Lost and Confused with My Colitis

What’s Up with the WEIGHT GAIN?

Hello, I am 23 years old. I found out about a week ago that I have Ulcerative Colitis (UC). My mother also suffers from it to. For awhile I thought it was something totally different then UC. I had had a surgery in 09 when the problems started, I just thought it was the surgery aftermath. I THOUGHT WRONG! I had lost so much weight from the surgery & with the UC it kept the pounds off, Recently I gained a bunch of weight, I don’t know how due to everything I ate came right back out, I kept to the same exercises and diet..but still gained weight, its like the more I used the restroom the more I gained..I was always getting sick and still do where I feel like hell hit me off my tracks, but after reading up on UC, I realized its just part of a flare up. I would like someone to talk to, that could help me out a lil. Can UC make me gain weight? Can it make me swell up?? After I changed my diet and started paying more attention to wait causes me to have issues I thought I would loose weight but Im gaining it!! And the doctor can’t tell me why!!! I need help, I’m lost and confused!!

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  1. Hi there, I have had UC about 6 years now and my mother also has it! I always lost weight when I flared but last year I gained it as appose to lost it and I can’t make any sense of it! I have gone from 63kgs to 71kgs I have never ever weighed as much as I do today EVER! I cannot understand it either! I was on steroids twice this year finished my first course in Feb and the second course 4 weeks ago. I know the steroids make you gain weight but before I always had the weight to gain before as I lost it flaring but not anymore I guess that could be it.

    Your question about swelling up – steroids make you swell up! I know my face does the dreaded moon face it is called! If you have any questions just ask?

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