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I posted a few months ago about my remission thanks to Remicade. It’s still working pretty well and I’ve moved my infusions to every 10 weeks! I was diagnosed with UC 7 years ago.


Well my Remicade treatments have been moved to every 10 weeks. Once again, I really think it’s due to my boyfriend and family for helping me get to this point. I’m so grateful for how supportive they are. Unfortunately, life has been stressful recently (I recently started a full time job and I just graduated from college today!) so it’s been giving me some tummy aches.

My boyfriend did a lot of research about Ulcerative Colitis when he found out I had it and he has joined me at a few of my Remicade infusions. He looked at all of the alternative treatments and he found VSL#3 which is a concentrated pro-biotic. When we asked my doctor (who I absolutely adore and can’t bare to part with even though he’s an hour commute!) about probiotics, he suggested VSL#3 too. I kicked around the idea for a while but I was not really ready to pay for it.

My boyfriend did some research again and found that VSL#3 comes in a single and double dose. The single dose is taken twice a day and comes over the counter. The double dose requires a prescription and is covered by insurance. So we went to my doctor who confirmed this and immediately wrote me a script. So yesterday I picked up my box for $25! Hooray!

I’ve just started it. I’m mostly mixing it into juice and smoothies but I’m probably going to put it into my morning yogurt. I’ve been looking at their site and it looks impressive thought I hate to believe everything that they write about it since they have to advertise their product. I wanted to know if anyone else here is on VSL#3 and if it’s helped any of you. The statistics look really impressive and my doctor spoke pretty highly of it but their site says that it’ll start working as soon as a week after I start taking it. Can anybody confirm it? I’d love to hear your stories and I’ll let you know when I’m further along with it.

Medications: I’m also on Remicade, it’s changed my life.

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3 thoughts on “Looking For VSL#3 Success Stories”

  1. Hi Sarah!
    Glad you are doing well….I just wanted to caution you on probiotics while on Remicade…. A lot of them warn against taking if on a biologique/ immune suppressing medication. But I guess if your dr (i am hoping a gastroenterologist) suggested it then he would know!
    Keep us posted on if you notice any changes!

  2. The nurse practitioner for my gastro doctor recommended VSL#3 a few months ago, but I haven’t tried it yet. After all of the other medicines I’ve tried, I’ve become a bit cynical about all of that. The price didn’t help with my decision either. Good to know you can get a prescription for it! Keep us posted on all of this and let us know how you do with it. In the mean time, I will open my mind to the possibilities this might hold!

  3. I take 2 VSL#3 caps a day with great results. At first I took 5 a day and I was poopin better than I ever had in my life. If cost weren’t an issue, I would still take 3 or 4 a day as it really helps me, so I will wait until my next gastro appt and get a script for the DS and take that instead. I had a post about a month or 2 ago about my success. I don’t take any other drugs except an Asacol HD once a day. I’m not sure about taking it on remicade though.

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