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Living with UC – Almost a Year Now

JanetMeet Janet:

I have had UC for almost a year now. Taking med’s 3x a day 3 pills each time. Now I have joint pains and found out that you can have them when you have UC. Is there anything you can do to ease the pain?

Some more about me:

I am 60+ and live in Iowa. I want to retire next year but don’t know if I can take this pain anymore. It happens during the night most of the time. I love to fish and hope I can throw the line out with the pain I have in my joints.

Colitis Symptoms:

Lots of joint pains in my arms and neck.

Living with UC

Does anyone here have joint pains?

Does this cause colon cancer with Ulcerative Colitis?

One year ago I was having problems with my bowels. I had bloody stools, constipation ad diarrhea, went to the doctor 3x and they kept saying you have a virus. I could not convince them that there is something wrong with my body. Finally one doctor sent me to a gynecologist and I had a coloncopy (just had one in 2006) and that is where they found out about my UC. I lost 25 pounds and felt so much better. Now I have joint pain in my arms and neck. That is connected with UC of what I heard. I am taking Asacol 3 times a day three pills each. I have the joint pain at night time. Sometimes the pain is so painful that I go to bed early and feel better the next morning. I am scheduled to see a joint specialist soon and hopefully to get more help. I tolerate pain and hate taking pills. My father side of the family have a history of colon cancer. I had four uncles and aunts that died of colon cancer. It bothers me if I could get it with the problem I have. I have been wanting to lose weight but not like this. I am down 4 sizes and it does feel good! Looking in my closet for clothes to wear you have a good feeling but needless to say not a good feeling because you don’t have anything to wear. I had to completely clean out my closet and buy a whole new wardrobe. I have completely taken away all my sweets, chocolate and foods with seeds. At first it bothered me but you get used to it. I was amazed with myself that I have the willpower!


I am now taking asacol 3x a day 3 pills each.

written by Janet

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Living with UC – Almost a Year Now”

  1. Hi Janet,

    I’m sorry you’re struggling with joint pain. I know how you feel about the weight loss, tho. I would not choose to lose weight this way, but it is nice to fit into my smaller clothes again. :) I recommend you take a good quality probiotic, if you’re not already. Also, I encourage you to do some research on “oil pulling” … a simple, inexpensive way to rid oneself of toxic bacteria – possibly the root cause of UC and joint pain. Best wishes to you.


  2. Janet,
    I had severe joint pain primarily before UC for a period of time. It was like a warning it was coming. The doc just said you have a auto immune on its way. Well you can do blood test to check your inflammation levels, non-cardio CRP and Sed Rate seem to be the standard. They wont tell you what you have just that you either do or do not have inflammation. Rule out “other” causes. Tests like ANA panel etc. You can also get a CPK done that seems to check your heart muscle and seems to be done for people on statin’s to make sure the statin is not affecting the heart and not causing the muscle aches, that is if you are on a statin. Now for the UC. I would search this whole website for all the different approaches to UC. I currently am trying EVOO. Extra virgin olive oil. Seems to be much evidence for it. Also VSL#3 a pro biotic. Maybe you can get your doc to prescribe and save money that way. On this website they talk about checking for food allegories. Get Iron, Vit D and B levels checked. Stool Test to rule out Inflammation caused by infection from pathogens:
    Shigella, Salmonella, Camplobacter jejuni, C-Diff especially C-Diff. Check out Fecal Transplant on this website. Also seems like alot of people who quit smoking get UC.

  3. Hi Janet, sorry to hear about the joint pain, it’s no fun! I’m 22 and have had UC for 9 years now. When I was first diagnosed I had terrible joint pain in my shoulder and my hip.. I couldn’t lift my arm above my head and had to be taken to emergency in a wheelchair.. at 13 years old!! It went away when my UC got under control, but I’m currently in a flare and am getting this horrible joint pain again (reactive arthritis they call it). It moves around my body and lasts a few days-a week in each place: shoulder, hip, knee, and the worst one.. both my wrists at the same time! I couldn’t move them they hurt so much, I needed assistance to dress, shower.. I couldn’t even type.

    But enough about my problems, here’s what I found to help. It’s called EFX: holographic technology. They’re performance holograms that are supposed to stabilize and harmonize the body. I think they’re mainly marketed to athletes, as they’re supposed to improve balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. But they’re also supposed to reduce swelling. I have a bracelet that I constantly wear, and then some individual holograms that I can tape to the specific part of my body where the joint pain is. I’ve only been using them for about 3 weeks now , but I haven’t had any joint pain in that time and I had it for about a month before I started using them. In the past three weeks I have gotten some minor pain, and usually this would signify that in a day or two that joint was going to be too painful and swollen to move. But I taped the holograms to wherever the pain was straight away, and it slowly went away instead of getting worse!

    You can go to and read some of the testimonials if you’re interested. I know three weeks isn’t a very long trial, but who knows?! It’s a really easy thing to try, you only have to buy it once, and it takes no effort to wear a bracelet around, so maybe worth a shot? Good luck, I hope things start getting better for you!

  4. Hi Janet,
    Your story so sounds similar to mine. My joint pains were primarily in the shoulders, knees and hips. Having done tons of research, what I recently found for my joint pains that seems to be working extremely well is something called Curamin. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars trying different supplements for the pain and no longer wanted to take pain pills. Specifically I am currently on BCM-95 Curamin by Terry Naturally and EuroPharma and I am taking this combined with an additional Boswellia supplement. This particular Curamin is apparently more absorbable by the body as opposed to other versions of the same curamin. I have only been on this for about two weeks but I am having next to no pain and I am grateful for having found this.

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