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I was given the good news that I suffered from colitis. Then my doctor told me I have indeterminate, which means I show symptoms of both colitis and crohn’s. Anyways, I have been dealing with this for a number of years and have taken my fair share of prescribed drugs. Recently, the disease has spread to my joints. I’m not sure what is worse, going to the bathroom 10 plus times a day, or not being able to play with my kids. I’m tired of the drugs because it seems they only work for a short period of time. I have been reading on this website about the SCD diet and other diets that seem to be similar. This is something that I want to explore and would be GREATFUL for any advice!!! Changing your diet is never easy but this seems to be the right path to go down.

I would appreaciate anyones input!!

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  1. Hi Barself,

    You sound alot like me, especially about not sure which is worse, the joint pains or the UC. I was saying the same thing a while back. I can remember feeling like there must be sand or something inbetween my lower back joints, moving was super difficult, especially just laying down in bed at the end of the night.
    Things have been going great for me though with the use of diet. It has not been all roses, but again in the past 18 months I have been on medications for about 2 months,(prednisone I started breifly again to tame down a flare that I let get out of control) otherwise, I’m really happy with myself, and with my UC. diet does not work for everyone, unfortunately it shares the same traits as medication in that sense, but if you are interested in learning more, you can read more diet stories from others who have posted them on the site. Some of them have happy endings, and others do not. if you have tried a strict diet before and were able to follow it earlier in life, that’s positive thing to have under your belt. The diet I use called SCD does not allow for wheat, refined sugars, most desserts as you probably know them, and several other things. but it does allow for all sorts of other stuff. it does require you to prepare most of your own foods, homemade yogurt for example, and some other things. more info is on the diet page which you may have already read. its here: https://ihaveuc.com/the-diet also, I post almost daily pictures of the food I’m eating. Here is a picture of the yogurt I eat, its pretty tasty. http://colitisdiet.ihaveuc.com/scd-ho-yo-berry-dessert/

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