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Millions of Gut Reactions Per Hour

What the heck is going on in our gut?  It seems that one of the answers is: “Millions of reactions per hour”.

So, I wanted to let everyone know that next month I will be meeting with a leading scientist in the field of Micro-Biology and Immunology to learn more about the gut and to ask some questions that hopefully all of us will benefit from. (I am super excited about this, and hope that it will be the beginning of a new part of this site which can focus on current and past medical research to make all of us more informed.)

This scientist has recently completed a lengthy study on microbiota (I’m going to have to look that one up in the dictionary first off) and antibiotics.  The scientist told me he was not interested in speculating too much on UC, but would be happy to share data from his studies.

So, to make this as valuable as possible.  I was hoping that anyone who has questions they would like to ask a scientist(who is an expert in microbiology and immunology and specifically antibiotics with relation to the gut,) please write a comment below and I will try to incorporate your question(s) into the meeting next month.

I have received quite a few emails and questions here and on the facebook group regarding antibiotics and if there are problems with antibiotics and ulcerative colitis etc… And for sure I don’t have those answers…yet.  It seems that there is probably all kinds of speculation amongst physicians about this topic as well.  So, quite possibly a scientist’s perspective might shed some light on some of our questions and concerns on this topic.

If you are anything like me, you have probably been so happy a few days in your life to have had access to antibiotics when you really needed them.  But, at the same moment, you might have also wondered what the long term effects from those antibiotics are as well…

Let me know your questions via a comment below, and I’ll do my best to work them into the meeting.  Assuming my flip camera is still working, the meeting should be at least partially taped for everyone to see later on.

Some questions I am intersted in asking are:

– why do we fart, and why is it sometimes stinky and other times not?

– where is a fart created, what part of the digestive system?

– are probiotics good to use while taking antibiotics?

– I wonder if the scientist takes probiotics?

– what might trigger ulcerative colitis symptoms? why does it start?

– what are some of the current studies with regards to ulcerative colitis?

– is finding a cure for UC something that is a priority in the medical research world?

– what is the biggest priority in the gastro research arena, what is getting the most funding currently?

– when a colon is damaged and inflamed, is it damaged for life, or can it get back to normal?

–think up some more and comment them below

4 thoughts on “Millions of Gut Reactions Per Hour”

  1. Hey Adam – This sounds like an amazing opportunity you have! Seriously if you could get him to explain how farts are created on a mirco level that would be sweet!

    I also think your question about colon health and what probiotics are best to take for a damage colon would be awesome value.

    What about asking if there are any natural or fermented foods to get probiotics from that he would recommend eating?

    I would love to learn what he feels are the most important strains of bacteria to take for good digestion.

    I think it would also sweet to ask him what he thinks about fecal transplants? They sound completely gross but everything I’ve read has indicated they might be the treatment of the future

    Does this researcher have a website where we can learn more? Thanks

  2. Hi Adam, wow, what an opportunity to learn about the gut! I would like to know, what kind of a role is “stem cell research” currently playing in finding a cure for UC? I read a couple of articles on this, but, not as much info as I would like to know. And, what Steven said, his is question about fecal implants, I too would really like to know if it really works. I know you mentioned the the scientist didn’t want to focus so much about UC, but whatever he is willing to share with us would be great. thanks!!

  3. Wow! All of these sound like good questions that I would like answered! I’ve often wondered about the use of stem cells for UC as well.

    Antibiotics have to definitely play a role in this as my last two flares happened right after I had to take them. When I was a child, I would get strep throat every single year… never missing a year until I was about 17. So I would always have to take antibiotics. I wonder if this contributed to me developing UC when I was 21.

    So I would also like to know, can lack of food for long periods of a time cause the gut flora to change and then when added back cause UC. I developed mine almost right after I was in the hospital for a month with pancreatitis (don’t know how I got it either) I was not allowed to eat or drink anything for that time. I was only fed intravenously. So I have often wondered if this as well has caused my UC.

    Another question would be if the use of LDN can really help UC and if there is any research as to why it helps and if it is only certain types of UC that it would help.

    1. also… when I had pacreatitis, I was on high doses of pain meds like hyrdocodone, could this do something to the gut flora to cause colitis?

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