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4-sleeping-positionsHappy Friday to all of You,

This might help you out as well.

Mary who follows the website sent me over a message via the “contact form” yesterday.  And with her permission, she said it would be fine to share it with everyone.

Before you read her message about how she started feeling better from out of control UC symptoms, I want to wish you all a good day and hopefully a happy start to March 2014.

Take care and here’s her email with her sleeping tip:

“Your thoughts on a physical remedy-

Hey Adam,

I wanted to thank you for your blog and say it’s really helped me in coping with being a UCer over the last 6 months since my diagnosis in September. I was reading about your most recent flare and wondered though if the same thing that helped me so much would also help you. I’ve noticed that it seems like a lot of what holds true for you, seems to work for me too. I was hosptalized recently for 2 weeks for a flare that I wasn’t coming out of and I just kept bleeding, no matter how much bed rest, prednisone, and clear liquids they gave me. By the end of a frustrating 10 days, I never thought I would get better, and I started insisting on sleeping on my stomach like I normally do at home. For some reason this seems to be a miracle cure for me. I put a pillow below my thighs and under my head and shoulders, and gravity sort of redistributes all of the fluids/pressures built up in my colon/abdomen and the bleeding slows and my stomach relaxes.

The doctors seemed shocked and confused when I improved so dramatically and quickly then, and I’m wondering if this isn’t a frustratingly simple and stupid universal thing for UCers. Please let me know if you’ve ever tried/heard of this or what your results are. I’m curious. :D

Hope you are well and thank you so much again! (You saved me from Humira!)


(Thanks again Mary for sharing this!!!)

– Adam

PS:  I’m super interested just like Mary is to hear if anybody else has noticed positive (or negative) changes to your UC with changes to your sleeping position or other aspects of your sleep:)

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  1. I have been wondering about this myself. with the flare I am having now I noticed that sleeping on my right side makes the pain much worse. I have been propping pillows under my hips which helps that pain, but throws my hips out of balance. will have to try sleeping on tummy like she states above. thanks for sharing!

    1. We bought a posture pedic bed almost a year ago. When I feel I am about to have flare ups I adjust my head and feet up and it helps with the stomach. my other thing I do is from my waste down I through my legs completely across to the next side of bed even with my hips. this helps also and I find I do this more then elevate my legs and head. hope this helps.

  2. I think this holds true for me as well. When I am flaring I cannot sleep on my side. If I do I increase the number of trips to the bathroom. I generally have to sleep on my back which creates some pretty vivid dreams for some reason. I find relief when i rack out in my recliner during a flare. I hate sleeping on my stomach but maybe i’ll give it a try.

  3. Very interesting, as I have found that sleeping on my back is best for my UC. I have very deep, restful sleeps and have been in remission for almost two years now. I think we all have to do whatever works for each of us! So glad to hear about Mary’s success story.

  4. When I am in a flare I cannot sleep on my side especially my left side, it makes the pain and frequency of BM worse. Never tried stomach sleeping, will try in the future if needed.

  5. Hi Guy’s and Gal’s.. Wow I hadn’t given this much thought until waking up this morning and reading this. The last couple of nights I’ve had a tough time falling asleep due to being uncomfortable because of stomache pain. Both nights I remember finding comfort from being on my stomache..
    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I have had this for over 30 years. I can almost never sleep on my left side. Creates immediate urgency. Stomach with a pillow is always a winner as irrigation side or back. Never left.

    When I go in for a procedure they always put me on my left side. I assume for easy access. With that in mind, I figured it just opens things up on fb at side so I avoid it. When I do experiment, I last less than 5 minutes. The good news is I can roll over and have it gonna way just as quickly.

  7. Hi, I’ve definitely had a positive experience sleeping on my stomach, sometimes with a hotwater bottle wrapped in a pillowcase underneath. Lying on either side always results in trips to the bathroom

  8. Apologize for the typos. Please clean so I don’t look like an idiot! On some pain meds now and not functioning perfecfly

  9. Despite loving to sleep on my side, I’ve found that it can aggravate my UC/jpouch. Sleeping on my back has been the best way for me to fall and stay asleep as much possible. Once I started forcing myself to sleep on my back, I’ve had better nights. It’s not a miracle worker, but it definitely helps.

  10. Any pressure on my stomach is uncomfortable. Sleeping on my left side during a flare is bad. I usually sleep on my right side and back.

  11. I agree that sleep position can make a difference. I find that sleeping on my right side, I often wake up with cramping. If I wake before the cramps have become too intense, flipping over to my left side can ease them a great deal. If that does not provide enough relief, I go to “half tummy”. If that is still not enough I go to “full tummy” for as long as my neck and shoulders will tolerate. I can usually get enough relief and “relax” enough to fall back asleep instead of making a run for you-know- where……….

  12. Hi,
    I have UC which mostly affect my ascending colon (left side). The pain in that left side is very noticeable when a flare up is looming so when this happens I never sleep in my left side. Always on the right side and that along with strict diet can and has helped avoid a flare.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting!

  13. Tony Barbaro Sant

    It’s interesting. Right now I’m going through a good patch. If I sleep on my back I’m okay. If I sleep on my right I’m fine too, but if I turn on my left, I very quickly feel the urge to go to the bathroom. It’s always been more or less like this. Have never been able to figure it out!

  14. This is sort of related: I have been in remission ever since I started the SCD (or my version of it anyway) over a year ago, but there’s a weird thing that happens when I do one particular workout move. Lying on my back, with my knees bent, both feet flat on the floor, I raise one leg so that my heel is pointed up towards the ceiling. I lift my pelvis up thrusting the heel of my raised leg towards the ceiling. The weird thing that happens is that when my right leg is raised, it’s all good. When my left leg is raised , my guts gurgle so loud that people can hear it from yards away!!

  15. Wow, very interesting – when I was in mega pain, sleeping on my left side relieved the pain enough for me to get some rest at night – I shared this info with my specialist and he just shrugged it off. However, now that I am being managed with Remicade sleeping on my back is best for less “noise” when I’m due for the next infusion.

  16. Thought I was the only one who needs specific sleep positions for my UC to maintain good sleep and no night trips to the bathroom. Mine are on my back with two pillows at my head or occasionally on my left side. Right side sleeping causes an almost instant run for the bathroom. I will try the stomach thing tonight and see what that does as the back sleeping causes me to have neck problems occasionally plus I do think it produces some strange dreams.

  17. When I’m having a flare it makes it worse if I sleep on my left as that’s where the inflammation is. I can feel the pressure there and it makes me need the loo. During a flare I have to sleep on my right or my back, and if it lasts a while then this can be uncomfortable lying on one side for so long. I also lower the elastic band on my underwear a bit because the pressure can be a bit uncomfortable too, but then I don’t have the protection between my bum and the sheets! I need some loose underwear just for sleeping perhaps.

    When I’m in remission I can sleep whichever way I like which is nice.

  18. For me, sleeping on my back works best. Once I am sleep I don’t know what happens but when I get up if I am sleeping on my right side…it is good..if on the left side, then have to run to the bathroom immediately.

    I can’t seem to sleep on my stomach but will try it and see if it helps. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sleeping on my back is best for my UC. If I turn on either side while sleeping, I experience soem pain and immediately have to go to the bathroom. I found this post very interesting because I thought I was the only one with this issue.

  20. I learned very early that I needed several soft pillows to accomodate my low tummy pains, sleeping on my tummy help me to get rid of gas and pain enough to sleep a few hours, i sleep almost halfway flat elevating my left side with pillows and my whole left leg over pillows. I was almost 1halfway year free, but we moved while working and unable to cook eating fast food and salads and started bleeding again, I got a bacterial infection and the doctor put me on SULFAMETHOXAZOLE-TMP DS TABLETS, my pain in two days is almost gone and the bleeding is only a little, before the whole toilet was bloody, the infection showed in the urine test after peeping so often, I had not idea if I passed the infection from my bleeding colon to the uretra, but now Im getting better. I WONDER NOW if my flares maybe where infections too.

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