Looking Forward with Hope


I am 58 year old female, very happily married, birth mother of 11, stepmother of 5. I have been natural food advocate for 35 years now. I have broken lots of my rules over the past 8 years though but continue the healthy food along with a bit of junk. I raise my organic chickens, goats garden, orchard and berry patches.

My Symptoms:

Constant (15 to 20 minute) intervals of diarrhea. Low iron, low weight, weak, tired, achy.

My Symptoms:

I visited Hawaii 6 years ago and first morning there unlike the others in my group I bought fresh papaya, peeled, sliced and in a nice little baggie ready to devour. It quickly devoured me. Within 3 days I had bloody diarrhea, spent the remainder of the visit in the bathroom, except when I went snorkeling and cramped up and almost drowned. I came back t the mainland in bad shape, 10 pounds lighter and proceeded to approach drs finding the cause which was a nasty parasite. I had a colonoscopy and verified UC had set in after 4 months. I continued my natural healthy eating, using goats milk etc. I cleansed using herbs to kill the parasite which evidently did as when I had it rechecked it was clear. Flared up why? 4 months ago. Started the SCD diet 2 weeks ago. Finally got strength there. Still watery and frequent. Had a colonoscopy last Monday and doctor said it is the worst colon he has ever seen, full of ulcerations and swollen and blistered. Wants me on Asacol and prednisone. Started both but feel the asacol is not good for me so I will just do prednisone to help me get things under control for total of 3 weeks. Then just stick with the diet. I have studied heath and nutrition for 36 years and researched this diet to a science and I know it is so beneficial. I am so excited to normal my bowel habits and eat this way forever. I am very satisfied with the food. I am looking in FMT but will continue this way of eating for life. My husband and 2 teenage daughters are joining me in my eating and loving it. the girls skin glows and hair is so soft after 2 weeks.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

1 to 2 bowels a day ad eating healthy with lots of energy AND helping so many others learn these simple truths.

written by Sharon

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  1. Gotta be honest Sharon…I want your house :) for the garden, orchard, and berry patches. What sorts of fruit trees do you have? And what types of berries? So awesome!! That is one big family so I imagine it is not a small place!

    I don’t mean to ignore your story. It is just you seem to know exactly where you want to go and how you want to get there so more power to you! In many ways, we seem to be in the same position—watery frequent movements but starting to feel strength again. I would definitely be interested in hearing about meals and what not that you know work for you(I’ll still stay envious of the garden, orchard, and berry patches). All I have are a few old pear trees and the fruit is not fit to eat—and also a dewberry bush that is wild. I was actually hoping to start up some berry patches…and a garden for next spring…just want the energy first(I spent this spring fixing a sub-pump line with lots of digging.

  2. Ah yes, my piece of Heaven on Earth! I have assorted peach, several varieties of apple, pear, several varieties of plum, apricots, and cherries. I grow 3 types of grapes, lots of red raspberries, yellow raspberries, and blackberries (thorny but so worth it, just wear long sleeves). I grow assorted peppers, tomatoes, annual garlic, asparagus, and all the regular delicious veggies that I get intrigued with at planting time. I freeze, dry and bottle. We moved into this house 9 years ago which was a small, plan farmhouse. My husband is a general and added and remodeled and it is absolutely my dream home. I have a huge beautiful kitchen that I designed because I love to prepare food. Now it’s just some new foods to create. We have a very large home and yard which requires ots of work then again so worth it and worth is so great for the body and soul.
    And yes I know where I want to go. I want to be healthy to enjoy all these things with my family and friends.
    I bought Breaking the vicious Cycle and found lots of recipes on Pinterest. I am sticking with exactness to the diet. I find the food to have a gourmet touch. Yummy!! I use Ashwaganda, peppermint tea, L-Glutamine, daily yoga, B-12, Floradix iron, Vitamin D, and VSL #3 for supplements which seem to be calming and “normalizing” things. Spent the day yesterday taking my daughter to college about an hour from home and handled it great. No extra stops for me! Nice to finally have time without bathroom visits. For a while I thought I would decorate my bathroom like a castle, with red carpet steps to the throne, a crown for my head and the works but now I am spending less time there so it can be a dull short visit which is preferred. I have used goats milk for years and went off of it for the diet which has been good. As much as I love my goats they are so much work and time. I used it to make yogurt but now am staying away from that too. I gave my goats to my son-in-aw so if I decide to bring them back I can. the almond four is a life saver. I made bread, banana bread and lot of goodies and they were all awesome tasting and easy to make. I do the broth every day which gives me a lot of nourishment. I am off meds and know they are not the way t go for me. Too many side effects for my body to deal with. I used to teach yoga, meditation and now my daughter does. That is one plus for dealing with stress induced flares, another is prayer because we can’t do it alone, diet which I prefer to call it foods my body likes, and this website with awesome people that understand and support one another are my favorite things relating to the UC adventure.

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