Then he and a close friend both went away for a while and I was left. I was in a lot of pain, had yet another night of up and down and just fed up with this disease stealing my
    life from me. And that’s when I found Robert Ginsburg, an American living in Oxford, England who is an energetic healer. He was offering a one off free session and to take it from there. I am not sure who got the time wrong for the appointment, it may have been me, but he was annoyed with me when he thought I had turned up an hour late. He said he was going to go out just to prove a point but decided to stay. He did his energetic work for literally five minutes and immediately I just felt a sense of calm in my colon. Like I guess a normal person would, ie just not actually know where their colon is!

    I decided to continue using him, I make a regular weekly or twice weekly phone call to him and we spend roughly 7 minutes on the phone mostly in silence and for some complete and utter miracle the sessions have been healing me. It is now coming up to two months work and my life is transformed. I can show anyone who wants to see my letter from my specialist. I stopped taking my methotrexate as I was fed up feeling ill on it, I am back on steroids, but a reducing course now on 4mg a day.

    But the most amazing thing is that I have joined a gym! I have got a new regular steady income job and I am being asked to continue working in the evenings too after work. And I have the energy to do both!

    Before I would struggle in to do 3 hours work on a Thursday and have to come home afterwards and sleep, the thought of having the energy to be able to do a full days work, go for a swim and then have a massage client just would have sent me into a panic! I have been wearing nappies pretty much solidly since November last year because I had had so many accidents in public I just couldn’t face that again. And if you haven’t worn Tena lady pants yet, and are in a flare, I highly recommend them. Just been a life saver on many occassions for me.

    I tried to change my diet to SCD but it made me feel a lot worse, I know I am
    Without a doubt definitely 100% not allergic or intolerant to wheat or dairy so I am not giving them
    Up. I know I can not tolerate red meat, wine, beer, sugar in any format and some forms of pasta don’t suit me. So I skip these, although I must admit the sugar is the hardest to give up and yet has the worst effects for me!

    So I really believe whilst the healer has healed me, I was ready to make that step towards being healed. So let the patient, not mum or dad or husband or wife, but the patient decide what is right for them and when they want to take steps towards getting better they will eventually find a path that suits them, but it might be a long journey. Because some
    of us ie me! Can be pretty stubborn when it comes to changing my ways! But as soon as I did life just flowed freely and fully. When you chose the right path for you it just works. Trust in that and good luck.

  7. I have been lving with UC for the past 12 yrs and i can tell u there is alot of preventable suffering happening and your doctor has no solution for u other than band aid solutions. Any way tht my experience with mediclal industry complex. I DO NOT — USE ANY OF THEIR DRUGS !!!
    The problem with the medical industry is that it is in their best interst to keep you sick, becuase they view you as their cash cow and the last thing they want is to give u a real solution and they will never see you agian.
    Remember YOU are your best doctor, there is a vast amount if good material that can be sourced from the web such as this site.
    Ok now that i have that outof the way let me tell you that im totally symptom free and the last bout of cramps i had was due to lack of sleep and excessive alcohol. I eat what i want when iwant, period.
    That not to say that a diet vastly based on living fruit and vegitables is not essential in fact i beleve thats propably been 50% of the solution.
    I have been symptom free for more than 3 yrs thanx to one drug: CANABIS !!!
    I smoke a joint when ever i feel there is a need and immidiatly i feel the results, that not to say that smoking is not dangerous but frankly this is the only solution that has helped me. As my ex gastro doc said the next step after cortosones is surgery. Can u imaging all of the poor people that have lost their vital organ like big bowl only to find out that the hated infomous drug that has never killed any one was the solution!!!
    Just last month i came across this clip and soon ill be drinking the juice of the leafs instead of smoking it.
    If ive helped one person then im over the moon. God Bless
    The link:

  8. Hi Ali,
    Are you still in remission with Dr Chen’s treatment? Are you sticking to the same diet he prescribed? Still drinking tea or no?
    Hope you’re well,

  9. I did it the natural way too. I worked with Dr. Molly Fleming at Health Resolutions in Burlington Vermont and Suzy Harris (nutritional response testing) at Cedarwood Natural Health Center. They were my A team and support system. Suzy had me take a variety of nutritional supplements along the way including Cod Liver Oil gel caps and D3 in liquid dropper. Molly had me on Chinese herbs, including Evergreen UC to control bathroom urges and VSL3, a strong probiotic. You have to also SLOW DOWN your life and reduce stress. Say no to friend invites and relax. Breathe, meditate and yoga. Sleep well if you can. Sleep and less stress can help adrenal glad dis recover. Make and drink Bone marrow broth daily to help absorb nutrients.

    I initially only ate cooked protein (salmon, chicken, turkey) and cooked green veggies. I starved the inflammation with this diet for several months. To keep weight on I ate more coconut milk, eggs, hazelnut flour pancakes with blueberries, quinoa flour tortillas, plantain bread. I got creative by altering paleontology recipes. No sugar, grain, soy, yeast, gluten, fruits (only blueberries were ok) or sugars. Yes YOU have to do the work. It took 8 months to feel better. One year later and I am eating anything, drinking dark decaf coffee, and even a beer or glass of wine here and there. I never thought I would get better. I eat no boxed foods. I only eat whole foods from local farms when possible. Smaller meals are best. I put back most of the weight I lost. Your body CAN heal itself if you let it!

  10. Update on May 1, 2017: I am eating and drinking anything I want. Even coffee!
    Occasional flare up but 95% normal bowel movement daily. I think diet and stress have a lot to do with my colitis. Sleep too. I was super run down and stressed when I had original symptoms. Had one weekend where my father died, my favorite uncle died and my husband lost his job! My body couldn’t take all this at once and symptoms became severe.
    A co worker was also diagnosed with colitis but she has the genetically in her family. She was on like 6 different meds and she got really sick and ended up in hospital twice for several days. They finally put her on immunomodulator infusions. Such a different experience from me who chose the naturopathic route for healing. Her hair was falling out and she got “moon face” as a side effect from drugs. But she did not want to change her diet one bit.
    I’m happy to talk your anyone struggling with this disease that wants to try holistic healing.

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