Living with Colitis – Condemn or Not, Any Weight Lifters with UC?


I’m 42 year old guy who was diagnosed about a month ago with UC. I’m very out going before the diagnosis and will be outgoing with this condition. I like to travel alone and with friends long distance. I work as a administrative assistant for a surgeon for about four years now and with UC it put a little damper on my career since I feel I won’t be taken serious now with frequent visits to the men’s room now if under a lot of stress. I have been in a somewhat remission now for about three weeks with medications but there are more changes to make as I learn more about UC. I’m looking for a balance since the diagnosis; did I mention it’s mild ulcerative colitis. I’m not stopping with this condition what I will do it make changes and modify my lifestyle but let this rule me no way. I’m here to learn what others do with this and how to live a normal life.

My Symptoms:

The symptoms were and sometimes are bloating, frequent visits to the bathroom with blood at times, feeling tired and sometimes depressed with no reason.

My Story:

UC has changed my life in so many ways like my eating habits, that I have to watch what I’m eating now. Frequent meals but in small portions that works for me now, that’s what I call a plus. Since the diagnosis I really haven’t mentioned it to my family yet, since I don’t want to be consider a weak and sick person. But my friends have been more supportive about this and will help me how to live with.. The only person for now who knows in my family is my mother who is trying to understand about this and what she can do for me in my eating habits and one of my brothers and his wife. The biggest fear I have is for now is what if I need surgery in the future but that I will cross that bridge when I get there but for now I want to live a normal life as much as possible when I have my good days with normal bathroom visits.

The question that I have now is who out their works out with weights and has this condition since exercising is a good part of my life I want to learn how to incorporate weight training with UC. If there is group out there I would appreciate your input and advice.

I’m a big fan with weight lifting as part of my exercise routine. I’m not muscular but I want to keep myself toned and in shape but before the diagnosis I lost a lot of muscle mass since I was just working out and just losing more weight with no reason. After the diagnosis it took me about another month to get into the groove into a exercise routine. I just need to learn how to move on and get health, so I appreciate any help from anyone who has this and does workout with weights.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

I want to be in remission in a year and enjoy life to the fullest. I want to travel without worries and embarrassment if I have any flare ups do occur.

Colitis Medications:

The medications: Apriso 4 capasule a day but taking 2 capsule since I found it to hard on the stomach and VSL #3 twice a day. Canasta as needed.

written by Michael aka “Arcangel”

submitted in the colitis venting area

13 thoughts on “Living with Colitis – Condemn or Not, Any Weight Lifters with UC?”

  1. hey michael im a 21 year old college student and i do heavy weight lifting everyday. Ive found that i can drink cytogainer protein with no problems. You have to basically run trial and error with protein. As for a pre work out i dont use any so i dont know what works. But anyways working out with uc has been pretty tough. Especially when you’ve made a bunch of good gains i size and then hit a flare up and loose 20 to 30 lbs in a week or 2. But weightlifting has seemed to really help my uc and i dont feel any pain or discomfort during or after a workout. Im currently in remission now for a little over a month and working out has seemed to help maintain my well being. Best of luck to you.

    1. Thanks for the comment and support, I’m back with the exercise and lifting weight and it’s going well. The next step will be getting on track with eating. I’ve been eating practically everything so far so good with no problem. Maybe the process food I will have to give up but I don’t mind since I’m not a big fan for those foods.

      When you start with your workouts do what I did started small with one or two sets for about three weeks until you get use to it. I started with full body workouts then move now to individual body parts with moderate weight, No cardio for now.

      Good luck and keep me updated.

  2. Hey archangel,
    This is honestly one of the feat things I wanted to know about when I was diagnosed as well. Let me tell you it is no cake walk but it is very doable you just have to find the limits that your cns can go to without causing a flare. For me I can go really intense on the weights 5 days a week and be absolutely fine but what does me in is when I miss sleep and add cardio in. Cardio seems to be the devil is my case, led to many a rough day after doing it.
    First things first get your diet on point. Although I have never done it I have heard the scd works quite well.
    I myself follow a diet extremely high in protein, carbs and good fats (fish, avacodos, almonds) and try to limit bad fats.

    When I say high in protein I am consuming roughly 350 g per day and about 400(low days) to 500(high days) carbs.

    I’m not sure what your workout goals are but I have a friend with chrons who recently hopped on the same diet as me and has no issues.

    Meat: chicken, beef(lean cuts only), eggs, salmon, tuna and cod

    Carbs: spaghetti, oatmeal(real oatmeal), natural peanut butter, peas, honey and jelly.

    Avoid pork, or at least I do as it sets me off bad and is in general very difficult to digest as I’ve read

    Any questions or other info I’ll try and help if needed

    1. Hey Flash, thanks for the comment and advice in what to eat, I’m in that process now in learning to eat. I pretty much eat everything but I will have keep away from junk food and process foods since I notice that when I eat it, it does me in and the rest of day is pretty much in the bathroom.

      For my workouts I started with full body workouts for about three weeks then moved to a my routine that I started before getting sick and diagnosed. Its broken down in phases and I’m in phase two but with moderate weight that I handle but also not pushing it until I can get stronger. I notice that lack of sleep also sometimes does provoke my flare up and sometimes drinking certain alcohol drinks but I’m in the learning process now in knowing what is good and not good at all for me.

      I’m open for suggestion from you and advice in what I can do. Maybe we can share information on workouts.

      Thanks again Flash for your input.

      Michael aka arcangel

  3. Hi there…
    I am not quite up to working out heavily with weights yet, as I am trying to let my body heal(extra work for my body means extra stress even if it is the positive kind). Anyway, I just wanted to suggest you look into taking L-glutamine in a powder or capsule form. I read up on it after Bev mentioned it here. She takes it along with another supplement and a good probiotic—I can attest to the probiotic too. I found that those who workout heavily take L-glutamine as well to help them recover from workouts so it would help you two fold. Don’t over do it or take it if you have kidney/liver issues. It can be known to cause more damage for such people. If you want more info, please write me. I’d love to hear from you. Steve

    1. I want to second what Steve posted.

      L-glutamine. It is amazing in healing all the ‘innards’!! Especialkly if you are exercising in any way at all, including weights. What it is doing for my colon is incredible. NO BLEEDING!! I swear, it actually seems to HEAL the mucosa of the colon!

      I am an avid ‘exerciser’ and have been for over 30 years. Too bad I didn’t know about L-glutamine BEFORE I got UC. It probably would have helped my muscles repair after those hard weight training days!


      1. Thanks Bev. I will have try it and let youknow my progress with it.

        Up to now I feeling good with what the MD have given me to take but I want to go more in the natural means to avoid any side effects.

        Thanks again,

    2. Hi Steve thanks for your advice in taking L- Glutamine, I have to look into this since I’m looking for more natural means in supplements also since I hate taking medications. I know the meds are good in helping but they can also cause harms with thier secondary effects. So I will have read up on this supplement but I take Omega capsules and multi-vitamin since I lost alot energy when I got sick.

      I started out with moderate weight In what I can handle for now till I can get stronger but everyone is different so when you are ready start out small with one or two routines till you get use it then you add gradually until you feel comfortable.

      Best of luck and let me know how you are doing.


      1. I already have a plan using bodyweight exercises laid out but I was wasting energy doing heavy yard work and hanging a door(I want to do more right now but there is nasty weather here). :) I’ll also use household objects as weights depending on my needs. I didn’t really mention it but I just started the L-Glutamine and the Critical Care probiotic. They seem to be doing wonders even though I have been eating relatively crappy foods. This is without any medications as well, as my experiences with them has been the devil. Just thought I would share.

        No doubt am I looking forward to lifting and seeing what happens…I seem to have more energy now with the supplements so it may be possible. I’ve always been a relatively big guy with everyone asking me what I do. Sometimes I lied because I didn’t want to say, “Yep, this is just how I am.” lol. Anyway, glad to see you are on the up and up. I will keep you posted, hope you do the same! Steve

        1. Hey Steve,

          I have been doing okay this past week just had maybe two days of flare ups but it happens when I’m at work, I think the stress does a good number on me when I’m upset. I have to learn how to control my emotions when I get stress out.

          Well have been doing great with my workouts since I started, it’s been almost two months with lifting weights and increasing the weight to see how much I can handle. There are days that I feel weak but it must be when I have my flare ups that I can’t workout at all but in overalll I’m feeling great.

          How are you doing these days?


  4. Hey man, good story. I lifted weights about everyday for about 1.5 years, pretty much the day I moved out for college I started lifting etc. I got pretty damn ripped, gained atleast 30 pounds of muscle. Well UC made me stop lifting back in Dec 2010.
    Im getting pissed at all my friends saying how much I lost and how im so skinny, I know Im skinny pretty much as when I first started lifting,but believe it or not I still got some lean muscle, so I went ahead and bought this iron gym pull up bar, like 25 bucks, fuckin sweet! Im hoping to get really cut, I haven’t tried much yet, but really wanna get toned like p90 x, as for doing mass workouts that is one thing Ill stay away from, I used to curl 50 pound dumbells and do raised with 75 pound dumbells, but im going to lean to just pull up, push ups, all natural stuff using my body weight, if it goes well I may buy like a 20 pound dumbell or something, I hope you get back and shape, I follow scd diet very strict and have not cheated!! Its amazing and I aint turinin back, Ill prob eat boiled eggs after a workout and maybe some fish or something, I need to get back on routine….
    Good luck bro

    1. Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for your comments I really appreciate your input and advice. I have been doing great with my workouts for now since I decided to workout at home with the weights that I have with my foldable bench. I understand about having lean muscle but to lose it so fast with the colitis it really sucks. So to start back to square one it really hurts but at least my body respond quicker now; I hope to be in remission for a while to continue with my progress.

      I’m into the process in starting the SCD diet soon to see how it will benefit me more now even with me working out.

      Well thanks again keep me posted in your progress.


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