Me and My Ulcerative Colitis from Arabia

You’ve no idea how glad I am to finally find people like me. Bless you all..

I’ve been finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last week after 2 years of endless suffering. I’ve reached to a point where I couldn’t hold it back anymore ( yeah I’m a 24 who craps her pants) and totaled lots of undies!! of course no one knew what was really going on with me and I was too ashamed to go see a doctor. The last time it happened to me the bleeding was totally out of control, it freaked the hell out of me and I got me an appointment with a gastroentrologist as fast as I could.

The colonoscopy results came shocking even to my doctor, I’ve got bleeding ulcers all over my colon in addition to the severe inflammation. She was determined I should get mesalazine from both up and down; I don’t have a problem with the humongous pills but the enema suspensions…OUCH. Anyhow, I’ve wasted 5 of those plus some blood (of course) before finally being able to use them without making a mess and crying myself to sleep.

My diet however is really giving me hard time; I love everything that’s hot and spicy, plus fruits and chocolate. I’m trying to find new things to do with my little vegetables, meat, bread, rice and pasta everyday, but I can’t seem to get used to it. I haven’t had anything sweet since wednedsay ( which turns out to be a complete disaster) and I don’t know what sweet things I’m allowed to eat!!

All in all, even with my bad colon, I’m still glad it’s only ulcerative colitis and nothing worse. I was depressed at first but got it all together now and am optimistic about the future. I know falre ups may occur but they’re not the end of the world. I know that someone somewhere wish they had UC instead of their deadly disease. And I definatly know I have people here who understand me when I spend 45 minutes in the toilet.

Bless you fellow UCers :)

Medications: cortisolone ( or somthing like that) mesalazine and more mesalazine!

written by:   anonymous UC’er from Arabia

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