Hi, I am Pernita from India, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about three years back. I am a mother of two young kids.  I was on wysalone tablets 60 mg for two years , whenever i was told to taper it off my condition became worse. i think my system started depending on it a lot. my doc wanted to put me on azoran but my hemoglobin fell to 4 and had to go for transfusion . It raised to 7 and finally with amway folic subsitutes I tried to raise it to 11 . finaly 5 months back it raised and i was put on azoran. but as told by the doctor that it will react in 3 months approximately… I waited . But nothing happened.  I developed fissures as was taking enemas too. every thing became painful. Was on 25 mg wysalone , 1500 mg rowasa three times a day (4500) , three azaron, codine sulfate three times a day, twice enema and my system gave up.  Had no energy left to face the day. Blood was spurting out on every trip to loo. the pain was unbearable. was even getting cluster head aches ev ery two three days. Then worst came my skin started getting boils. they were full of mucus and left deep holes all over my waist line. As i was trying to treat one the other came up next day. that was where i became totaly fed up. in us hindus we are told . God gives you that much pain which you can bear. i started crying looking at myself in mirror and trying to tell the al mighty above that he made mistake in ng to bear all.judging me. am not that strong enough. Went to my doc and told him that am going off arozan and tapering off most of the drugs as they are nt working. he told me to continue with rowasa . So finally I am off from most of drugs with all the pain and flare up still there and now am lost where to go from here. Can’t give up as my kids are my only hope to hang on to my life.

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  1. Hi Pernita, I’m so sorry to hear that you are doing so bad. it broke my heart to hear your story. how awful and afraid you must feel. I just wanted to say something to you that could bring some comfort. I can tell you that my 6 year old son has UC, and he is currently on prednisone, imuran, and remicade infusion. we have been doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with him for two months now, and he is starting to thrive! I’m sure his medications are helping, but, the plan is to get him off of those dangerous drugs once he shows even more improvement. i would recommend getting the book “Breaking the Viscous Cycle” by Elaine Gottshall as shown on this website. many people on here can give you support and just a release from all your sorrow. i hope you can begin the diet and start getting into remission, or whatever you decide. good luck dear. Linda.

    1. I agree with Linda. The SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) is a wonder cure for a lot of people. And, if it doesn’t cure you, for most people it lessens the symptoms (so far that’s what it’s done for me.) I believe I would be way worse with my symptoms if it weren’t for this diet. I recommend trying it as well. You will get a lot of support on this site, and there is also a yahoo group that you can ask many, many questions and they are very good at answering and helping you with any you might have.

      I am sorry you feel so alone. I have felt that way myself. Take comfort that there are others out there like you, and many like you who are willing to help you with questions, and just reading about their stories too. I find that to read others’ stories, it comforts me in knowing there are others out there like me.

    2. hi,i am sunl jain aged 55 years and i stay in kochi,kerala, india. i have suffered from uc sinc 2008. i took steroids in the begining and for three to four courses. whith starting of high dose i would feel comfortable but as the steroids like wysolone was tapered the symptoms would start again.i was very scared and went to different doctors in many cities.however all the docs had same line of treatment which i was getting from the local kochi doc.i also tried ayurveda treatment from kerala ayurvedic docs. but nothing improved much.

      then i was advised by my friend and my well wisher to go to one unani practioner in jaipur and i took his medicine. i felt very comfortable within the first week and i had a feeling that my stools are becoming solidier. i took both english medicine and unani medicine togather for some time and than slowly tapered english medicine and continued unani medicine for at least one year and i was allright ithought was quite allright and i went off the medicines after that.

      howeve recently in dec 2012 the disease attacked me again and i had to go for the same steroid treatment along with unani treatment. now i am going through the treatment and trying to get out of the problem. i would like to share my some thoughts about this disease.

      1. cause: i assume that a simple case of ulcers which we also get some times in mouth, stomach etc converts to ulcerative colitis because of colonoscopy. in colonoscopy the boom is inserted from the rectum in to the colon and than air is pressurised to take the photographs of colon in different locations.

      the mucous membrane is very delicate and may be it gets damaged as the air is blown and the membrane is expanded to take proper pictures.thus i think an ordinary case of ulcers ( which can be cured by simple food intakes like buttermilk etc) becomes a case of uc which is uncurable by english medicines.

      cure as per my experience: first thing we shoud be not scared and be positive. the most imp thing to aggrevate the situation the tension or stress. one should have minimum stress and more easy life style.

      fooding is very important. pomegranate and its juice has been very good and it keeps hemoglobin levels high and gives us stability. recently i have also taken juice of watermelon and is very soothing to the stomach.properly cooked food and vegetables like pumpkin turai etc should be taken.fibrous foods salads etc shoud be avoided for quite a long time. more liquid foods less of citrous shoud be taken.shrikhand (yoghurt) may also be helpful to keep up energy levels.
      khichadi and daliya (porridge ) is best. can use more of roasted jeera powder in foods( good for binding stool and digestion)

      should go for parallel ayurvedic treatment and also homeopathic treatment as only other treatments may
      improve the system.

      intake of protins is also good as it helps to builds up the damaged tissues of the body.

      the following foods were not to be taken as advised by unani doc. palak (spinach) milk and milk products, papaya, kismis (raisins) almonds.

      finally to conclude i would advise that the improvement will be there slow but diet control is very must. the doctors may advise to take all items other than milk and milk products but one has to experience his own experimenting, after all it is only after we start losing hope of getting well

      this is written according to my experiance and may very from person to person and are only suggestions.

        1. One of my friends is medicine free due to Ayurveda and is now only using Homeopathy — he switched from Ayurveda to Homeopathy. But Ayurveda did not help me at all, rather aggravated my symptoms, for many many months. It caused much more damage and ruined my digestive health. Homeopathy has been helping me and healing me, a lot. I have recovered quite a lot. Now I am taking Mesacol OD, and Mesacol Enema, while also continuing with Homeopathy. The real answer is in finding a good and experienced Homeopath, like I did, after trying quite a few of them. Hope you find positive results with Homeopathy.

        2. Hello everyone.
          I am a UC patient and have been following the symptoms very closely for the past few years.
          Although the medicines are helpful in treatment but i found that one can do away with these medicines totally using following steps.
          V.imp step 1. Use mineral water or boiled water it really helped me.
          Step 2. Go on a dal chawal diet for few weeks until the synptoms totally diminish atleast for a few weeks.You can also eat chicken and eggs but do not use much masala.. Preferably boiled
          Step 3. Increase intake of yoghurt preferably homemade and not packed it helps too!
          Step 4 Start adding each item to your diet and monitor closely
          As per my experience symptoms should reduce in a week or two just be patient and relax.

        1. Sangeeta only protein shake i am able to take is prosure , ensure UC people cant tolerate as it i\has lot of sugar. prosure is good also i would like share that guava fruit is also very help full for UC patients. Shallaki( boswellia serrate available with himalaya herbal is very good as supplement medicine for UC.

      1. Ohhh wow it was really helpful and motivational .. I am 18 diagnosed with UC 6 months ago. I thought that as i don’t like meds so i won’t take them ever.. But this disease made me to literally depend on them.. Having bleeding in my stools from 6 months and haven’t got any improvement yet! This sucks really.. And i also sleep alot.. My hg keeps at normal level. But some kind of crp have increased recently!

      2. my mother is uc patient since 2002 and now she has become steriod depenedent . she is taking ayurvedic medicines too but that is also not helping. doctors are advising to switch to adalimumab injections also called as humira. Can u suggest on same. We live in jaipur. which unanai doctor you showed in jaipur. can u pls share your number or doctors number

        1. Take it patanjali medicine and eat anar very good result I’m suffering 2008 but I’m take patanjali medicine and anar eat I’m feel well

      1. Megna ji I’m forwod doctor name Dr vikarm chouhan mohali punjab ek jrur mile Google par search kar liyejiga number mil jayega mera number 9630296160

    3. U should go for natural tharapy . In natural tharapy u wil get treatment through butter milk . This procidure called takrakalp it will take minimum 45 days . U will be fine for whole life
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      1. Hi somesh i m also a sufferer of crohn colitis..how are you these days…i m taking Ayurvedic med from Dr harish verma…initially i got benefited from his meds..rtnw i m without allopathic meds…but from last fifteen days not well i asked to dr harish abut my condition he used to tell me that i will be very fine..very confused don’t knw what to do..if you plz help me on this issue

        1. Prashant Mirchandani

          Takrakalp is a method that must be used by ayurvedic doctor. It starts with only buttermilk diet for 45 days…you will.have to take 5-6 ltr buttermilk on daily basis. I suggest to speak to patanjali yogpeeth for the same

  2. hi Pernita, i am sorry to hear your condition. But dont treat yourself alone. I am one who gone through the nightmares of ulcerative colitis. You might hav eheard about Ruby Hall (Pune). I was been admitted there for few weeks to treat UC. also had undergone clinic trial at ruby hall and several colonoscopies but didnt got results. i had been told by doctors that there is no solution in alepathy for this deieses.
    At the end before @ six months back i started with ayurvedic solutions and started getting results. My bleeding and urgencies stopped totaly. I was on mesacol and predinisolene, i reduced its dose to zero. now i am taking only ayurvedic medicines.
    you can also go for the ayurvedic solution and Panchakarma treatments like Basti along with proper diet. you will definatly get the results. For any assistance you can call me on 9850810046

    1. Hi Netaji,

      I have been suffering from UC from past6-7 months. I have been hospitaized 3 times due to flare ups. I was on predmet, but as soon as it is reduced to zero, I have flare ups. Now I have been put on Azoran, Hoping at least this will help me. I wanted somme tips on controlling UC.
      I have been treated by the best doc in Bangalore.


      1. Dhanu, how are you doing now? Can you share your contact number. How has your doctor been.. looking for a good GI in bangalore who can help me with my UC – Tired of AIG in Hyderabad and looking for an alternative.

      2. Hi.. Me to suffering frm same frm last 8yrs and i m now jst 23 yrs old, i am a student, pursuing IAS studies. Whn i was in jst class 10th almost every doctor said me to take a easy and tension free study field for life as tensions can aggravate my problem and can put me in huge problem. But i took it as a challenge and made habits likewise to avoid the things which are not good for my health and started to find ultrnatives and adapted to the reality (being different from rest of commons) so that i must nt feel at any point of time in my carrier that i should have taken an easier path for life.. I tried everything from allopathic to homeopathic, met atlest 15 doctors and vedics, everyone was unable to give me respite, but i never give up , i continued to study about this on internet and accordingly tried to change my lifestyle.. Might be u will not believe that i m eating outside food since i stick to this disease as i always study outside my town, still i m much cmfortable with my problem… Nw i have at last halted at ayurveda(indian gem)… There is a doctor of ayurveda in delhi, he gave ayurvedic supliments in the form of capsule… I have been taking it from last 2 years..
        Nw i hv a lot of improvement.. Stool hardly 2-3 times, rarely blood seen (aftr several weeks)… Gained some weight… And much more… Doctor has website named ulcerativecolitiscure.com, u can go there and can consult doctor through emails, no need to meet personaly ( if u reside far away from delhi)…
        Moreovr beal juice is an awesome remedy to control the problem… U must drink it at the time of its fresh availability i.e. in summer season, it is also very cheap solution to the problem. It will definitly give a big big relief esp. In case of unbearable urgencies to bathroom…
        And and and be little conscious about what u are eating, need not be too much worrisome about your intakes once u recovered… Try to find ulternatives to the things u miss being patient of UC. e.g. fond of icecream don’t get embaraced try to have water icecream or yoghurt icecream(by creambell); fond of
        Milk don’t worry u have soya milk that to flavoured eg. By godrej “sofit” , moreovr can have buttermilk with mango flavor, masala chaach made of yoghurt, check on recipie at youtube… And so on.. So inspite of getting depressed and having a feel of being carring a burden of UC be keen to find ulternatives and make it your hobby and try to be enjoy what you do. As depression and tension aggravate the problem… U should be confident and ready to face challenges of life with the courage…
        And one last thing make it clear that ever person has some difference in their metabolism then anyone else so,accordingly they may hv different reactions to different eatables eg. Bhindi dosn’t suit my stomach but it may suit u, likewise i hv no problem with dal(lentils) bt some may have. So one need to observe carefully what one eat and what are the things that case the problem to onself, this step is must to be incorporated in run of life, this is the only tool to fight this disease..

        Best of luck..
        And believe in GOD, if he has given us the problem then he must have the solution, the only thing we need to do is to find the door behind which solution is hidden, inspite of sitting alone and curse ourself of having this burden in life…

        1. Hi Saurabh how are you these days..hope you are doing good.i am also patient of crohns from last two year..from,last eight month i am,taking Dr Harish verma meds with allopathic intially i was good..but from last one month i m not well.same flare up..dont know what to do..does your Ayurvedic. Meds helped you
          plz let me know abot the diet also

        2. Sourabh singhla.. I was diagnosed uc last week and I have lot of query about diet… Can you please share contc no..

      3. Govind Nandakumar

        Dear all.
        Hope your feeling better. Just letting you know that I am an IBD doctor with extensive experience studied and practice in New York. I have moved back to Bangalore with the vision of building an IBd ulcerative colitis and Crohns. Happy to help any of you.

        1. Govind, can you please kindly share your contact details. Really appreciate, I can talk to you in details about my UC issues that I’m going through currently.

        2. Iam suffering from from uc from 2008 onwards and no insurance co. Is giving health policy canyou advise me which co. Gives health policy for me

        3. Hello Dr Govind, I am having medicines for U C with polyps since 2006(Mesacol800&Azoran75) For many years I did not eat hotel food as it used to cause flare up (during which I had to take steroid Gupisone & Mesacol 800 3times)I don’t take milk, raw salad, chicken & leafy veg at all I take a lot of low fat buttermilk & curd & pomegranate juice Now I am fine My question is when can we stop the medicines completely

    2. thanks for shearing information.
      my wife is suffering with UC. we are treatement under aditya birla .
      dr recommand for azoran and infocal tab but due to which she is not comfortable
      as owmiting sensetion is present daily.
      I hv shown at pipri to dr pravin salunke who has recomanded moscus 800mg 3daily tab

      what to do
      pl suggest some best solution

      1. Hi Abhay,

        I am suffering with UC. I would suggest donot go directly to hospitals. Specifically big hospitals like Aditya Birla. I am currently getting treatment from Dr. R V Godbole. There is also Dr. Parimal Lawate. These are best doctors in Pune.


    3. Hi Netaji,
      I came across panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda. The doctor has told me that the live will be back on track after the treatment…I want to know the feedback from you about the Panchakarma treatment ?? Has your symptoms of UC disappeared after the treatment?

  3. It is surprising to see so many people suffering from this condition in India. I too add to the statistics. After many agonising months of suffering, I was diagnosed in April, 2011. Presently I am taking 3 tabs. of Mesacol of 1.2 g each per day. Tried to see if I am fine by not taking the medicines for 2 whole days and the bleeding returned. The medication gives me mouth ulcers. But I am happy to be responding to the medicine for now and am recovering from a dismal blood count. Wonder what is in store in the future.

  4. My daughter is 7 years old and has UC. We are relocating back to India from US. I am really worried about the medical care she can get in Bangalore. How good or bad is it?

  5. I am also suffering frm UC………it has been 6 long years……iws 13 whn is was first diagnosed with uc left sided……no help from the school……i even gave my board exams with 20 stools/day 3gm hb n 102 degree fever left leg thrombosis…n had to go fr immediate treatment between the exam days…doctors said i wud have died if i had come a day later…..medication…..name it i have taken it….with little or no results…….then with gods grace i met with a Gardner…..yes a gardner who gave me natural herbs……plants……n guess what no blood no mucus nothing…..all the side effects toxins where removed with his natural treatment……for those of us in india i strongly suggest ask gardners…..the old ones…they know everything

    1. Hi Akash
      My daughter has suffered immensely this since dec 2010… she has had severe flare up and been through the worse… is it possible for you to check with your gardener the exact herbs you took… im always interested in natural cures…

      the one thing that has recently helped my daughter (she is 25 ) is strong Haldi drinks… she takes it thrice a day before her meals… and it has done her wonders…her cramps, bleeding and her stool formation and frequency and diarrhea is 90% improved… i would advice all those UC patients to try this harmless cure along with what ever else you are taking…she is still tapering off her steroids and is on her last 5 mg a day… and the quick tapering off was only possible due to this miracle drink. In Bangkok we get very good fresh roots in the market… we take a good amount and cut and pound and throw it in a pot of water… slow cooking over 45 min…. make a strong broth… reduce and make about 3 to 4 cups… refrigerate and finish by end of day.

      1. hi kiran
        u are very right… i am also using haldi powder everyday with curd almost 1/4th of a spoon. this was told to me by my ge physician…. i am telling u since the time i have started this i have never had a relapse. yes minor incidents of slight blood in stool once in five six months do occur … but mostly i am comfortable .. but i am taking my complete medicine regularly…. i hope she also takes this and feels better… good luck to ur daughter and the lady who says she has lost… may god give her the strength to fight with this and she comes out of this disease soon…… harsh

      2. kindly send recipee of Haldi drink which your daughter took.
        I am 71 years old and am suffering with UC for the last 3 months and on medication.
        Kindly help and obliged.

        1. Desi cow milk 3/4 glass mixed with 1/4 tea spoon or less haldi powder or 1/2 tea spoon black seed oil taken twice daily is helping me for last 1 month , please all try this, I am a severe Pancolitis patient for last 7 yrs and no meds helped me till date , this drink is promising.

    2. Dear Akash,

      Nice to hear that your all symptoms vanishes like anything. Yes I believe, for this diseases, only natural medication works fairly. You are lucky that you got Gardener who given you medication. but every sufferer like us are not enough lucky to get the gardener like yours. Can you disclose which medication you got from gardener. or else you can give your or gardener’s contact no. so that we will also get the benefit from ancient medication. You stood sufferer from UC hence you know the hell of pains in this diseases.
      god bless you.

      1. Hi netaji,
        Its nice that your symptoms have vanished. Could you please give me exact details of the medication that you have been using. My mother is also suffering from UC since 4 years now. She has been taking allopathic medication.. which involved mesacol, but the results were not satisfactory, now we are planning to give her homeopathy treatment, but we know nothing about it. It would be grateful, if you Could you please help me with some suggestions

        1. Hi everyone.

          Iam archana, even iam also facibg this ibd and ulcer colitis problem past froma month.. But doctor still not cleared with the report wheather it is chrons or ibd or infaction.. Currently iam taking treatment in fortis and he is the best i guess.. He put me on striod with sazaa 1grm everyday.. Before colonoscopy my bleeding was stoped with some antibiotics treatment.. But sti i don’t want to take risk iam following what my doctor says.. Please pray for me my final colonoscopy will tell me wheather it is for crohns or ibd or some infaction of ulcer..
          God is always watching us.. He is the best doctor in the universe belive in him and start living with what we have and belive me one day medical science will find a permanent solutions for this kind of issues.

    3. hi akash, can you tell us the name of the herb or can u give us the phone no of that garnder.. or can you look for that gardener for us. my phone no is 07597189819 … i shall be grateful … thanks

    4. Hi akashji,
      I am uc sufferer n wanted to ask u of the herbal remedy which u took by the gardener who gave you. As it would help me n many other sufferers who have this horrible condition. Can u pls mail me if u can as I am living in uk England. Once I hear from u I can even ring u bhai. And we can talk n U can give me herbal names u took.
      I look forward in hearing from u bhai.
      P.s my email add is. hits.j@hotmail.co.uk

    5. Hi, Akash nice to here you are out of symptoms. Recently I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 1 month back & Doctor recommended Asacol & mesacol tablets, but thr was no result.

      Could you help me in solving this problem, since 1 month I was suffering very terrible.
      You stay in which place & what was the plant(nature remedy) that was used by you.

      B’caz I don’t know any gardener & no one else.

      By reading your’s comment I got some hope, that you could help me.
      wating for ur response.

    6. Akash
      can you please tell which herbs you took. i ahve been suffering from UC since 1 1/2 year currently under medicatation. even under meidcation, it ain`t any better.

      can you please tell me which herbs u took

      thanks in advance

    7. HI Akash ..i m also a pateint of ulcerative colitis for one year..
      i m only 23 yrs old.. its a very hard to have this disease..
      can u tell me details of herbal treament which u received from your gardner. i shall be thankful for this kindness..



      KETAN 08484812345

    9. Hi akash
      Please send me the name of the plant. I am also suffering from ulcer and bloody stool. Please send me the info at the above email.

    10. I don’t like people like Akash, who just say there’s gardener medicine, but don’t tell anyone what it is. PLEASE HELP EVERYONE AKASH!!

  6. I too am an Indian suffering from UC for 7 years now. One year ago, I started a gluten free diet and my symptoms went away within 3 days. As a vegetarian Indian, it is very difficult as our diet is heavy in roti, parantha, puri, etc. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley so you have to avoid these. I find rice, dosa, chilla (a besan crepe) are all agreeable to my system. You can also make roti from other flours. I, like some of you, found that as soon as I came off the steroids, my symptoms would worsen. I don’t know about the Specific Carb diet, but I can tell you that gluten free makes a HUGE difference. I had come off of all my medications (Lialda and Entocort) but started back in 3 months. I think my allergy to SOY contributed as I started drinking soy milk for the protein. Once I fully recover, I plan to try gluten free/soy free diet.

    Please let me know if this helps you. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rashmi,

      I found your mentioning of besan stuff like chila of interest. I am currently under uc flare up. Meant to ask your advice on whether Dhokla would be fine. My sense is that is made of besan, and should have healthy bacteria for colon

      Would be grateful for your revert.


  7. I am suffering from ulcerative colitis since 2006,previously wrongly diagnosed fisher,after colonoscopy ,i started mesacol 400mg three tab. twice daly.also I have taken KUTAJAVLEH/KUTAJ GHAN VATI an ayurvedic medicine with this.that almost control my colitis.Also reduced spicy foods and started PRANAYAM /YOGASANAS as per Swamy Ramdev Baba CD. It is realy benifitial.please try ….

  8. Hello,

    I have Ulcerative colitis from June,2001.I had numerous flareups and hospitalisations due to infections and flare ups.I am from Nepal.
    I am currently on 6 tabs Asacol,Imuran(Azathioprine)-150mg per day and was previously on Prednisolone(taper from 40mg to 2.5mg on a weekly basis).I am also using Hydrocortisone enema on a daily basis.I am currently having a flare for about 4 months and it just dosen’t seem to come under control.I am depressed and have suicidal thoughts these days.I have a small baby and nothing seems to work for me.I am having bland and restricted diet with almost zero fibre but nothing seems to help.I have zero energy and my marriage is falling apart because of my illness as i cannot do anything for my family and being sick for soooooooo long.I wish no one on this planet has this disease.It is no less than a curse.

    I tried Gluten free diet last year for 4 months but it did not help!!

    1. My wife is suffering with ulcerative colitis for last 30 yrs.Initially it was bloody stool and motion was 6/7 times a day. Night fever and sneezing was there. After 6 /7 yrs Mucus started coming. Tried Homeopathic ,Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatment. Doctors treated her for malaria,TB,etc. In 1984 she
      was treated as UC and doctor gave Salazopyrine . After that she started regularly Asacol, Pentasa and now Mesacol 1.2g. In between she has taken steroid,Enema. But this disease is unpredictable. At last
      (1999)we consulted Kerala Ayurvedic in Coimbatore ,India. They suggested different types of medicine and continuing for last 12 years. It has a cycle after 7 months what we faced recurrence is there .Now we are facing every 3 months. If the motion increases then she takes Antibiotic and increases Pentasa. Now she is taking Mesacol1.2g but not comfortable.No blood now only Mucus 1 or 2 times a day. Motion 3/4 times a day.She on Allopath and Ayurvedic treatment.God should not give this disease even to enemy
      Steroid once in two years. Weight loss is there.You can call 919874194155 for any suggestion.She is 60yrs old.No permanent cure I see in near future. Thanks Haren Kundu

      1. try (Stomach D) from satveda.com multiple ingredients for treatment of stomach and digestion, I’m trying this now and hope it works.

    2. hi shygirl
      i am also a patient of uclerative colitis for last 8 years. numerous flare ups in first four years. but since last four years i am quite comfortable. i am taking my medicine proper. then i am taking fishoil capsules seven seas. then i am taking curd twice daily with turmeric haldi powder 1/4 spoon everyday. basically i mix curd and turmeric and have it before meals. then i dont take much of citrus fruits like sweet lime. i mean even if u have sweet lime, not more than half to one medium size piece. rest of the things which u are doing u must continue. i when started with turmeric i had three four motions extra with yellow colour water etc. may be it was cleaning my colon. bus since then i have been almost comfortable. i hope the best for you. may god bless you and give u the strength to fight with this problem.

    3. hey i can understand ur condition as m too suffering frm uc,i wud like to suggest u to plz take ayurvedic medicine ..go to a nearby ramdev patanjali clinic the medicines they give with yoga helps a lot .i wont say that it cures u completely but ya the no. of relapses do grt decreased nd severity gets reduced toooo….

    4. keep taking all medicines as prescribed by docs…………..but i have been taking curd with a 1/4 tea spoon of turmeric as told by my ge physician… and for last four i am almost comfortable
      i wish u the best ………hope u recover and be comfortale soon…..just dont loose hope………this illness disturbs initially for about 2 to 3 years and then ……….one is generally comfortable..i mean u come to know how to lve with it……but i am sure u will get better

    5. i am much cmftble ………..i am taking just pentasa 2 tabs thrice daily and curd and turmeric and just avoiding chillies ……..that is all……………u all can contact me on my email…….harshrajrif@yahoo.com ………….i feel good when i am in contact with ppl like me having same problem………and i ll be honoured if i can be of any help…….harsh

    6. Hi shy girl , I am a mother of daughter who has uc. I am in the USA. Asacol can give your severe diarrhea , this was the case with my daughter try another 5sa. Also pentasa is new and seems to help more then asacol. For all other readers who may have gas the indian squash dhoodi with mint in juice form helps a lot. I wish you all best of luck as it is a very stressful disease for those in school and at work

  9. I wrote in June 2011, when I had been diagnosed with this disease. During this 1 year, I experimented a lot. Now,one year later, I have reduced my intake of mesacol to 2 tabs per day. AT times, I do not take it for a good few days. BUT, I have reduced my intake of meat based diet, taken away carbonated drinks and reduced wheat based diet. Whenever I eat any of the above, I get ill.

    My research led me to use of a fruit called Bael. Bael (woodapple)has helped me immensely. So does Aloe Vera. When I get a burning sensation in my stomach, due to acidity, I take a teaspoonful of Eno in a glassful of water.

    Mesacol resulted in weak eye sight, hairfall, memory loss in my case. When I reduce my intake of Mesacol, these conditions show a marked improvement.

    On a more personal front, I have stopped being a perfectionist. I am more relaxed and have sidelined toxic people from my life. Professionally, I have slowed down from the rat race. I take each day as it comes. I had a habit of being worried chronically – I should be in a position to do everything possible in office, at work so that no one gets burdened on account of me. Believe me, it does not help. No one praises you for those extra efforts. You only end op getting Ulcerative Colitis.

    Support groups on facebook are a big help.

    1. you are absolutoly right, no one praises you so i stopped working almost just come to office relax do routine work as it comes..not running behind boss for new projects…he he.. and managing my UC…..yoga pranayam helps a lot….also diet is really a major factor atleast for me i have seriously noticed this….for me very simple i just remember what to eat and out of that least if try to eat anything i keep my finger crossed for next 2 or 3 BM. oooops need to mention my list of food if some one is interested… simply i divide in three food (logic of eating small food every two hours did not suited me and my conclusion is you are keeping busy your gut every time so better 3 meals a day not too big (over eating no).
      breakfast:—- green tea, two piece of brown bread or better french bagguet with honey and potato or paneer (no cheeze stricktly), one banana.
      and then i take green tea between breakfast and lunch (remember no cookies nothing just blank green tea)

      lunch:- two or three very thin (like papad) chapati , any gourd family (tori, lauki, tindo, chappan kadoo, simple yellow kaddoo permal, zacucchi, ) vegitable or potato curry, green beans, carrot, cauliflower ok for me, brinjal also some time , (remember no tomato, no onion , no garlic even for tadka or chhonk whatever you call it)

      again green tea or any other fusion (not perfumed) any herbal tea is ok , i found one very good from South America called Yerba Mate helpful in healing , forget the benefit atleast no side effect. or better a soup i take casava or tapicoa soup …

      Dinner:- two or three chapati thin again ::::::: with any of above mentioned veg or for change you can make a recipe we call it in Rajasthan Curri or kadi with Bajra (millet) flower , remember DO NOT make it with BESAN(black channa atta)………………………………..

      well thats all nothing else ohhhhhhhhh you might be interested to know my case
      first diagnosed in Jan 2013 severe started with mesalamine 6 (800mg at a time) per day and entofoam trhough rectum good for intial three months but slowly came back again worse this year january, was on steroid for a month. then in March 2014 started above program and got relief….. but still on mesalamine 1 (400 mg) after every meal and one mesalamine suppository of 500 mg every morning or alternate day as i have ulcerative procritis so my blooding start from rectum and goes above slowly. …………………………………………………………………now no blood once in a 15 days or so i still see some blood but honestly everytime when i try to eat out of above list cost me heavily…

      you can mail be openly vinodvishnoi@gmail.com share your expereince may be we together come out of this horrible phase …..with god’s grace


  10. Hi Everyone,
    This is a story of my sister (Nafisa Naviwala) who had Ulcerative Colitis few years before-
    6 years ago at the age of 21, my sister gave birth to a child… On that day she passed the stool which was very liquid… From that day the actual problem started but couldn’t realize… Every night she use to go for toilet once, but the frequency increased day by day… After some days the stool also contained drops of blood… We went to several doctors to diagnose but none of the doctors could imagine what the actual problem was. They thought it was piles. After several doctors, one of the doctors examined and asked to go through an endoscopy. We went to Rajkot (City).
    We did the endoscopy but due to careless behaviour only half of the Endoscopy was done. Medicines were prescribed by the Doctor which was mainly Mesacol and others. The problem was contained for several days but then it came to that point again. Doctor was contacted and asked to increase the dose to double. But problems continued.
    We didn’t trust the doctor anymore, so we shifted to one of the famous hospitals of Mumbai. Once again the overall process started but problems continued. The daily charges and medical charges were too expensive. After 8-10 days treatment under Doctor’s supervision, we decided to come back and continue from our hometown. After some days, we came back to the original medical clinic. Contacted the doctor but he asked to get admitted and to be in his supervision. This was not which could be afforded.
    Doses were increased but there weren’t any solutions… People gave us all sorts of advice- knocked the doors of homeopathic, Ayurvedic and several others… This continued for a year. But the problem still prevailed. Doctors use to show faith and trust on their medicines but there weren’t any results.
    Weight was reduced to 27kgs from 42kgs. Frequencies of motions were increased to 12-15 times in a day. Other severe problems started: black outs, memory loss, weight loss, body pain etc due to heavy doses of steroids and other medicines.
    Family Surgeon recommended a Gastro-Enterologist doctor in Rajkot. One more knock on the door. This time it was Wockhardt hospital. Overall process was again started. Endoscopy, Biopsy and other major blood reports were done. After examining the reports, on consultation doctor advised, the problem has been from a long run and colitis spread in the major parts of large intestine and it could also spread to small intestine which could further lead to Cancer.. He advised, we would take a chance with medicines for maximum of 3 months, if still prevailed would recommend surgery (removal of large intestine).
    Medications were started; suppository, azoran, mesacol, Entofoam and others were advised. But no recovery in the given deadline. Same problems existed. Doctor asked to opt for surgery and recommended one of the best doctors of Gujarat.
    Moved on to Ahmadabad this time, Hari-Bhakti Surgical Hospital now as Kaizen Hospital. Under the guidance of Dr. Hari Bhakti and Harshad Soni two well known masters of this field. Surgery was done in two stages and Large intestine was taken off. At first some minor problems prevailed after surgery, but then everything was taken care by these doctors.
    Ulcerative colitis had ruined her entire life. Marriage life ended in a divorce as soon as Ulcer was diagnosed. Now she lives a normal life with her 2 children. My advice is not to take Ulcer symptoms lightly, as it can damage your whole life. Homeopathic & Ayurvedic is hard to believe in these cases. People simply waste months and years in these treatments. If 6 years before we would have consulted a specialist or a good doctor we wouldn’t had to come so far. It could have easily been treated with medications.
    Please do consult in case you need any further advice on my email- nadeemnaviwala@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Nadim,

      My story is very familiar to your sister’s ordeal. I was diagnosed with UC 3 months after a forced arranged marriage. I’m sure I wasn’t aware of UC before that because stress exacerbated the UC & I started suffering its symptoms after marriage. I suffered from bleeding & weight loss. I was afraid of eating & went on a liquid diet for a year before the 1st major flare-up that caused 4 hospitalizations in 4 months. My so-called husband started making fun of condition & that made me feel even worse both emotionally & physically. He was in India awaiting his US visa since I’m in America. I ended the so-called fake marriage & felt 50% improvement in my condition. I had to get the same surgery as your sister & now I’m struggling to gain weight!!

      1. hi dimplezz
        u wrote that u underwent surgery………….can u pl update us about how u doing after surgery…….so that we can benefit from ur experience of surgery

        1. Hi Harsh,

          I had J-pouch surgery in 2011 & my diet has been restricted to soft foods like potatoes, mung dal & other easy to digest foods. I avoid fried food & don’t eat out.
          The doctors say that I’m cured & that I can eat all types of food but that’s not true. When I followed their advice I felt sick. I wasn’t planning on getting surgery but my colon got perforated during colonoscopy :( so had to get life-saving emergency surgery. If your
          UC is manageable with a specific diet like SCD then I would recommend the diet.

      2. thanx dimplezz. for the reply and information u shared with me
        i am sure god will be kind and u will be better……..dont give up…………dabbi ja (it is in punjabi)……..that means u must continue ur efforts (keep ur foot on accelerator and just keep pushing on)…all the best

      3. hi,
        i am suffering from UC since 3 years now, this ruined my best paid job in Singapore,
        i took up easy and day time job, people with UC should never work in night shifts. i am managing with Masacol .My night shift job gave me this after 13 years of work life, i am shattered and my career screwed up.guys the life goes on, ok now, but scared.

    2. My name is swadesh bhatt n i m from dehradun,uttrarakhand.i got ur mail id from a web page called ‘ihaveUC’.i have a sister which is suffering from ulcerative colitis for last 7 years.she is maried and has two kids.as ur sister had the same disease and u told dat ur sister went thorouh surgery. after surgery how is she now..is she perfecly alright?? is dere any consequences of surgery?we are also thinking to go for surgery from d same doctor which u mentioned in dat page.kindly guide me for same as we are now tottaly blank..we have gone to so many doctor ,did some ayurveda treatment and homeopathy as well..but all is gone in vein..
      it would be very appreicable if u can provide ur contact no. so that we can talk in detail about it .
      i wrote a mail to u but i guess ur mail id is nt working.so d mail is deliery got failed.if u read the page kindly rly on this as soon as possible or share ur new emaild..

    1. Hi i am pradhumn I was diagnosed wid ibs in June 2018 I take allopathic medicine for 4 month but nothing was working than I also lot 10 kg weight I told this to my doctor than he suggest me for colonoscopy and told me that I have colitis after that one month of allopathic medicine probiotic antibiotics and steroid but symptom are as it is than one of my friend suggest me for ayurved treat met that was amazing now I have no symptoms I gaming 4 kg more weight I can help you with a few tips which is really works my no is 9897112676

  11. hi nadim naviwala,m also UC patient living in mumbai,m fr manipur but as thrz no gud treatment thr m family askme to stay here i hv it since i was sixteen then d flareup was mild but since m also a part of mumbai fast life n hardworking person. i went to cruise without m mum consent n gt a real bad flareup 2006 vry serious iwas in icu.iwas given remicad n another flareup in 2009,cant evn raise m head but remicad work again but now 2012 it doesnot but God miracle plan happen within two days after a real depression m motion bcum solid wt three movement n iwas given 350 ml blood, albumin now i jus cm out of d hospital, due to blood lost n low albumin less nutrition absorbtion i hv to tk supplement so many other foods like curd,pomogranate juice rice, quinoa,suji,chicken.well iwas about to go for surgery but as God gave me another chance i think d best is to mk drastic lifestyle changes, eat healthier n i started yoga instructor course,m family dosnot want me to work but i cannot live wtout working esp. in a place like mumbai,n i plan to love myself more n hv a positive n wanto kp in toch wt pple fr mumbai n around who suffer like me coz ds flareup realy mkme low n emotionaly drained me. if possible u may contact me 9892053860.i can understand urconcern m sister bn always wt me as m mum was also a kidney transplant patient 2002 n passed away i 2010.n m dad support me financialy except for m first big attack iwas in US so d cruise company paid i also lost confidence in man,i hv a guy who assured me dat he vl tkcr of me but smtm i feel he jus sayn to mk me feel better. well i understand what ur sister must hv gone through but she isnot alone n we cn still eat healthy n live happily

    1. Hi, This is Ashish, 26 years old. I have UC since 2007, had a major flare up in sep-oct 2011, had terrible bleeding and pain, was 37 kgs, but treated well at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad. I am really grateful for all the support I got. Especially my family, friends, and doctors.

      I had to discontinue studies. Anyways, that is fine, since health is more important. As of now, I am fine although on Steroids. Again, its okay :). I am grateful that I am able to work.

      One thing which concerns me is marriage. Any inputs and insights! For me, it’s okay to be single :). Still…

      1. Hey Ashish,
        I also have UC & was diagnosed at age 27. It’s not easy to find somebody who understands the otion & physical pain this disease causes so I have been divorced ever since I got sick. So, try to find a understanding life partner who will not judge you because of UC.

        Take care :)

        1. we r all on the same boat. we can treat each other like friends and share our problem on this site….. dont trust ppl unnecessarily……..and dont expect much…………..it is difficult and can cause further damage to our health…….

        2. you are right, i am diagnosed at the age of 32, by this time i was 7 yrs into marriage and my wife is so good and understanding, helps me in all ways.otherwise it is not easy.

      2. hi
        ashish even i am have uc from last 5 yrs can u please let me know which druges u r taking ryt now is it mesacoal, wysolone. omnacortril or ezoran ? and also let me know that taking drugs like wysolone or omnacortril for long time is good for body or it will harm after some time

  12. hi people,
    Though i dont suffer from U.C but more or less have been suffering from the same ordeal. I am 27 and i stay in mumbai. I have had 4 colonoscopies with no proper results, hence no matter who i consulted the final answer was IBS. I lost 50 kgs of my weight in one year alone i was afraid to eat just like dimplezz.
    Started SCD in Oct 2011, after almost a year and an half i am med free. I follow the diet religiously. My BM is regular which is 1 daily, it used to be 8+ sometimes before the diet with lots of blood. This diet changed my misserable life back to more or less normal.
    I was literally in home for almost 4 years with nobody to talk to about this stuff bcoz they dont understand and make fun of you. Anybody in mumbai who needs to talk to someone about the diet can contact me.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Rahul,
      I am in Mumbai, Can u plz give me ur contact no or email id. I have been suffering from UC since a year and wanted some help frm u.


    2. Hey Rahul, I am Rujuta, living in Mumbai. I am going to start with SCD next week.
      Can I get in touch with you if possible?
      If its ok can you give me your email address.


  13. hi rahul
    i m genrly cmfrtble
    but of n on lil probs r part n parcl of this
    m happy that m back twds normalcy
    i dont take any specific diet
    i tke everything incl nonveg,,,just avoid red meat and mutton
    avoid stress and getting angry and emotoinal abt things
    i do take curd with 1/4th tea spoon of turmeric dalily
    this ws adviced to me by my ge physician
    u may also try…….it wont disturb much
    but for one odd day it may
    wish u and all ppl suffering with this prob a healthy and comfortable life
    dont loose hope
    there r so many of us on same boat
    take it that u will get better soon
    last bt not the least
    keep takin the medicines as advised by the ge physician

  14. @ Dimple, Thanks for the inputs :)

    @ Bhavi, I am in remission, I am using Mesacol, Prednisone ( 12.5 mg, 8 days to go), and occasionally I try VSL#3 (Probiotic, this is good.)

    Also I am using ayurvedic medicine, which has been effective.

    *1 tsp of Bael Fruit Powder (dry) + 1 tsp of Mulethi Powder + 1 glass of Water. You can check this on youtube (Ayurvedic Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis).

    I hope you are doing well. I wish all of you a very good health. Thank you.

  15. hi all,

    same story ..i take mesacol 12.mg thrice a day .and mesacol enema .bt its of no use for me till now.
    with steriods i am okay but as it reduces .it repeats .In my case its 3 mnths.

    Many thing i hv tried .

    After reading the complete blog .One thing is sure it can only be controlled .As its auto immune disease and different ppl have different immune system .some remedies work for once but it may not work for other.

    Alopathy and homeopathy has not given me any solution .

    If any one knows anything in Ayurvedas so kindly share .
    Any doctor or remedy

    Curd with turmeric i have not tried .Now i”l try that too.

    I m from delhi .

  16. hi all
    As i have already told you guys that i am taking all medicines as prescribed by the GE physician and alongwith it i have been taking curd and turmeric…. i just wanted to update u guys that i have started having bael juice which is genrly available anywhere in india in summer season. since the day i have been having this bael juice i am feeling much better…the stool is more formed and frequency has further reduced.
    this has no side effects as per me
    i would recommend this also
    just try it for a month and i am hopeful that all of you will get some relief from this.
    all the best
    looking forward to your comments after around 1 to 2 months
    pl do tell me if u get sm benefit from bael juice

  17. Hi All,

    With a God Grace things for me has changed drastically although I still do some stupidity .

    Just few days month back I started taking Ayurvedic medicine .It Cost RS 2000 for a month .I am taking it mesacol and Azoran .

    But slowly I am reducing it and flare up are not repeating .Now I am a normal human being doing and living life happily .

    All those who are fed up Allopathic kindly switch to ayurvedic .Consult a good doctor .Although Ayurveda has got solution and its very specific so every doctor gonna suggest the same .

    For any query just ley me know .mob.09988134089.

    And above all the best cntrl is Eat monitored food means you have to mind what you are eating .

    Naa jyaada naa kum only optium.

    Bael Juice is wonder thing for this disease .It does miracle that you cannot believe .So whatever harsh is suugessting is ryt .Bhagwan bhole Shankar ka Prasad samjhkar mast khaye .

    aur ek baat .Accept that you have this problem .And you can every battle with this problem .Just you got to monitor youself and go to Ayurveda .

  18. i am new to this disease.
    Started last month.
    2 weeks rest with med – probiotic, sustained release, nd daflon in 2nd week,
    blood was in traces
    whenever i had digene, my stool were perfect

    went to office nd had to return- my son was born

    ate a chilly dish nd then next day had moderate blood

    finally after a week , had sigmoidscopy revealing ulcers
    biopsy awaited in 5 days

    i dont kno which colitis wil i have?

    Yes, diet moderation affects it

    i m havin 4-6 stools a day
    with blood variations being -nil,traces,mucous with pus
    smtimes even hard stools

    a period of high stress triggred me into this hell

    i already have an uncurable scalp disease

    i dont want to have UC

  19. im a 49yr old woman…suffering from colitis .doctors couldn’t find what type of colitis I have even though had to do 3 colonoscopies with in one year….im living alone because im a separated woman ….im from Hyderabad and getting treatment from famous Yashoda Hospital..been hospitalized.last year I was on pednisone for a week but stopped it due to 3 episodes of nasal bleeding to increased blood pressure .steroid was the culprit. now Budez cr and pentasa granules since 4months…no blood …but loose motions at least once in a week….my main problem is I feel like I dnt have any life any more and im scared to death…..still couldn’t forget the pain and bloody stools I had for last one year…..I feel like any tim e same things can happen again and I dnt have the strength to face that …I have high bp and I need to monitor my BP..most of the days as long as I take steroids.im depressed…

    1. @Anu
      Just feel the grip. The disease is here to stay.
      I have been 5 months into this beast. Thankfully to God, I have managed to reduce my symptoms and fight with it. I had lost hope initially, but my family gave me my strength back and I am working with almost the same zeal as before. Sometimes I do get the cramps, traces of blood but overall its manageable. Above I have started to eat all the stuff I had stopped – Paranthas, tomatoes, Maggie, tea, sweets, etc all in limited amounts
      i have reduced my medications as well. I know this disease does not heal. you gotta have inner strength to fight with it. May god be with you..

  20. hospitalized few days back,it was a nightmare,terrible injections,tear is always in my eyes,afraid of taking any food worried abt my future…my family my job…lost my confidence totally…..only hope is my almighty….i.m from bangladesh…

  21. i was a lovely fair lady….huh….fullof energy… jeal ..used to manage home n office with ultimate perfection..but my life is literally stopped in 34..what an irony..uc has shattered my life ..now im a bundle of some bones…weak,tired…cannot walk properly….my husband almost mad,my cuty kid frustrated and my parents what shoul d i say…abt them…every moment they r supporting me …but i know how mch tear they shedding on the sly ….i’m planning to go to india for better treatment ….if any of my friends help me with any info .i will be grateful….coz i don,t abt indian hospitals …..everyone in bangldesh says that i need to go to india.

    1. Hi Zinnat,
      I would advice you to take 1/2 spoon of turmeric 3 times/day mixed in yogurt or water. *1 tsp of Bael Fruit Powder (dry) + 1 tsp of Mulethi Powder + 1 glass of Water. You can check this on youtube (Ayurvedic Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis).
      Also try probiotics like VSL#3. Stop eating wheat & anything with gluten.

      I’m sure you have Ayurvedic doctors in your country. Try them first b4 going to India.
      Hope you feel better soon!

      1. hi dimplezz,
        u r as sweet as ur name…n so kind to answer me.i will try the aurvedic n probiotic…i need to search in my country.i take barley and suji r the good ?i’m very confused abt food all day long i search in websites at times they contradictory.i take 9 mesacol+2 cortan+calcium,folison,iron….my pressure is low….70-90….weak..but after all this treatment when i see blood stained stool i get crazy…will it continue for ages dimple?or does it happen to all?

        1. Dimplezz ,
          dear friend i had swelling 4 days back also due medicine cortan side effect…now i dont have bloody loose motion. 4 -5 times now….stool normal but at times blood stained.i’m still under doc’s bed rest .he is saying i’m doing good is it true ?i rely on almighty then the uc sufferers then on doc’s.they r so mysterious !!!

          1. Hi Zennat, seems like my last reply to you was cut off.
            Anyway, do follow your’s advice but also keep trying the supplements like turmeric & probiotics. I would also suggest you start juicing
            veggies & fruits like green squash, ginger, apples. They will give good amounts of iron. The blood in stools will come on & off because of inflammation so be on a soft food diet like light soups, rice & fresh filtered juice.
            Take care & let me know if this helps!

          2. Hi Zennat, seems like my last reply to you was cut off.
            Anyway, do follow your’s advice but also keep trying the supplements like turmeric & probiotics. The blood in stools will come on & off because of inflammation so be on a soft food diet like light soups, rice & fresh filtered juice.
            Take care & let me know if this helps!

  22. I found a treatment plan documented on the nih (National Institute of Health) website based on a scientific study of 43 UC patients. The data is good but where can I purchase these items in the U.S.? Has anyone had success with this combination of ayurvedic medicines or opinions on on this recommendation?


    After confirming the diagnosis 43 patients were given the following treatment –
    Udumbara kvatha (ingredient is Udumbar tvak-Ficus glomerata) – 40 ml/two times a day
    Lodhra tvak churna (Symplocos racemosa) – 1 g + Musta moola churna (cyperus rotundus) – 1 g + Nagakesara (Mesua ferrea) churna – 1 g + Mukta panchamrut rasa-125 mg / three times in a day with water (the ingredients of Mukta panchamrut rasa are Mukta bhasma – 8 parts + Praval bhasma – 4 parts + Banga bhasma – 2 parts + Shankha bhasma – 1 part + Shukti bhasma – 1 part, processed in Ikshurasa, Godugdha, Vidai svarasa, Kumari svarasa, Shatavari Svarasa, Tulasi svarasa and Hansapadi svarasa).
    Kutaja Ghana vati (ingredient is Kutaja tvak-Holarrhena antidysenterica) – 1g / three times a day.
    Udumbara kvatha basti (ingredient is Udumbar tvak-Ficus glomerata) daily for one week and then twice a week for the next three weeks.

    This treatment was given for a study period of one month.

    Patients were kept on pitta –shamaka, laghu, grahi and pathya food articles.

    I am unsure about what this means from a dietary standpoint but certainly this is far from the SAD (standard American diet)..

    If the patient was taking any modern medicine, doses of these were gradually reduced as the patient responded to Ayurvedic treatments.
    Criteria for assessment

    The improvement in the patients was assessed on the basis of relief in the symptoms and signs of the disease together with laboratory investigations. All the symptoms and signs were given grade scores and assessed before as well as after treatment. Changes in hemoglobin, ESR, and body weight were also recorded before and after treatment. Reductions in the doses of steroid and sulfasalazine drugs were also recorded.

    Criteria would require CBC or other blood tests to determine success rates.

  23. hi dimple
    thnx ….i’m on soft food..i’m better now by the grace of allah.but i do suffer from some mental problem….i’m scared if the flare up comes again?if i maintain my food and medicine will i be able to stay fine.

  24. hi dimple what sort of veggies r safe for uc..as far as i know cabbage,turnip,cauliflower r not good for ucer.what abt carrot.tomato, r the good i mean safe

    1. Hi Zeenat,

      I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Any veggies without seeds is good. Make sure it’s low on fiber. I prefer juicing the veggies & fruits & then filtering it.
      Yes, following your diet plan & holistic supplements, meds will help you stay f9

    2. hey can you please give me advice on UC. I have been suffering from UC for past 6 months.. As it is hampering my study n everything.I am frustrated so i i was looking for someone to discuss on this. can you please forward your email id.. to my email id krish.sharma533@gmail.com

  25. thnx dimple u r so kind…..ur answer makes me stronger.but one thing comes in my mind that if diet and meds can help the ucers to stay fine then why do they face flare up again n again…why flare ups re appear.my last experience was so painful……..so painful….

    1. Hi Zinnat,
      How are you friend? I don’t know why the flare-up happens. It’s just the way our body responds to inflammation. Try meditation to keep yourself positive because all disease starts in the mind so try to keep it calm & happy!

  26. hi i am shikha 28 years old suffering from left sided ulcerrative colitis for last 2 years.it is really difficult to manage disease initially i lost 7 kgs weight but manage to recover with help of gluten free diet and homeopathic medicene once but now i am again flaring less bad den previous time but it really tough to deal this time after remission can anyone suggest anything else to get into remission i cnt follow scd diet as it is difficult to manage .i hv not been on steroids for last one year

    1. Hi Shikha,

      Hope you’re feeling better. Try taking turmeric 1/2 spoon with 1/2 glass of water 3-4 times/day. It will help stop the flare-up because turmeric is a natural steroid without any side-effects.

      1. thnx a lot dimpelzz for ur reply .i stay in delhi and fighting wid dis disease everyday like u all.i will surely follow wat u hv advised.i would like to ask u wat type of ulcerative colitis u are suffering from and do you follow any special diet . as of now i am flaring hope to get in remission .really wish we all come out dis ordeal in our life soon.:)

        1. Hi Shikha,
          This disease treats everyone differently. I am doing well (By God’s Grace) after being down for 5 months, bled continously for first 3 months. I lost 15 Kg (89 to 74)
          I managed my colitis by 2.1g x 3 of Balacol(Balsalazide) and VSL3. NO other meds. Then during the course, my symptoms started reducing. By 5th month, there was no bleeding and It is 10 months now. Apart from the eventual feeling of something healing in left side of stomach, I do not have any symptoms. I am back to normal diet. I reduced the dosage of Balacol, without the consultation of GI, from 9 Capsules a day to 6, then to 4, then to 3. Now just take 2 or 1 capsule a day. I mean, I am afraid of the disease. Once I was away and forgot Balacol at home. I took Mesacol(4th Month), my symptoms returned with traces of blood, mucous and pinching pain, and it took good 20 days to subside. Since then, I havent slipped my meds. I dont what good a single capsule of Balacol will do. But I just take it. I have regained 7-8 Kgs and much fitter now. I didnt follow any specific diet. Just experimented.
          May be my story will help you.

  27. everyone talks abt VSL#3 but my doc says it is not scientifically proved that probiotics do any good to uc.anyway may i know it’s price.i’ve searched it in my country bangladesh but not getting.

  28. Pawan Kumar Prajapati

    Hi All ,

    I also suffered with UC for almost 7 Years .

    But my Suggestions for everyone is go with Ayurvedic .
    There are very good medicine in ayurveda . Initially go along with normal treatment . Control your diet 4 sure as incurable disease only control is there to live happy life .
    Slowly everything will go .
    Consult some good ayurveda DR.
    For query contact me on 8588828039.
    I am from Delhi India .
    Email : Mailpawan4@gmail.com

  29. Thank you neelesh for your reply actually i am taking maesacol 1.2 gm 2 times a day as my G.I suggested me so. He dont want me to take steroids and bunch of more medecenes as he is family friend, therefore i don’t take steroids because of deadly side effects and take homeopathic medicenes as well . i am not on completely gluten free diet but yes to a certain limit, homeopathic treatment has helped me to come out of flare once but my symptoms return like anything after 2 months .yes i know dis disease is wicked :) in a manner and differnt for anyone. i hope u continue to do well and be symptom free . I really appreciate ur advice.I really Hope to get symptom free soon. wish luck to everyone fighting with UC . everyone must remember that . GOD MADE NO LOCK WITHOUT KEY WE JUST HAVE TO FIND ONE :)

  30. Hi everyone , I recently diagnosed with uc after 6 years of taking medication of piles, even surgeon planned my surgery for piles. So first I learned don’t rely on one doctor alway take second opinion from specialist and don’t avoid investigation.
    Seccond learning is avoid too much tension anything just believe in “Life goes on” it never stop because u r in tension.
    Now I’m on wyslone 20 mg bd,mesocol 800mg tds,ciplox tz bd ,folvite od. VSL3 bd.
    With this I’m relieved now , however I’m quite confused about my diet plan . Now I’m on rice
    and moong Dal,pomegranate .
    After few day I’m planning to consult senior unani doctor of Hamdard hospital in Delhi .

    I will share all the information and recovery process to you all . Inshallah and I have believe I ll be recovered soon and share some inserting updates about this.
    I’m planning to start a website totally dedicated to UC for patients to get right advice ,proper treatment plan ,diet plan and don’ts in UC.
    Need your wishes.
    Bye . Live positively .

  31. hi fahad i wish for ur speedy recovery.one more thing is that no specific diet plan works for dis disease so u have to discover ur problem food urself but of course milk and its products are a big no for dose with uc.i would sugest that try not to be wasylone dependent.good luck to you.

    1. Thanks Shika for you reply and support. You are absolutely right in diet . Something suit me may not suit other . Yesterday I had threptin biscuit , I had a severe pain in stomach after meftal spas and voveran inj. I got relieved.

  32. hi fahad my suggestion to you is plz dont take any form of pain killers as dey worse the condition of colon and may contribute in formation of more ulcers. i also suffer from migraine sum tymes but avoid painkillers as suggested by my homeopath.. try marie biscuits or glucose biscuits dey suits me. avoid high fatty food during flare.rice is no harm as far i noticed. take care

  33. HI Pernita,
    I am from india, Tamilnadu. Me too suffering from UC from 2009,Dec.
    I would like to share something.
    First we should understand ourself.
    We should be mentally fit.
    We should not give up our confidence.
    we should not get tempt on, the things which is not suitable to our body. No fibre foods. Eat fruits lot.
    We should not think about our disease (UC).
    We Should consider UC also part of body, like legs, hands, eyes etc…
    Do meditation, yoga and concentrate on something which can make us forget about UC.
    Play with your kids, sleep well, dont skip your food and have it on time.
    Pls come out of things, which can create stress to us.
    Give marks to your confidence level, day by day.
    Dont do work, which is creating much physical strain.
    Make your self comfortable, you have to lead little sophisticate life.
    All the best for your future. Nothing to worry. Bless is there for your happy life.
    Futher any info, pls feel free to contact (mahaanrev@gmail.com)

    1. Hi everyone…me too is a sufferer of this terrible disease..I am 39years old a year and a half back had my hysterectomy done and within three months I was detected with left sided UC. Due to this had to resign from job, was completely left drained out had lost my selfconfidence….took one whole year to go into remission..just thought life is coming back to terms and then again had a relapse….currently on asacol 400 three tablets thrice a day. And prednisone which I willbe tampering off soon….diet is bland food rice based….strictly avoiding gluten….please guide me what else can we add to our diet….

  34. hi ritu i m too suffering from left suded colitis from past 3years. Its good if u r on gluten free diet and u can manage it. No specifuc diet wirk for dis disease it is different for everyone.my suggestiin fir u is u can start homeopathic treatment along wid ur allopathic treatment ut will di no harm and will naturally correct ur immune system which is a main culprit fir dus disease.one more thing is try to deviate mind frm dus disease and move on wid normal life as this is stress related problem too.plz rejoin ur job if possible as dis disease want to control u but dnt let it win over u. One more thing is u can aviid dairy an milk which also contribute to flare. Gd luck an be blessed. Biee

  35. i was a patient of uc. I suffered for almost 6 years. I took all the medicine that u are taking now like wysolone , mesacol od , colorex etc. but these only alleviate my problem but did not cure it. As allopathy works on symptoms , it does not work on the root cause of this disease. as per my research it is a disease of excessive heat in the colon. So i took bael(aegle marmelos) sharbat and liv. 52 ds tablet. liv. 52 works on the root cause that is heat or toxins in the body. In beginning liv. 52 ds tablet causes some discomfort like cramps and diarrhea but it should be continued as it can cure your uc. As it has cured mine. u must start doing jogging, walk or any other activity bcoz these exercises help liver in getting rid of toxins and heat in your body.
    dosage of liv. 52 ds tablet
    2-2 tablets morning and evening after food. or can be taken with water when u experince cramps. it will take time but will undoubtedly cure uc. please follow this suggestion.

    person who have taken steroids may develop cramps. bael sharbat must be consumed to repair your colon.

    please comment if anybody gets relief from this.

    1. Hi Rahul, hope u are doing well and no more UC flares please advise me on your medication does this liv. 52 still helping u , no where i find it is recommendation for UC people what is your experience

  36. Hi All,

    I am writing in after a long time. In the past few months I have been through a few minor and 2 major flares. However, for the last 3 weeks I have been in a very bad shape indeed. My stomach has been bloating and I am completely stressed out. It does not help that my husband has been behaving like a consummate asshole as always. I can related to other people who say their spouses do not treat them well when they fall ill. The main reason for my condition has been a stressful married life for the last 24+ years. It may be of no surprise to you all that how much stress aggravates this condition. Single handedly I have run my life and reached where I am today, with support of my parents and children. Have taken care of everyone in the family when they are unwell. But when I am unwell there is no one except my kids to look after me. Stupid ranting from a grown up woman. But problem with this disease is that outwardly you look fine to the world, but the fatigue due to poor absorption of nutrition is not a measurable symptom. I do Leadership and Transformational Coachings as a corporate head. But believe me, life is extremely tough during a flare. The psychological impact of this family of diseases is immense.

    Good luck to all of you. Apologies for the long vent.


  37. Hi all , really sorry to hear ur story SM i pray for u an everyone suffering from dis disease as this disease is alsi a major set back of my life i was 25and full of life till i was diagnosed wid dis disease i had many flare ups having left sided uc.i am 28 now an my parents want me to get married asap but i m scared coz of my uc. Any inputs in dis will be appreciated . I think it is hard to find smone who undesrtand my problem which superficially seems ok. I am confident and independent girl but scared to add smone stranger to my life . What should i do??.as of no.w. i am flaring , on mesacol and homeopathic medecenes

  38. Hello

    I have UC from past 1 and 1/2 years. I have relapsed no of times in this time period. This time i relapsed after having wine & falooda the very next day. I am taking 3 mesacol 1.2 OD tablets & 1 suppository in the morning(also on homeopathy medicines on & off). So this time i had reached 4-5 BM’s every day & i knew my doctor would put me on steriod enema to control it. Some had suggested Bael fruit here & i did some research & took bael leaves powder & it reduced my BM’s from 4-5 to 2-3. I am also taking home made bael fruit juice & this helped in taking down my BM’s to 1-2. This is the first time i am able to control my motions without steriods enema. I am very happy that i have found this bael fruit & powder solution for my problem. This can lead to bloating & is not recommended for pregnant women. I am taking it alternate days. I am also taking pomegranate juice on alternate days. Last relapse lasted for 3-4 months & i lost lot of wight because of it. This time within 15 days i have controlled it.
    Regarding people facing marriage issue, i would suggest u let the person know that you have this problem & you are in control of it . If the person accepts then good or else move on.
    If you are eating outside food then you should avoid food where contamination is more like chutny, cold food, road side, dairy products like falooda which i had. Eat from the good place if you feel like eating. Also take alternate medicines because there is no cure in allopathy. It can just manage it.
    Dont worry about UC,know your body, be calm & enjoy your life.
    Take care!!!!

  39. Hi All, I am doing better. Grace. Grateful to God.

    I am Prednisolone 25 mg (of course with taper).

    As usual I am continuing with this Ayurvedic Remedy.

    One glass of water with two spoons of Bael Fruit Powder and one spoon of Mulethi Powder. Mix it well, keep it aside for 5 minutes and then sieve it with a strainer. Have it every morning empty stomach.

    Please contact me on 09712190687. I would like to share information and some warming chat.

    Best wishes and prayers.
    Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah.


  40. Hi everyone,
    I hope everyone is doing fantastic. I thank people here to give me right suggestions as and when required now i m more confident about my disease and no more depressed on why dis happened to me.I have also decided to face marriage issue more confidently now. I would like to ask Mr. ashish patel that from where do u purchase bael powder as i dont know any shop here in delhi .currently i m having bael juice as suggested by many people here which is indeed a great help to control my symptoms. Currently i m not on steroids and dont wish to start them anytime in future. Take care everyone …..Live a positive life

  41. I have been diagonised with UC just 7days back. I am at steroids now. I lost 5 kg weight. Feel very week and low. Please help.

  42. Hi ritu hope u r feeling better now. I dont know about bael powder but u can make bael sharbat at home very well. i am also from delhi and make it in my home itself. u can purchase bael fruit in dis season from sabji mandis anywhere it is very easily available. u just take out pulp from fruit mash it smoothely and then add water in it ,make it little bit thick not totaly watery and then seive it in atta channi(seiver). add some sugar if required drink it empty stomach in morning. u will notice formation of stool becoming better and constipation will releive too. dont loose hope . i want to ask u from where in delhi u r taking treatment if u want to tell. Stay positive and active take care.

  43. Hi alok,
    I am also suffere of ulcerative colitis for last 4 years . Dont loose hope and try to accept this disease. Try to avoid things with gluten in it that is : maida and wheat . . Avoid milk and milk products,fried foods as dey contribute to flare majorly. Add rice and its products to ur diet dey will do no harm and stool formation will improve. Tke bael sharbat to ur diet in summers it is natural anti-inflammatory .One suggestion is start homeopathic treatment along with ur allopathic medecenes initially as it will help u to get rid of steroids which has deadly side effects in the long run. Stay healthy and stay positive take care

  44. Thanks Shikha…am soon shifting my base to Delhi that’s the reason I inquired. When in Delhi once had shown to a Gastro in Medanta…his name is Dr. Navneet Ahluwalia, a good doctor but has left Medanta now. regarding homeopathy if u know someone good then pls suggest the name. I too want to get rid of these medicines they r taking a toll on my health bcoz of their severe side effects. I have basically left wheat gluten from last one year..rice is working fine with me till now. but I recommend coconut water once a day preferably early morning empty stomach, it too keeps ur stomach cool….will definately try bael sharbat once in India. I try to keep my self calm but at times this disease keeps showing its horror side….hope the medical science finds a permanent cure for us all (sufferers) soon….

  45. Hi ritu ,
    Its good if u are on gluten free diet as it works best with homeopathy. If u wish to continue with homeopathy i would suggest you Dr. amar homeo healers in delhi . U can check out details on their official website . I am reffering to dr.amar he is amazing doctor though i am also continuing wid my allopathic medecenes but by god’s grace i am not on steroids. I am taking mesacol 1.2 gm twice a day along with my allopathic medicenes and eating almost everything excluding green leafy vegetables, milk and deep fried things. yes i am avoiding maida to some extent but can eat roti once a day. This is all possible due to his homeopathy coz dere was a tym when my hemoglobin was falling continously. Homeopathy if started along homeopathy can help u control ur disease if not cure. It can correct immune system naturally which is main culprit of dis disease. As far as i m concerned i would suggest u not to have coconut water as long as u think it suit u completely as it is amyth that it is a coolant coz i know it can form acidity if taken empty somach. I wish someday i can leave allopathic completely. Yaar dont loose hope coz everyone has their set of problems trust me optimism will help u a lot as it has helped mine. i was very pessimistic once which only worsen my condition. I have been to major hospitals of delhi,2 colonoscopies including AIIMS but every doctor answers same that it is lyf long problem. u do consider homeopathy when u visit delhi i will help u if u need. Take care .STAY HEALTHY…. CHEER UP …GOD MADE NO LOCK WIDOUT ITS KEY…OM SAI RAM

  46. Hi Shikha, thanks for all those kind words and suggestions. Am in Delhi now and can find plenty of bael fruits all over. Kindly suggest how much quantity should we take and how many timesin a day???? Is one fruit enought for one day??? Do reply…..waiting……

  47. Hi ritu,
    you have to take ripe fruit and u can make approx 4-5 galsses of juice out of it u may store it in fridge for 1-2 days maximum. I take one glass empty stomach in morning and one glass in evening after returning from office. U first try it and then decide how much quantity suits you it acts like a colon cleanser more or less like isabgol help to get rid from constipation. As this disease acts differntly for everyone u decide once u start benefitting from it that how much quantity suits u.One important thing is dont make juice too thin in consistence slight thick will be effective. gd luck……biee

  48. Thanks Shikha, hope others in the forum will also benefit from your suggestions. Your positive words r really making me think positively and I agree with what u say that God made no lock with out a key. Stay blessed always…

  49. My wife is suffering from uc for past 3.5 yrs . Whenever wysolone is stopped, there is flare , then wysolone 40 mg is statrted n slowly tappered, now doc has said for surgery or remicade, pls suggest good Ayurvedic doctor or hospital.

    1. hii monish, even i am suffering frm UC. i was cured after six months as per endoscopy results there were no wounds on my large intestine, i stay in pune and even i was suggested for surgery but later on there was no need. So if u stay in pune or can cm 2 pune, visit doctor vinay thorat next 2 oakwood hotel bhandarkar road.

      1. Hi rohit, happy to hear that you have recovered that too within six months..how are you now days..my Gi told me that their is no cure…i searched alot from net everyone says the same.so i don’t understand how you have recovered plz let me knw

  50. thanks rohit for prompt reply.

    thanks for the information . what is dr thorat’s line of treatmeant . as my wife is taking meascol, wysolone, azoran . kindly advise , anybody who has been treated / is under remission for long time . pls advise

    a special thanks to this site


  51. hii, monish
    Now i dont know the line of treatment he will provide u with as every case is different, but i can assure u that under his treatment ur wife will feel much better and will cm back 2 normal life. Even i am on sazo 1000 and azaron but there are no symptoms such as bleeding, increased stool frequency, pain,etc. i had UC in 2010 but after 6 months i was cured he stopped my medicines permanently but before 5 months i started 2 bleed, but i visited him once again within 4,5 days again every thing came bck 2 normal, its just thsese medicines he wants me 2 cont for precautions thats it.

    1. Hi all.. i am ankit from new delhi… I have ulceritave colitis and being diagonsed last year… My story is like this… I hve always been an IBS victim and nvr had loose motions but constipation… I ws in amsterdam since 2 yrs and there i got my flare ups… Sadly doctors there are so stupid, they considered it as allergy… I ws continously on loose motions with blood for 2.5 months without any medicine … Approaching hospitals was also tough there… But then i got bck india and got diagonosed… It ws really scary… Initially ws on pred and mesacol… My symptoms vanished and i ws totally normal… Tking normal diet with less spices which helped me a lot…. Then my posting was done in jaipur nd here it came again with the rajastani high spice food :(…. Its been now 5 months, things r not well… My doc nvr wnted to gimme me steroid , but unfortunately he has to now… He is very good and counsel me very well… Anyway now again i m tking prednisone since a week… But its nt wrking as such… Also started homeopaethic … Lets see if it works…

      One thing, knowing each other would really help in this case… So i really request to stay in touch

  52. hi all

    anybody here have been to P D patel ayurved hospital, nadiad , gujarat .
    they have done 2 studies on uc 1. effects/ 2. management of uc thru ayurved.
    kindly advise


  53. Hello every one, My mother has been diagnosed with UC some 14 years ago, firstly it was in small part of large intestine but now it has grown to the complete large intestine, and she has been in pain all through out, she has been undergoing treatment in Apolllo Chennai, and CMC vellore, but with no encouraging signs,
    The symptoms subside over a period of time but comes over again and each time with even greater impact, she has had blood infused several times.
    She has tried Elopathy ayurved and homeopath each seem to work for a certain period of time but none has given a permanent result.
    initially doctors had prescribed wysolone for some time to exaggerate the effects of other medicines including mesacol but for the past 10 years she hasn’t used it.

    Even today she is on her way to Apollo chennai I cannot se her suffer any more, if someone has any suggestions please suggest,

    thanks in advance,
    Anand Kumar,

  54. Hi.. Me to suffering from same for last 8yrs and i m now just 23 yrs old, i am a student, preparing for IAS. When i was in just class 10th almost every doctor said me to take a easy and tension free study field for life as tensions can aggravate my problem and can put me in huge problem. But i took it as a challenge and made habits likewise to avoid the things which are not good for my health and started to find alternatives and adapted to the reality (being different from rest of commons) so that i must nt feel at any point of time in my carrier that i should have taken an easier path for life.. I tried everything from allopathic to homeopathic, met atlest 15 doctors and vedics, everyone was unable to give me respite, but i never give up , i continued to study about this on internet and accordingly tried to change my lifestyle.. Might be u will not believe that i m eating outside food since i stick to this disease as i always study outside my town, still i m much comfortable with my problem… Now i have at last halted at ayurveda(indian gem)… There is a doctor of ayurveda in delhi, he gave ayurvedic supplements in the form of capsule… I have been taking it from last 2 years..
    Now i have a lot of improvement.. Stool hardly 2-3 times, rarely blood seen (after several weeks)… Gained some weight… And much more… Doctor has website named ulcerativecolitiscure.com, u can go there and can consult doctor through emails, no need to meet personally ( if u reside far away from delhi)…
    Moreover beal juice is an awesome remedy to control the problem… U must drink it at the time of its fresh availability i.e. in summer season, it is also very cheap solution to the problem. It will definitely give a big big relief esp. In case of unbearable urgencies to bathroom…
    And and and be little conscious about what u are eating, need not be too much worrisome about your intakes once u recovered… Try to find alternatives to the things u miss being patient of UC. e.g. fond of ice cream don’t feel bad try to have water icecream or yoghurt icecream(by creambell); fond of
    Milk don’t worry u have soya milk that to flavoured eg. By godrej “sofit” , moreover can have buttermilk with mango flavor, masala chaach made of yoghurt, check on recipe at youtube… And so on.. So inspite of getting depressed and having a feel of being carrying a burden of UC be keen to find alternatives and make it your hobby and try to be enjoy what you do. As depression and tension aggravate the problem… U should be confident and ready to face challenges of life with the courage…
    And one last thing make it clear that ever person has some difference in their metabolism then anyone else so,accordingly they may hv different reactions to different eatables eg. Bringle dosn’t suit my stomach but it may suit u, likewise i hv no problem with dal(lentils) bt some may have. So one need to observe carefully what one eat and what are the things that case the problem to onself, this step is must to be incorporated in run of life, this is the only tool to fight this disease..

    Best of luck..
    And believe in GOD, if he has given us the problem then he must have the solution, the only thing we need to do is to find the door behind which solution is hidden, inspite of sitting alone and curse ourself of having this burden in life…

  55. Hey Sourabh… so nice of you to put positive comments here… really helps a lot… The biggest battle in this disease that i ma facing is accepting it… for that have started with yoga and meditation.. it really helps…

    I request keep posting positive comments too,it helps a lot.. moreover i am thinking to make a group where all Indians can share their thoughts… please let me know if you guys are interested… we can be together on Facebook… :))

    1. Yes, Aniket I liked your idea to have a group in facebook.

      Hi, I’m Syed from India, even I’m suffering from UC from past 12 years.

  56. hi everyone hope everyone is doing fantastic .sourabh ur optimism is really appreciable as u r facing it from very young age as i am 28 and has nw finally accepted that problem is here to stay i also think that god made no lock widout key it is we jst hv to find it initially i was very worried abt my priblem as dere are few who understand dis problem which superficially seems ok . i truly beleive in god who blessed me wid such a supportive family .i hv left sided colitis and taking mesacol 1.2 gm twice a day along wid homeoparhic medicenes bm have reduced 2 times a day but little problems ate part of dis problem which we have to accept.i agree wid ankit that we can discuss dis problem wid each other so many can benefit from it.

  57. Ankit u r going on right path. i explored from my studies research and experience that calmness make us feel better. our body is weak to be able to face shocks or say tensions or say any burden.. meditation and yoga is very righteous path to gain inner strength (this is very important key for this problem, that most of us lack which aggravate our problem)… I want everyone with this problem to explore what makes them soothing and start to move towards a positive life… please don’t take my words as just words as words, and don’t feel that i never faced da sufferings… i suffered a lot,. My parents were worried a lot when they got to know that i got this gift from GOD. they started to remain tensed. so finally i decided to hide my gross suffering from them so that they can lead a good life. i don’t want to make their life a mess because of me. as i m outside home from last 8 years so they don’t know much about me, moreover i don’t tell them the ‘whole’ truth. because that make me more worried as i can not see them in tension. sufferings are da one that make me think positively as nothing is in our hands once we loose hope and i also want to tell my parents the truth rather then the partial truth every time… so i started exploring things and started to keenly notice my life and the activities i do and what food i eat.. accordingly i changed or moulded my lifestyle…
    dreams will remain just dreams if we will not put our efforts on it… so put your efforts as much as u can rather then u need to take others support…

  58. shikha u r right, very few are there who can understand our problems. i got this at the next instant when i got the news that this problem will remain with me for life time. so i decided to hide problem from everyone(some may call it an act of cowardice but i will call it an act of intelligence, as if will help me in my future) . today only me and my family knows about this problem no one else. as i don’t want to be piece of anyone’s superficial (what we call in hindi) “humdardi or daya” . as every time you will be with the persons who know u have this problem will behave as if we have some weakness in life.. it will every time give us feeling of guilt… so i normally say i am “milk allergic” which everyone understands (as allergens are common today) and it does not feel like big problems… so they don’t behave differently with u.. and will always keep your morale higher as no instance to face guilt… but if i would have told that i am suffering from this huge problem then it would have been society which again and again will make me recall that i have a big problem with me, there would have been less instance when i myself feel ill then the society would make me realise and make me feel ill more number of times(at public places, between friends, in parties etc. etc. and will make u more worried and make u feel bad and aloof )…. so i suggest u to share this with ur near and dear ones only which u feel that they may help u when time demands rather than make u feel bad numerous times….

  59. Its a good idea ankit and shikha… Bt m really really sorry… I rarerely use fb dese days as i already told u that i preparing for IAS. So have very less time left with me to talk on social networking site… When i will be done with it, i will become part of it.. Sorry once again… U people start it and aftr sometime i will join u people. Bt we will always remain in contact. My email is sourabhsingla7@gmail.com.

  60. sourabh u r extremly right in saying that we should discuss dis problrm wid only those who are worth listening it me too avoid to discuss it with outsiders.my parents also lyk yours wrre shattered afyer listening to dis lyf long problem dey are concerned abt my marriage so i also discuss dos miseru wid dem as liytle as possible so it is also very mature on ur part tp handle dis problem all by urself.i am happy to hear such a positive words from u .i also think positive approach will help all of us.initially i qiestio

  61. initially i used to question god that why he gave me dis problem but nw i think that he vrry well know whom to give what and at what tym.i am confident person and want to remain lyk dis for rest pf my lyf and pray same for every sufferer that fey dont curse fere destiny and sit back but fight till we can.i will try bael powder from next week and will update u all that is it benefitting or not. thnx u people for suggesting yoga i will gv it a try take care everyone we all are lyk ftiends share ur views and remember GOD IS SUCH A DIRECTOR WHO GIVES TOUGHEST ROLES TO HIS BEST ACTORS…..stay blessed om sai ram

  62. Yes shikha and sourabh… You are right, its better to tell the ones who can really support you… In my case my parents and 2 of my bst frnds know and now you people…. But i must tell you , i felt much better by talking to you because we are sailing on same boat… And being in tuch, we can b in tuch hre too… Currently i m facing major flare ups… Even prednisone is nt wrking well… Actually 4 me its still confusing… Onr day i gt only 2 motion, nxt day 5… Then again 6, 2…. I m struggling to figure out what to eat or not… But i m not letting go meditation, it keeps me up to fight…. I hve now starting tking bael sharbat nd haldi extract… Hopefully it helps out…

    One more thing recently i m facing lot of weakness and my rolls …. But den i eat smething , it gts bttr… Do u guys too face same problem ?

  63. happy friendship day everyone ankit we all know what u r going thru but imp thing is dnt lose heart and despiye everuthing focus on ur diet diring flare up yes ee all go thru which u r facing coz dis is unpredictable disease u r nt exception smtimes 2 bm sometmes more coz syeroids are no miracle so watch ir diet and try not be steroid dependent once u are out of flare for now try having bland diet cut wheat frm ur diet or eat rotis once a day try having rice based diet it will help conyrol bleedimg stool formation also improvrs.dnt have cofee or colas .bael is helpful although an most imp dn compareurself to dose who dnt hv dis disease everyyone has dere battle so we have ours….an do tell which doc in delhi r u refering and to wht type of uc u hv so we can help u more gd luck stay positive me too goin thru flare though …lol bye tkcr

  64. Thx shikha… I m suffering from pancolitis… Currently showing to dr.munish sachdeva in janak puri…. Moreover taking homeopaethy meds from dr. Jugal kishore’s clinic… And yes i m taking care of diet… Strted tking rice based diet now…. Taking bael sharbat too nd haldi extract …. Just the weakness bothers me as i m not able to work with head rolling…

  65. happy friendship day ….
    Ankit r u taking bhindi, bringal, raw tomato?? if yes try to avoid it for some days. have some lite dishes like tori, ghiya, kadu like these.. one more thing u just mentioned that u r taking bael sharbat , i gained something by experience that try to avoid things containing preservatives like squashes, packed juice etc. I am not saying to say good bye to these but don’t take them in daily routine. I think ur flares may be because of ur intake of preservatives… bcoz some preservatives may affect u and same may not… so i suggest u to take fresh things instead of having artificial preservatives. so take fresh juice etc. and if u r unable to have bael fresh juice, try to eat bael murabba (indian speciality as made of natural preservation rather than artificial) or have bael powder.
    And ur feeling of low energy is bcoz ur stomach is nt able to extract energy of what u r eating. so eat pomegranate (anar) as its easily digestable, have curd half kg in a day (if it suits u) in the form of lassi (may be banana lassi ;), or in plain form ) , one full bowl plain curd in morning empty stomach will control ur flare and will help to provide u energy and many more things u will notice after having it for a week (dont add sugar to it as it may not be that much effective)
    If u can do one more thing drink 2-3 glasses(nearly 500-700 ml) of luke warm water 15 to 20 min. before bathing, it will make ur stomach empty and will remove harmful chemicals in ur stomach in next stool.
    Remember one thing curd shuld b fresh(preferred if not made of packed milk). one more thing eat only fresh dont eat food made in morning or made yesterday, try to eat within an hour of cooking. All this is my experience. I am not saying to not eat all these foreever bt i m saying till when u get somewht normalised.
    one more thing don’t eat pickles at all…
    If u will discuss what u r taking then i may help u more if i can…

    Best of luck…

  66. Have atleast one raw pomegranate a day, and i jst recalled its a mango season (everyones faborite :D) if u taking mangoes avoid it immidiately.. As mangoes may be a big reason for ur flares as mango by there nature(tasser in urdu) hot(garm) thats harmful for anytype of ulcers, shayad u didn’t have noticed this bt day u have more flares may be linked with ur more intake of mango or preservatives.. So take care

  67. Hey sourabh .. thanks for telling all… yea i got my flare up when i had bhindi 2-3 weeks back and i had to control my motion because i was out somewhere… Plus i was taking yoga lessons.. it seems during flare ups stomach asans must be avoided as it strain the intestine… Post that i started taking steroid of 20 mg but it did not work well… then my doc asked me to start with 40mg… and taper it down.. strange thing was with 40 mg my motion frequency increased and had lot of bloating… after tapering it down to 30 mg it got better and i had motion 2wice only and nxt day it ws again 5-6… but i guess i need control my diet… spices i nvr intake.. but was eating smetimes Aloo parathas… plain paratha.. from today onwards i have stopped taking all such stuff… just having tori, lauki, potato and paneer… even have stopped onions ….. i m not eating pomegranate but having its juice daily now… I think i need to stop hving daals for meantime (what do you suggest ??)… And i ususally take banana lassi or namkeen lassi in breakfast… for bael, i have just started taking bael sharabat by baba ramdev as i was not getting the fruit in market… but ok i will switch to murabba…

    As tastes are leterally gone from food, so i have found how to make yoghurt icecream at home.. and trying diffrenet flavours… :D… yesterday made with banana and boiled apples.. it was good respite…

  68. hey ankit sourabh is right in saying that preservatives will worse the condition as i too ha e bael sharbat by ramdev but t didnt work when compared to fresh bael juice so i too searching for bael powder which is hard to find in delhi .here is good news for u i hv learned from google that as compared to left sided pancolitis comes to remission early and also u can enjoy longer remissions if take all medicenes properly. sourabh is also right in saying thst mangoes contribite to flare and more things my doc suggest to conyrol flare is not consume leafy vegetables like spinach etc as our body can nt consume nutrients proprrly as my last flare started afyer consuming sarson saag. hope dis info help tkcr

  69. Yes.. bael powder is hard to find …. but murabba you can get easily…when fruit was available, my mom was making sharbat at home only but now days its not there in market… moreover guys try haldi extract… you can get haldi in market its like ginger and boil it in water and have that water.. haldi is a natural anti inflammatory agent… one thing ,you might get more motions for a day or two as it cleanse your system…

  70. hello Ankit, its good that will now be on only simple vegetables(for some days). U mentioned that u will avoid pranthas, let me tell u one thing instead of taking fried prantha, take baked prantha (like we roast chapati) it also taste good have it with curd no need to leave pranthas as we north indians feel incomplete without pranthas in breakfast. And please start taking curd in morning empty stomach as will make ur inner lining protected from harmful acids whole day. also if u can, take 2-3 glass warm water in morning as it will dilute acidic or basic nature of ur stomach(u will soon have their effects). And if possible try to have raw pomegranate instead of juice, as already ur stomach is not able to extract energy..
    i will also suggest to take brown rice instead of white rice…
    Don’t give up daals(lentils) , reduce there daily intake i.e. consume less amount of daal, but have it once a day esp. moong dal(yellow lentils) as it is lighter one and easily digestible.. but make sure its cooked well and use good oil (if possible use desi ghee) for frying otherwise have it plain.
    onions are very bad if consumed raw similarly garlic.
    U r rite u have to avoid heavy asans linked to our stomach. Have light yoga so as relax ur mind, regulate ur body metabolism and also to gain inner strength..

    Good luck

  71. Hey shikha and sourabh.. thanks for your tips.. its really helping me out.. reduced my bloating and helped in tackling with weakness…

    I just wana share that i have got one ayurveda book and it has lot many home solutions for stomach problem… it has mentioned Ginger helps in our case.. so you can also add ginger to you food… The book has more remedies , i am still going through , that i will share soon

  72. Hello Ankit Good to knw dat u r recovering… :)
    U r right i maintaining that ginger helps us. i was little bit confused for some months dat is really ginger good for us, bcoz sometime i found if helping and sometimes not helpful … from this i came to conclusion that ginger should not be taken in huge amount in our case, otherwise it may case problems.. i also avoid taking much ginger in summers.. i only take it in vegetables in summer not in tea or soup.

    I am a vegetarian, bt i knw that u can have one egg in day(preferred if boiled egg).. bt chicken should be avoided as its tough to digest.

  73. Shikha i think u r right, we should not eat much leafy vegetables, as they may disturb our bowels.. bt i suggest u to never give up these… instead i suggest to have juice of these rather then cooked, as we need to extract important nutrients to improve our health too.

    One more thing try wheatgrass fresh juice, its really beneficial. But unfortunately it doesn’t suits everyone. So give a try to it. if suits u, then u may be able to ripe its ultimate benefits.

  74. hi ankit yes i m non vegetarian and luv eggs and chicken.as far as i notice eggs when eaten boiled didnt harm me much but chicken cause constipation which i try to relive from isabgol but i eat it very rarely yes boiled eggs i use to eat but not omlette orscrambled egg s as it cause me headaches as far as mutton is concerned it is big no for us.i would suggest u to try boiled eggs only for now and one more thing try having bananas dey work very well on our system so i suggest u to have bananas with anything else u r having it helps in weight rgain during flare and provides energy too as it helps me a lot. hope info helps u tkc

  75. thnku sourabh for ur suggestion yes i will try having soup of leafy vegetables and whr can i findwheat grass?? as i have nt listened about it before . hey i must say u hv gathred vrry much info about uc as i use to think that i m d only one who google a lot for uc..lolzz but jokes apart ur knowledge is of gr8 help keep helping us..bye tkcr

  76. Hey shikha… about wheat grass, you can grow it at home only… the book, i was telling you had this solution …. my mom has brought pots and have sown wheat seeds(gehu) in that… it is like sowing bran seeds during navratras… :)…And yes sourabh is right, leafy vegetable juice is an option for us… infact i have read that cabbage juice is beneficial for us… and talking about spinach, it has lot of Iron and good for making blood… we can try :)

  77. hey ankit tnx for explaining wheat grass i will surely gv it a try as u people here help a lot and gv my confidence a boost :) may god blrss everyone goin thru dis ordeal…keep goin guys…:)

  78. hello..
    u r right ankit. cabbage juice is good, but it will be much better if u take out juice of apple, carrot and cabbage mixed. this combination is more useful then alone of cabbage. and must consume it within half an hour.

  79. Shikha if u can’t sow these at home, u can get it fresh at baba ramdev shop. but better to sow as it cost nil at home compared to market rate.
    Yes Shikha i took UC as challenge to me which helped me to explore about this more and more, and i determined to get away from medicines and to balance myself with home remedies. Its for sure that things u determine to do by heart r rarely unachievable.

  80. hey sourabh u r very rite in saying that if we hv to fight wid disease in order to win over it. one thing i want to ask you is are u completely out of medications?? and do u follow same diet chart daily.

  81. Yes sourabh… Its a challenge… Facing it is tough … I also want to treat it and manage it… Want it to be in control with natural means rather than hving medications… Although it kills me when someone eats poori – channa or somethings like that in front of me and sadly i cant .. lol… But i dont wana let go my taste buds to waste so exploring few recepies which i can eat and are a bit royal too… :-D

    To give and example.recently made paneer with curd…

  82. hi shikha..
    in beginning i was on allopathic med. for 3 years, then i got to know that its not the solution to da problem. Then i stated to take homeopathic parallely for about 6 months. but unfortunately it worsen da scene. Then some one told me about a vedic doctor so i started medicine from there for one year, but again no improvement. Then someone told me about a very old vedic man ( experienced baba) in a village, i went there he gave me relieve initially, but after a month or so i was again with same problem but i continued to take medicine for about 6months, then left. Again i was on allopatic , but i don’t want to continue my life with it. I wanted an ayurvedic or home remedy to avoid after effects of allopathic medicine. It was almost 5years that i was facing this problem. Then i started searching on internet (cyber space) about this, and started to gather information about UC. i mean what make my problem to exaggerate and what normalise, and which things help us and are beneficial for us along with reason for their action on our body. In the mean while i was on allopathic for almost a year, and I started incorporating changes in my diet, it shown little bit of improvement. One day i found there is a doctor in delhi that provide ayurvedic medicine for UC. i started taking medicine from him along with allopathic. Simultaneously i was searching for home remedy and things or habits that cause problem and those helps me, and charged with good knowledge of UC i undertook slowly and slowly a lot of changes in my life. Fortunately either medicine suits me or my living style change helped me(although i am on tiffin food but still i changed my way of life , started cooking when food is not meant for consumption by UC patients). I was pretty much normal after about 1 year and finally i left allopathic. I continued my search on internet and accordingly was adopting changes in my lifestyle. It was in this month of march( almost 2 years on ayurvedic medicine). in these 2 years i sometimes becomes uncomfortable but by again getting more attentive and careful i recover in few weeks. i got to know about bael juice in march itself. I started taking it from April along with my monitored lifestyle. And finally from about mid of April i left every medication(not even ayurvedic) and was on bael juice and monitored diet and lifestyle. I haven’t taken any medicine for about 93 days. but soon season of bael is ended. No more fresh bael. i switched to bael murabba, but its not that much satisfactory. Then one bad day came i done two mistakes simultaneously i consumed milk made sweet and same day my tiffin served me milk breads( i haven’t noticed both being careless), so my stomach got disturbed, but fortunately not a lot. so as a precautionary measure i started taking medicine from last 10-12 days, as murraba was not that much effective. Nw again i am almost on normalcy. And got to knw that bael powder is more efficient then murraba (still i haven’t tested) and soon will start taking powder. Moreover, i got somewhat more attentive to my lifestyle again from last 10-12 days so as to prevent any aggravation of problem. will soon left medications, when i will find a suitable remedy. :)

  83. hey thanx sourabh for ur reply i can understand trauma u have gone through as i was also diagnosed at age of 25 and from last 3 years facing dis disease which at tymes was terrible i stopped allopathic medecenes on suggestion of homeopath due to which i gone through worst nightmare of my life weight loss happened i used to weigh 61 kg and lost 10 kgs, then i started treatment from other homeopath who was such a demoralising personality and i even now regretting visiting him he make me feel like hell and said continously that u r rare case who got dis disease in such a young age its totally ur fault as it caused to u coz of ur eating habits and how will u lead ur lyf properly with dis disease i ultimately went into depression phase but then decided not to give up and continued with my allopathic prescription it is when i got to know about a homeopath which i m referring to now he is such a genuine personality and boost me everytime i visit him he once succeded in putting me into remission but then i again flared he motivated me and on every visit assured me that i can be fine wid dis disaese it is then i again startd feeling lively and decided watever happens but i wont give up on dis disease… i will not say i dont face flare ups or i m free wid dis disaese after taking homeopathic treatment but yes homeopathy help control many symptoms which alone allopathic can’t i have not taken steroids and by gods grace regained 6 kgs weight not feel helpless now as i know that dis disease is no more a burden but a chalenge for me . i told dis coz i relate too much wid ur story as i use to google for hours in order to get respite .
    As of now i m falring and finally got bael powder in delhi but it is not just bael powder saunff is mixed in it. i am going to try it with mulethi powder which is baba ramdev remedy will update everyone soon .thnx again for sharing ur expereince and i pray everyday from sai that may we all someday be free from alopathic medicenes which i hate to continue….take care everyone.stay blessed…bye

  84. Hey guys…

    I am facing one problem these days… I get heavy head and a mild fever 99…. But it goes away itself after i eat something .. and this usually happens after a motion..
    Does anyone experience anything like this ? Is it due to weakness ?

  85. hi ankit yes mild fever problem i also face smtimes usually when i wake up in the morning and as d day progresses it comes to normal and as far as heavy head problem it is due to weakness of the flare . I would like to tell u that i have found bael powder in delhi in rajendra nagar patanjali center and started taking it from past 3 days with mulethi powder empty stomach .u can take 2 tsp of bael powder and 1 tsp of mulethi powder and mix it in a glass of water, leave it for 10 mins & then seive it in a strainer , drink it empty stomach in morning . i would suggest u to watch ur diet closely as u have to add all nourishing elements in it in order to avoid weakness. take care be strong …bye….

  86. Hey shikha

    Thanks , i ll get the bael powder . I want to tell, that i just found on intetnet that these are possible sideeffects of mesacol :'(… Moreover i want to tell you one home remedy that i have found in my ayurvedic book which seems very effective. In the morning u shud hve this breakfast… 3 bananas + some sugar + curd + half teaspoon of isabgol… Mix all d above content and have it little quantity in every half or one hour and finish it in 3-5 hrs… U can add isabgol for 4-5 days then stop it and have only banana,curd nd sugar mixture… Plus try to have totally ripe bananas…. Try it …:-)… Will tell more tips from the book after applying on myself…cya

  87. Hey ankit tnxx for the tip i will surely give it a try…..and regarding mesacol side effects yes i know side effects it causes sadly but we cant help it coz we have to take it as prescribed but i m sre that it causes minimum side effects when compared to steroids prescribed so we firstly should try to abonadon these steroids which i have heard also minimises possibility of recovery later….so dnt loose hope we all will someday come out of this viscious circle for now we have to try things which are safest for us……take care….

    1. Hey Shikha,

      I want to tell you, I have found solution for heavy head and gas… and also came to know that i was getting fever due to gas only…

      for this 1st of all i took rbium plus for few days in morning and then alternate days and then stopped… moreover, i am nvr eating full stomach, istead eat 7-8 times small meals… its really helping out… you may try too

  88. Hi everyone,
    Its nice to see so many people sharing and helping each other out.

    My father has been suffering from UC for the last 4 years. The first 2 years were managed well with just mesacol. But 2 years back, he stopped the medicine to start homeopathy treatment, unfortunately from an inexperienced practitioner(I am tempted to call him a quack). Within a week of doing that, he started getting blood in his stool, and having frequent motions. Then, we started getting treatment in Ahmedabad, where I am working(My parents live in Bihar). Things improved a bit but he relapsed again and the doctor had to prescribe steroids. It has been a horrible journey since then. He has become steroid dependent and symptoms reappear as soon as he gets off steroids. He had to be hospitalised last September. After release, he was started on Azoran. The problems had not gone and additionally he started suffering from abdominal cramps. He had never been troubled by cramps in the 3 years before that.
    He had been on 4 courses of steroids since September 2014 and just now finished another course. The problems have started again, the worst of which are cramps and bloating. Plus he has vomiting tendencies sometimes. He has not been eating well and has become very weak and is fatigued. Frequent and urgent motions are troubling as well.He has also been taking homeopathic medicine from a well known practitioner, Dr. B. Bhattacharjee, in Patna for the last 4 months. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped. But we are sticking with it because we know he is a renowned doctor and the fact that homeopathy takes long to have any effect.

    I want to ask fellow UC sufferers if you all get cramps ? I sometimes think it has been caused by Azoran.
    My father cant take curd (dahi) because homeopathic doctor has prohibited any sour foods.
    How good is bael?? Won’t it lead to more loose motions because of its fiber content?
    How helpful has haldi(turmeric) been? How do you take it?

    Also, what do you think of http://ulcerativecolitiscure.com/index.html ??
    Please help.Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi QS, regarding not taking curd with homeopathic treatment is not understood…since I am also taking homeopathic medicine from Dr Batra Clinic….though I have have not found much progress…but yes bleeding was quite less. Instead curd has to beneficial in our case…….Regarding the link of the site to Ulcerativecolitiscure.com….I have tried this medicine for about a year, but it has not benefited me…..but everybody’s case is different, it may help your father….best of luck to you….

    2. I agree with shankar… no curd with homoeopathy, its very strange… curd is best thing for this disease…

      Regarding Bael.. he can start with bael sharbat.. and bael murabba and switch to original fruit once he is well…

      for abdominal cramps… i suggest to consult a good doc, because these could be due to medicine he is taking (side effects) like in my case steroid made case worse, it did not suit me…

    3. Hey QS… i really suggest you to consult some good homoeopathy doc.. as u mentioned ur father stopped allopathy to start homoeopathy.. this thing is very strange.. No homeopaethy doc ask to leave allopathy right away. I am consulting Dr. Jugal Kishore… he asked me not to leave allopaty for atleast 6 months , but to keep reducing its dosage gradually…

      1. Aniket, i am sri, from india, my 4 yr son diagonse with uc. As auto immune disease . Now he is on steroid. I want to know are you shikha, and saurabh cured ulcerative colitis. If yes. Please please write to me for my son srikantghamadi@gmail.com.
        I hope you ,shikha and saurabh are well now

  89. Hi everyone, I am also suffering from this disease since June 2012 with periods of flares. I have been searching on the net about this disease but most of the people were from western world….and I couldn’t relate to the treatment they were taking, but finally i am here and its good to hear treatment being followed by we Indians… its good to hear local names of the food items…and i feel exited to share my experience with you all…..I wish all of you luck in whatever treatment you are following…as it is different for everybody…..I am on sulfasalazine tablets 3 gms a day and mesalamine supposittory…..but I am not regular with my medicines….I read it allot about Omega 3 and its anti inflammatory effects….has anybody tried it..I am thinking on starting …..I have tried ayurvedic medicine also but no benifit…..

  90. Good for few weeks and flares are back again :'(… It really kills me to keep worrying about the motion whole day… I really dont know what to do… I m tking medicines, keeping diet in control and yet it has to come back… Sad part is , i am not able to work properly…

    Really wish to cheer up once again…

  91. Hey ankit ,I completely know what u are going thru this is wat i was feeling today but den i realize we should control our frustating thoughts as some things are not in our hands and someone said to me that if we run after a particular thing very much den we eventually see our destination far ahead from us.One more thing which i would like to share with all of u is from last one month i was very worried about my job as due to recession my company is chucking out employees . I started getting more worried and tensed which aggravated my problem more and all doors seemed to be close .The day on which i have to forcefully give resign a miracle happened and moment i hand over my resign i got a call from other firm which offered me even bright oppurtunity and today i joined dere……so moral of d story is miracles happens everyday in form of small incidences and dear start finding happiness in small things instead of holding on to this problem. This is very clear that we cant control dis problem so why run after it we are not the one who created it so please stop worying dear as it will do no good as i said that we dont know what god has in store for us .One more thing is change is a continous process and i think that if god gave us dis he will gv courage we may stop for a while but will not give up and keep trying till we suceed ….dese are not jst consoling words but truth which u also have to apply.U know one of my very dear friend after seeing me shattered said me that shikha stop worrying about dis problem u have done ur part by visitng docs,taking medicenes,diet changes and everything u can do so now rest and wait for god to make his move…..so ankit take a deep breath u have done a lot wait for gods turn now…..stay blesssed…be happy dnt dis problem win on u…..i hope i didnt bore u…lolz good luck bieee

  92. thnks shikha … i really required some inspiration…
    An yea i am also struggling though carreer challenges due to this disease… I always try to relax and not think about it , but unfortunately, it grabs me… The worst part is to see my parents.. But you are right and i agree, i need to be calm… And find out the reason that i came back again… i visited my doctor today and he told me to look what i eat if i go outside.. As such i am not all taking anything from outside… But i joined a new office, where i was just drinking water.. And today i realised, it could be that bcoz they just using those fake bisleri water dispenser … As i am going now take water from home only…

    And yes you are right controlling ourself is important bcoz last time i was able to control is with good food, meditation and strong beleif that i will get through.. it just when it comes back it really makes you feel sad..

    Anyway thanks yaar.. your posts really helps a lot . As its not even an year for me, it mite take a lil more time.. But i surely will conquer this and i hope same for you…

  93. sorry for grammar mistakes and typo.. i am sleepy and typing.. lol…

    One more thing shikha.. please bore me more with similar words .. It really inspire me to FIGHT.. :) :) :)

  94. Hi, any one can tell me the right dose of bael powder for ulcerative colitis? as i m in flare from a week, mild but bleeding is there with 1 to 2 stools per day no mucus seen.any one can help me to end my flare please.

  95. hello ashfaq u can check the ayurvedic remedy of ulcerative colitis on youtube . take 2 tsp of bael powder + 1 tsp of mulethi powder and mix in glass of water den leave it aside for 10 mins .Then seive it in a strainer and drink it..i hope dis info help u..take care bie

    1. Hello Shikha! Thank u so much your response in this regard and telling me the dose of Bael etc…..I am really thankful of u once again.I m going to start this from tomorrow morning.Hope it will help me by the grace of Allah.I’ll send u a post about latest updates of my flare soon.Thanks a lot

      1. Hena, if MAP causes UC in some folks, it might work for them as well. No update on MAP; last I heard there were funding issues. But perhaps there’s good news round the corner. Some interesting possibilities e.g the Robogut project.

        1. Thanks haadi for your reply as i m a sufferer of crohns from last two years.very hard to stay with this disease.taking Ayurvedic. Meds as doc claims that i will be fine currently in Delhi. If there is little chance of cure from this awful disease i will be really great to my almighty as i pray everyday.may Allah give shifa from this dangerous disease.aameen

          1. Hi Hena,

            I’m very sorry for what you’re going through and may the One indeed grant respite. I myself have UC. While I don’t believe the same rules apply in individuals much less illnesses, I believe some things may help: Google Crohn’s babe, I believe she is in remission with kefir and has Crohn’s. There must be some bacterial strain in kefir that’s helping her. Also l-glutamine, colostrum powder and probiotics might help. I believe olive leaf extract and bee propolis helped me. May you find what works for. Sure you will :). After every difficulty comes ease.

        2. Hi,haadi thanks for your advice.definitely i will give it a try..how are you nw?hope you are doing good..if you don’t mind can i hv your fb account so that i can easily ask you some questions and we may help each other.thanks

  96. hey sourabh i would like to know tht once u have mentioned about ayurvedic supplements from dr harish verma in your post.i would lyk to know that are u still taking dem and have u acquired any benefit from it?? as i wish to start dem too…do replyy bie

  97. Hi everyone,

    @ankit and shankar: I find that strange too…and I tell my father that he should be taking curd, but he says that we should give the homeopathic doctor some time and follow what he has instructed. Its now almost 6 months since he started homeopathy and there seems to be no effect.
    Ankit, he is taking allopathic medicines continuously now. It was long back when he stopped taking them for a few days and got a bad flareup. Also, when he is on steroids, he doesnt have cramps.

    Shikha, we met Dr. Harish Verma on the 6th of September. He asked my father to continue with allopathy medicines and started his standard medicines, Ulcerin compounds 1 and 2. He said that as my father’s symptoms are bad, we cant reduce allopathic dosage right now.
    There were many UC patients there. Some have had relief from his medicines and some have not. I am praying that it helps my father.

    Take care everyone.

  98. Hi All,

    Dr Harish Verma Meds are real good and expensive too they help u bringing down the symptoms to 50 percent but you to take them with Steroids as an when flare attacks . flare cannot be brought down without steroids helps either short course or long course . If you are lucky enough then you may find a way out of this disease either through diet or alternate Meds, also Imp advise to all take LDN aswell as this also helps a little bit without any side effects. me 6 years of struggle with UC with no success , life ruined and hopeless still keeping up the fight.

  99. Dr harish verma meds a comnination of bael powder and bosweillia serrata also one side effects is if you are prone to cold then this meds aggrevates your condition badly I ended up with chronic sinus after taking his meds for 3 years so you need to take seperate meds to keep your cold under check these meds can aggrevate common cold, cough and finally sinus . but still his meds are of lot help in reducing blood , no of stools and duration of flare.

    Also in summer seed less pomegranate fruit is of lot of help. in winter it leads you to cold

  100. Hi All,

    Please start taking LDN without second though as no side effects but my result in positive affects in maintaining UC. please pray for each other may be some promising treatment might be discovered soon, 6 years of agonizing life with UC no abdominal pain(never) but just stools and blood and mucus always 15 to 20 per days mostly . resigned 3rd time from my JOB in last 6 years stayed at home for 3 years in breaks but no fruit full results

      1. Low dose naltrexone, plz google . u will find some websites such as http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org . which talks about this drug basically it helps to overcome drug addiction in our case steroids dependency as it claims. 2 times i manage to bring down my flare with it help but i am not sure it will be help full all the time. other than sleep disturbance and wired dreams no side-effects if u try it.

        take min dose steroid 10 mg in morning and late night LDN 4.5 max dose hope it will also help u. in india 5o mg is available dissolve in distilled water and refrigerate take in small doses. update the thread if it helps u

  101. Shikha, we met him on the 6th of this month. He sees patients on the first weekend of each month.

    Sushruta Ayurvedic Therapy Center

    E-54, Third Floor, Laxmi Nagar
    Vikas Marg, New-Delhi-110092
    opposite Metro pillar no 44
    Phone: 011-22050127, 65151918
    E-mail: drharishverma@gmail.com

    For face to face consultation with Dr. Harish Verma

    Date: ( 4th, 5th & 6th October 2014 )
    E-54, Third Floor, Laxmi Nagar
    Vikas Marg, New-Delhi-110092
    Call: +91 99106-72020

    I have copy-pasted the above from his website, where you can find other information that you need :

    Note that they have shifted from their old clinic in Nirman Vihar to the new one in Laxmi Nagar.

    Mirza, are you still taking his medications? How is your condition now?

    1. yes i am taking his medicines since 5 yrs now it helps in minimizing flare duration but still for me i have to take steroids along with his medicines to control flare otherwise my flares where not getting controlled at all. steroids taken continuously loose their affect u have to give them a break in between. I have spoken to harish verma clinic several times in this span but they are also helpless their medicines are not complete solution for UC just a added supplement to help maintain your disease.

        1. 50 mg. dose naltrexone is available as Nodict (manufactured by Sun Pharma in India) and as Naltima. (manufactured by INTAS in India)

  102. Hi everyone,
    May god give you all strength to bear the pain.

    My Husband is having UC from 2000, he suffered a lot finally he got operated in 2009 and his colon has been removed and reconnected to anal canal. After these again in June his flares become more and diagnosed that UC is severe in the rectum which has left for connecting the small intestine. Now again doctors are advising him to go for having permanent colostomy bag. Is is a right decision can anyone of you help us. Right now he is medication of Mesacol suppository and wysolene.

  103. Hi All
    Just stumbled on this site today and its nice to find so many UC’ers from India . I have been suffering from this disease for last 7 years , have tried various homoe and ayurvedic options as well .
    Any updates of the Harsh Verma treatments ?
    Do we have any FB or google groups , where we can share things on regular basis ?

  104. Bad to see so many UC patients from India. The diseases is spreading like anything. This is the 6th year I am suffering with this disease. 3 times hospitalized, 1 operation and what not…Colon is still intact…It seems my colon and I have a love hate relation.
    My colonscope is due for last 2 years. I am now a days very afraid to do such procedures due to extreme pain. Cannot escape it and it is must.

    Recently I came across certain hospitals in Kerala who are treating such diseases. http://www.vaidyaratnammooss.com/

    I have started taking Ayurvedic treatment from a doctor in Hyderabad. And it seems for last 6 months things are in control with only 2 mesacol 1.2 MG tablet.
    I am not taking any probiotics as my allopathic doctor said , sometimes more VSL3 or entogermnia might cause some issues.
    My learnings from the whole thing.

    a. Daily excercise is must. You have spend some calories and need to sweat to take out some toxins from body.
    b. Try cutting Non Veg and Lentins from food. Even if you are taking Non Veg, you must try and restrict it to once in 10 days.
    c. You have to be very vigilant with the food you are taking and try to come up with a complete matrix.
    d. You have to sleep 8-10 hours at least to relax your body.
    e. Too much excitement can also cause stomach kicks and can force you to toilet.
    f. Curd is must and curd can be you friend when you are in deep trouble.
    g. Try to be very very positive and watch movies etc at home so that your disease does not get full control of your body.

    1. Hi Sumit,

      I am also from Hyderabad plz advise which doctor u are consulting who really understand the disease, same 6 yrs of UC with me and no remission till now. can u please share your details I would like to discuss with u bro
      I tried every line of possible treatment on earth and found only LDN and Prednisone seems to help a bit.

      1. Mirza,

        Do not loose hope…remember this is a lifestyle disease and nothing else…do not look at other factors or do not get worried at all..more you do that more you will fall into the trap.


        They have a clinic in secunderabad. I am getting treated from a Ayurvedic doctor in Chandanagar. Along with this I am also getting elopathic treatment from doctor I Sreevenu from Nizampeth. Stop eating outside food and non veg if possible.
        I am taking beal powder tablets every day along with some other Ayurvedic medicines. But better get the medicines from doctor and try it.

        1. I tried calling them but Sunday may be they are closed, before consulting them can I speak to you once, I am already taking Dr Harish verma Ayurvedic Meds from Delhi and consulting at AIG hospital as well but not much help.

  105. Hi Shikha

    How r u… replying after long time.. but i was hospitalized due infection and bad flare up.

    Now fyn.. was really disturbed.. but i still have to get out of it… lets c how it goes..

    How r u??

  106. Oh really sorry to hear dis… Hw r u feeling now? Don’t be depressed as disease is here to stay an we have to fight wid dis disease… So never loose hope…. I am also facing flare up nw a days.. But I believe that thinking too much abt dis disease is also nt good as it is mentally connected I know Wat u might be feeling but be positive an cheer up…

  107. hi all,
    just to advise in case you are going to try drhomeo

    do not try drhomeo at all… my recommendation.. because i was already cheated by this con so called dr vikas. he is a pure con…online payment and give those sweet little pills which will do nothing … complete wastage of money…I was in same situation so i though not to think about money and just bought his treatment but litterly it does nothing and above all you feel cheated….he has set up a well managed cyber business to fraud innocent sufferer of diseases.


  108. Hi Friends,

    Hope you are doing well…!!!

    Mywife is also suffering from Ulcerative Colitis from last 1 year .Last 3 month she was comfortable but again she is facing same problem

    I am thinking to consult Dr Rajesh Shah (http://www.askdrshah.com/)

    Can anyone have any idea about Dr. Rajesh Shah please suggest

  109. Hey Shikha

    How r u?? Have u got chance to tke Dr. Harish Verma ayurvedic meds?? It worked for Saurabh Singla.. hope it wrks… I tried to show him but is out of India and will be back in december

  110. Hi ankit I m finehw r u doing? … No yaar I didn’t yet tried dr harish verma meds as I am already taking homeopathy but yes I did tried once to approach him online but was nt getting appointment and den I was so busy wid new job that can’t able to try again… He is very busy doc and his medicines are combination of bael powder it works for smone and also nt for others …. So we can guess that chances are 50 -50 as we never know what will work for this disease it is hit an trial… So go ahead if u want… I will try his medicines once I leave homeo… Do inform me if u meet him…

  111. helo
    happy new year to all
    i am suffering from uc from last 2 yrs. No medicine worked for me. I read about LDN on net but could not get it. Kindly anyone tell where and how to buy it. I will be gratefull to you. Curently i am taking ayurvedic meds but not much improvement. Only diet helps…

  112. Hi this is wasim from pune. my reports show i have focal active colitis. starting i was suffering from blood in stool. after taking mesacole blood is stoped. but as per comments from above so many patients are suffering from many stools a day but my problem is different. i have to go 1 time for stool after 2 days. my digestion system is totally gone wrong. can any one tell me what is going with me. why my digestion system is too slow.
    Plz reply…

  113. Hi Everyone

    I was also suffering from UC for 2 years (2010 to 2012)… For last three year, I am free from UC. What worked for me was one spoon of cinnamon powder mixed with one spoon of honey on daily basis. Ever since I started taking it, I returned to almost normal. No bloody stool any more. Posting it as it might be of help to someone. I eat everything now without worry. I had lost around 20kgs during two years suffering but my weight is back to normal now.

  114. Hi Ajay pl give out ur contact number and email so that people who want to know more details can contact you. Thanks

  115. Hello All,

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012 and I was already late by a year. I was too embarrassed to discuss the symptoms that I never got it checked till the episodes became unbearable and effected my professional life.

    Nevertheless, I felt the world was going to end for me when I was informed by allopathic doctors that this disease can not be treated and may take form of cancer if my situation deteriorates. The medicines were too many for a day and thankfully my body did respond to them. But a) they were always very costly and b) I felt like a waste dependent on medicines for the rest f my life.

    Gradually, in just few months of my regular medicines, I was symptom free hence I thought of looking for a permanent cure and so I tried Homeopathy which claims to have a cure for UC. I am not too sure if that really helped me but I did not continue the course for too long (the doc said I need to patient with the course since its very slow but guarantees relief). And so I switched to Ayurveda.

    The doc gave two syrups and one tablet I don’t remember the nameS and I continued for two or three months, it was early 2013 then. Well, it sure did work for me because I have never gone back to my medicines, at least no Mesacol or any other drug for me. They make me sick!!

    Honestly, I was just watching my food take and observed what triggered the symptoms all this while …and may be that’s what really worked for me. I have been almost UC free for the past 3 years and have put on weight too ( I was 51 then and today 55).

    I exercise every now and then and that does wonder for me. I eat almost every thing under the sun ( which is pure veg) but avoid spicy food and also watch my lactose intake.

    I don’t know if I am totally healthy or not because I have developed a few other problems like pains in other parts of the body which occur every now and then sometimes bearable sometimes not bearable (this may be a result of growing old, as I am turning 28 this year) but I am too scared to go back for another clonoscopy test!!!

    Can somebody please advise if I should see a doctor just to be double sure that it all gone and never coming back again!!?

    1. Hi Svetlana. I think it is always good to check if all is well inside the colon. So doing a scopy annually is a good thing. My daughter was only 14 when she was diagnosed with UC. But she has done 2 scopys without any problems.She is a brave girl! I think a scopy is not such a bad procedure as long as you can take the anaesthetic.

  116. Please google on urine therapy (you need to drink your own urine), i tried this and worked for me drastically 100%. I was suffering with UC for 2 years badly, I am in U.S and even american drugs dint help to get cured. Urine is proved as amazing immune booster. I know this is weird but to get cured without any drugs and side effects this is better I thought. This is just a suggestion, up to you to decide. Just thought of sharing at least 1 or 2 might think about it, otherwise no offense.

    1. Karthick plz share details on how and what u r doing, in uc we may
      even consider anything to overcome this curse once for all, also to share my
      current condition this time I managed to overcome my flare using white and
      yellowish raw warm cow milk with turmeric 1/4 tea spoon twice daily and 1
      Month on it and guess it is still working. Request to all Please help by
      sharing ur exp and pray for all Ucers.

    2. Hi Karthick,

      RU still practicing UT??I have started ut recently but didnt observe any noticeable change in my symptoms..

  117. I am not suffering from UC but from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with positive H.pylori f past 2 yrs there was never a bleeding no frequent stools but nausea n bloting all the time ..condition was worse I went to Dr. Harish verma meditated for 3 months & it made more worse (not the case for everyone)………..after a lot of Research online I have found MANUKA HONEY (wedderspoon active 16+ & MASTIC GUM (Nutricology, Mastica, Jurrows formula) I ve been taking it for two months now ..improving rapidly…so you can also try this (a little expensive available on eBay.in)….take mastic gum if you have h.pylori +ive …Manuka honey is indeed impressive recommended for UC…… please share alternative treatments and explore cure (I m damn sure there is a cure somewhere waiting for us but we don’t realize it …we are not going to live this way to the eternity….time is changing Stem cells treatment will be common after 10-15 years but why waste tym….I will not wait I will cure myself soon.)

  118. Hi guys I am posting after a long time I hope everyone here is doing fine I would like to ask some personal question as I am quiet worried about my ulcerative colitis now a days as I am getting married in few months and recently got engaged my fiancee knows abt my problem but nt in a great detail I am worried as I would like to hv inputs from my married friends as like wat challenges dey face ib dere married life due to this disease my would be partner do love me but I an still worried .please friends guide me wat should I do

  119. Shikha simply read a book by Louise L hay titled “You can heal your life” this book will totally change the way u think.

  120. Hi guys!! Is there anyone who have tried unani medication??
    I am suffering from last one year from this problem and tried homeopathy and alopathy but did not helped much…
    I came in contact of a unani hakeem. Who is telling me that he can cure this with a 100% guarantee. He will cont his medicstion along with my alolathy treatment. So I just need an opinion for that..

    1. Hi DJ, I tried UNANI from different specialist they never came close to even minimize my flare they talk big and charge high but no true results

    2. I wont recommend leaving all medication. We must continue our medicines and add 1/4 teaspoon termeric with curd everyday. I am in remission for last 5+ yrs just because if crud termeric and proper medication. I also recommend some meditation to relax your brain because when your body has problems you start worrying and aggravate the problem. Relaxing the brain hence is must that too daily.
      May God give you all a better health and bless you with lot of happiness.

      1. Hi , 10 days since got mild uc, taking 2tab coolgut n 3 tab velgut…. I don’t know what will happen in future.
        Pls suggest me , is any one has taken acohol during remission.?
        If I take what will happen , but Dr told me that u can take 1 time in a week

  121. Guys I want to share one thing our brain is the most powerful thing we can have….problem which we are facing doesn’t go away simply because the center of attraction is your stomach how many times do u see ur stomach how many times u press ur affected part how many times u think of ur problem ? M sure most of the tym….and this is the reason as to how u convince ur brain to have that problem for eternity….I may be wrong if u are not looking at ur stomach and the nearby area but m sure u do it ….so here is the key have TOTALLY IGNORE UR STOMACH if u look at it more than 20 times a day don’t even have a look even once just try to place some imaginary wall like thing between ur chest horizontally so that u know u can’t see ur abdomen…totally ignore it even wen bathing looking at the mirror or anything u do wit ur stomach…… Now coming to medicines you know that no medication is working on u and that’s why my recommendation is stop it right now….buy some turmeric in raw form make powder and store it another thing is black pepper powder ….take half spoon turmuric powder and black pepper powder just a little and have it 2 times a day in one glass warm water not in milk thats because milk causes acid …I assure u ignoring ur stomach totally and taking turmuric and black pepper mixture will cure u it doesn’t cause any kind of flair or irritation ……after doing this do let me know how u feel. Thanks

  122. If you can manage without alcohol its better. Consuming Alcohol can also cause relapse.
    Start with fish oil capsules 7 seas in your diet 2 to 3 capsules 2 times a day. Start turmeric 1/4 teaspoon with a bowl of curd 2 times a day. Don’t take chillies. Start doing some meditation exercises and yoga. Don’t drink saur juices like sweetlime during relapse. And during remission also take max one sweetlime.
    And be positive. You will improve soon. You can eat other fruits like banana, apple pomegranate juice, chickoo etc.
    God bless.

  123. Hi !its been years since I wrote the details of my condition.since then lots have happened.for every body who got attached to this blog..i want to tell you that I did every thing possible to get rid of uc.homeopathy,ayurveda diets..u name it.and plz do not fall in trap if so called dr.verma, I saw him personally and consulted.he gave me no. Of capsules bt it was sheer waste of my money..in 2011 when black outs started and my hemoglobin fell to 4.5 I was admitted in fortis hospital mohali.my surgeon dr. Vig ,God bless him,performed colectomy surgery on me.he also advised me not to go for j pouch which is further surgery.as my body was too weak and also jpouch all over the world is not very successful.currently I am living my life comfortably with slight disadvantage of bag on my tummy(which u get used to after some time).my kids for whom God almighty gave me second life are growing fast. I thank God every day of my life for its free of drugs pain and tensions.
    All those who are lost the way I was,may God show you the right way soon.the answer to my problem was sugery.so kindly consider the option.if you have any doubts or questions you are all free to contact me on my email.pernitasuri@gmail.com. u all take care .

  124. Hi guys hope u all are doing well I would like to know that if anybody of u hv faced problem of high eosinophil counts during your flare as I face it every timr I have flare and secondly please suggest me alternative of calcium intake as I cant able to consume milk and my calcium level is fairly low evrry time I take calcium tablets I face severe constipation .,soon I m getting married so also getting worried abt my future life any inputs will be appreciated ,still in flare :-(but trying to be positive gd day to all :-)

    1. Hi Shikha for calcium do try Amyway . i have been consuming both iron and cal. And i feel very positive even after my body was under stress of steroids use for 4 years .all the best for your future married life.tc.

  125. Thankuu pernita mam thnkuu for ur best wishes and advice too but smtimes I got too worried thinking abiut lyf after marriage and child rearing thats why I am concerned about my health a lot but still I think if god made a lock he surely show key to me jst wonder how many if us are struggling witj dis daily . I will start calcium supplements soon providing they didnt constipate me furthur

  126. Please donot stop worrying about the uc disease as there is no blood in stool when you are taking steroids.These steroids are highly dangerous and can cause dangerous side effects in the long and prolonged usage even ulcerative colitis is better than the side effects of steroids.wysoline can cause death after some years.Its better to follow proper diet and discipline in our lives.Following discipline makes us not only tension free and also reduces the symptoms drastically and we will be succeeding in our life with goog money and position.its do or die.There is no other alternative.Either succeed or take failure in a positive manner.Donot eat junk food or even hostel food for student.Try to give up wysoline steroid as early as possible.It depends only on you.The reason for the disease is only stress which can be either physical or mental or both.Sleep at least 8 hours in a day.

  127. Hi Everyone, I am 32 yrs old and recently diagnosed with Celiac (Gluten Allergy) + Ulcerative Colitis. I started with Gluten Free diet (stopped eating wheat, rye, barley and related product – in short, eating nothing outside). I’ve gone through all comments in this message. some are positive and some are negative… but I totally understand it is from personal experience of each one of you, trauma everyone faced.
    One thing I understood & is clear to me — There’s no permanent cure to both auto-immune disease I acquired. I am going to try the suggestion given by folks here like turmeric powder, curd etc. Guys, pl. understand — with all alternate medicine, it takes time specially homeopathic. And there are few (so called doctors) takes advantage of our situation. So don’t fall in their trap. Let’s follow the advice given by friends here. And hope for the best. I keep my fingers crossed with almighty looking at us and give breakthrough to scientist working on our disease. Till then, keep fighting with UC and sharing experiences!

  128. Hello, I am Mukta. I was diagnosed with UC in 2001 at the age of 11; had J pouch surgery in 2002. I did well for 8 years after surgery. In 2010 I started having similar symptoms as that of UC. Scope revealed pouchitis. Cipro and flagyl cleared the symptoms with undesirable side-effects. Relapse followed in 2011, 2012 and 2013. I am taking vsl#3 and had no relapse since 2013.

    I am glad to find this community. I desperately wanted to connect to the people ‘like me’.

    Btw I am also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 2006.

    How many people here are j-poucher?

  129. Dear EveryOne, I have been diagnosed with this disease in May 2016 and given all the regular medicine like Mesacol and doctor was about to start steroids as well. I have had taken this medicine hardly for a week and couldn’t bear the side effects thus decided to go for Ayurveda but it gave even worse effects. Finally on a suggestion of my friend I started with homeopathic remedies. I consultanted with doctor Kamal Kansal ,he had already treated many of UC patient successfully. After three months of treatment I am feeling completely fine with no blood/ Mucus in stool, no bloatings or pain in stomach. Plan to go for next colonscopy in December and as per the confidence of doctor. UC will completely away from my body. My suggestion will be to all that Homeopathy has complete cure for this problem. There is no need to be live with pain and disappointment. It seeks only balance diet and sacrifices of some of our tounge testers.

    1. Hi Varun,

      Happy for u buddy…Even i contacted Dr Kamal Kansal ones on email and got his medicine through courier but unfortunately could not continue his treatment .Coul u plz share ur contact details (email or ph no ) so that we can be in touch.


  130. Sorry to know the pain and sufferings all the uc patients. But don’t worry and be courageous. OUR creator Jesus is there to know our tears and the pain we undergo.we surrender Him . surely He will free us.Though I faced 4th time flare up,without admitting hospital, I am far better now I hope very soon I will get rid of this uc.I am praying for you all.you also will be alright. .my wishes to you.

    1. Hi All,

      I want to bring up some interesting observations.

      My father has been suffering from UC since 2010.

      I strongly believe that all this is a bacteria game. I will illustrate why I feel and believe so.

      In this forum itslef I have read that Some things which are working for people are :-

      1) turmeric
      2) Curd
      3) Honey
      4) Bael fruit

      I have seen my dad saying whenever he takes antibiotic the mucus is the stool disappears.

      Also in the above 4 things, turmeric and honey are having strong antibacterial properties. Curd and Bael are having probiotic properties.

      Now one more fact. I am suffering from another autoimmune disease known as ankylosing spondylitis. In AS the body part which is affected is spine. In AS sometimes eyes are also affected which is called Uveitis.

      In my case also I have observed that on taking antibiotics (I took it for viral fever), I saw amazing positive effects.

      So whichever autoimmune disease you have, whichever part it is affecting whether colon, spine , eyes etc. , I guess bad bacteria balance in the gut is the root cause of these diseases.

      This is all my personal belief. May God bless everyone.

      My email id :- demandmitesh@gmail.com

  131. Hi Friends,I live in Delhi I am also Suffering with Ulcerative Colitis since 2012. Went through lots of ups and downs and unlimited treatments including all possible medicines available in medical. At last i found one Homeopathy Doctor in Bahraich (Uttar Pradesh) and his medicines are very effective and it has minimized my problem a lot and i was almost rid of all medicines. But i started taking khoya ki sweets and some Spinachs and some other Saags and the problem started again. I started his medicines again and now its getting better gradually.

    The Diet control is the most important thing. Take as much as butter Milk (without Masala) Coconut water, Bel ka Sharbat .Avoid green peas,chick peas, Fish, Eggs. Take some daily energetic tablets for strength. Sleep properly.
    Can contact me on munawwar.libra@gmail.com if you want to know more.

  132. I am gaurav from Punjab. From last 8 month I m not taking any allopathic madicine like mesacole, enema or any steriod.. no blood, no mucus, no diarrhea. one time hard stool. Feeling 90% recovery…
    According to m diet play very important role in UC.
    I m taking very restrictive diet. No sugar, no fruit, no milk cheese butter, no fast food, tea, coffee, no cereal, no carbohydrate drinks, bread.no meat. Egg.

    I m taking ayurvedic medicine from last one year..
    Like kutzarist vati, pita balance cap, coolstran a cap, and preaval panchamrit.these are anti inflammation herbs. These herb have not any side effects..
    I m also taking glutamine powder…
    My favorite foods is

    Monng dal di kachri with rice ( best food for uc)
    White rice
    Gluten free flour
    Sunflower and organic mustered oil for cooking..
    In vegetables..
    carrat, gobhi, pumpkin, guard, mathi, palak, boiled urvi. potatoes, tomatoes, tenda,
    Almond milk (15 p/c)
    Wheat grass juice from.my garden.
    Chai seeds with curd
    Banana with curd
    One spoon honey with hetmerg powder
    Bael churn
    Little bit pomegranate juice
    Coconut water

    In cereal… I m taking only moong dal, green chaana,

    Daily half hour yoga,
    3 km walk.

    I start my morning with 3 glass warm water..After half and hour I take glutamine powder with water. Than I start my yoga and walk.. in breakfast I take almond milk.
    Fresh vegetables sabzi with curd. 2 chapi, or rice

    1pm I start my lunch with rice or 3 flour chappti with cured.
    3pm take banana with cured or coconut water or pomegranate juice or papyaa,

    4 pm wheat grass juice.

    6.30 pm start my dinner with little bit rice or 2 flour chappti with fresh sawzi..with curd
    Then start my walk.
    Water is also play important. I drink four letter water daily..
    (I m not taking any antibiotics madicine for fewer. Cold or throat infection or other infection)
    9.30 is my slipping time.

  133. There is a very good Medicine in Ayurveda. Its called Mucuscure.Its made by Tansukh Pharmacy.
    Below is the link of the medicine.


    I am suffering from UC since 2013. Now i am normal and eat everything. I am taking this medicine from 2016 November and now my life is normal.
    I am free from Steroids and other Allopathy medicines.

    If anyone is interested to know about it, can call me on 9958857906

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