Living with Ulcerative Colitis

Colitis Symptoms:

Visiting the toilet so many times day, passing lots of blood and diarrhea, bad abdominal cramps.

My Story:

My name is Beverley living in England London, age 46 and yes I do have UC, Thank you for e-mail, reading all the stories on your website, which I can relate to very well. I was so surprise how many people with this condition of Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed in July 2010 with UC, before then I was experiencing symptoms for a few years before then, not knowing what was happening to my body, also very afraid to go to the Doctors, thinking the worst. I am now pleased to now I have found your website that I can now join and share experiences with others, and received more awareness of UC. I don’t seem to have the flare up, throughout the past months, when I do it’s 3 months at a time then, then it stops for 9 months, or even up to year, then it reapeats again. Also to be honest I haven’t taken any medication yet. If I am being really honest with you, how I get through my day at work is by having a 2 slices wholemeal bread with a boiled egg in the mornings, then not eating anything until lunchtime, then I will have a banana and drink a lot water through the day, this is the only way I get through my day, until I get home, then I will make a meal. I know this is not a healthy way, but this is the only way for me at the moment.

Right now I am dealing with UC, since the pass 2 months now, I went to the doctors who has given the drug Prednisolone, but after reading the side affects, NO WAY, I am taking theses drugs. I am trying Asacol, well it’s my first day of taking this medication, so will see how I get on.

I would like to add, I want to purchase your books, I was wondering how would I get the books by hard cover? I don’t want to print it off, once I have purchased the books. Please could you advise me.

Once again Adam, thank you for this great website, it’s very interesting, and promising to alot of readers that there is still hope in being free of UC.

Many Thanks


Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Free of ulcerative colitis for ever!!!

written by Beverley

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4 thoughts on “Living with Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Hi beverley!

    First off, im sorry to hear about how you too are struggling with UC. Hope you go into remission soon and best of luck!

    Secondly though, even though prednisone has a lot of side effects, if the asacol does not do the trick for you after trying it for a while I do recommend taking it. The side effects liek moond face, weight gain, and joint pain really suck sometimes but coming from a 16 year old girl, I can say that if taking prednisone for a little while means that I’ll be free of colitis symptoms then, I’ll take the weight gain because you can always lose that afterwards. (This may sound hipicritical because I recently e-mailed adam to post a topic about prednisone questions and it does complain about the weight gain a little bit but i sent it when I was really angry about the weight gain and I am a teenager so it’s especially hard for me right now! ) So yes like most people its a love/hate relationship with pred but if the asacol doesnt help you and you’re in a bad flare I do recommed trying it on a low dose at least (not that i’m pushing you, im just saying the drug does work for me and my colitis symptoms so im just giving you some options!)

    Good luck and feel better! :)

  2. Hi Beverley,

    Thank you for adding your story. I am definitely worried though reading about how you are making it through the day in terms of the limitations you are putting on your diet. That sounds like a very difficult dilemma you have your body in, but at the same time I can definitely understand why you are doing what you’re doing. I can remember for a short period of time doing something similar for a few days before I was even diagnosed, but while I was in the middle of horrible symptoms….The disease can be super nasty, and for me, it caused me not to think too clearly…maybe you can relate.

    As for the books, they are only available in their downloadable format. And if you did want them in hard copy, the best way to do that would be to print out the PDF file that comes with the download. I’m sorry there are no other options right now.

    Please stay in touch, and I wish you the best moving forward Beverley.


  3. Hi Beverley,
    I during the day live off drinking plenty of water and a banana or carrots (occasionally salmon). My reason is to loss the weight put on from prednisone and this is a short term program I put myself on – and my plan is a big breakfast, light lunch and a healthy dinner. I am trying to stop the processed foods I feel helped me develop UC.

    If you have water and a banana because of your symptoms I guess than this is not good. I been on asacol (3 x a day) and more recently off the predisone and colifoam whilst I wait for my colonoscopy booked in for 10th Sept, currently I am doing fine which has been a mix of diet, probotics and drugs. Also self education and self management has been key for me as my GP and now my Gastrolagist seem to be caught in the process of work they clearly don’t enjoy. I hope you have more joy than I have with the system.

    If you are in a flare I am not sure how well the asacol will work on its own!!

  4. Hi Beverley,
    Just wanted to say hang in there. I’m not saying to take or don’t take the prednisone, but sometimes your body needs a little help. For most people the side effects are temporary…you should read the survey on prednisone…sometimes it is a TEMPORARY NECESSARY EVIL!
    I understand the part about not eating… I used to get up extremely early, eat some cereal and not eat or drink ALL day…even water would send me to the bathroom! I work with special ed. kids, so leaving them is a no-go! In hindsight, I probably should have taken some sick time and not done that added stress to my body. Now I do power Smoothies to get me through my days less fiber when having more isuues. I also put my VSL #3 probiotics in there. Look into that! And diet. SCD and similar -giving up processed foods, etc you can find lots of info on that. GOOD QUALITY PROBIOTIC!
    By the way downloading Adam’s book was not too hard and I was on dial up slow internet!
    Good luck and good health, Shelly

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