Making Beef Soup from Leftovers that Fits My Colitis Diet

Hey Everyone, it’s Adam here, and cranking out another video of some pretty tasty beef soup I made up after a pretty big night of entertaining guests that involved some unusual events and some super tasty prime rib roasting.  But, the best part was how I found some leftover prime rib in the fridge the next day, and along with some vegetables like carrots, onions, and zucchini and a jalapeno, I cranked out a super tasty soup.  It’s super easy to make, you don’t even need to watch this video really.  But what the hell, give it a look anyways.  You’ll get to see me in action after a massive night still being productive…  Take care you all!  And hang in there if you’re not feeling great with your UC at the moment.  All things, even UC symptoms do come to an end. Laters, Adam

I’m in the middle of making up a formal cookbook that will someday be available with all the meals that I eat, and cooking instructions. It’s not quite ready yet for primetime, but it will be someday, and as long as you are on the newsletter, you’ll definitely be one of the first to know when its ready.

5 thoughts on “Making Beef Soup from Leftovers that Fits My Colitis Diet”

    1. Hey Peg,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m actually working on writing up a recipe book that does just what you are asking for. It’s taking some time, but I hope to have it done within the next few months. As for a recipe link, that’s a great idea. Actually a year ago, there were several recipe links on the site, but very few (recipes) were submitted to it other than things I posted. Since then, I started a seperate section which is at: its not recipes, but more stuff about the foods I eat, and I tried to explain for many of the postings how I prepared the meals. please take a look, and if you are a member of the newsletter, i’ll notify you once the more formal recipe book stuff is ready. thx again for your comment, I really appreciate feedback like yours,

    1. Yo Jen,

      yeah, kinda crazy, but my wife’s good friend Martina is married to an animal trainer and they were over for dinner one night. Somehow Martina decided to use our sink for a quick monkey bath….

      I hope you’re feeling well! -Adam

  1. if you really want to extract every drop of goodness from them there bones use a pressure cooker……….kicks butt in record time !

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