List of What I Tried and My Diet


Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2004, 22 years old. 4 weeks after diagnosed had surgery, with first ileostomy and then connecting the remaining 15 cm of the large intestine to the small intestine. Have had 2 larger flare-ups since the surgery both times when induced to stress. From Stockholm, Sweden.
lake in norway
My Symptoms:
Bloody stools up to 10 times a day with a fair amount of running to the toilet, luckily I’ve had only one accident and it was not among people. My pain level is quite ok for the moment!

My Story:

To be honest UC has so far changed me for the better. I am more humble, grateful and take myself and people around me more seriously. But am I grateful I have it, NO, not today when I sit here and try to decide if I am to take the meds the doc wants me to take or not (for the moment just asacol)… I have tried most of the meds (they don’t really work, do they) and have removed a large part of the large intestine (15 cm left) and struggle from time to time. What I would want/need is a doctor that would actually want to heal me.. But since I don’t have it I am trying to heal myself.

Two links I like are the following where they write about alternative additions to the meds:;year=2012;volume=18;issue=1;spage=3;epage=10;aulast=Ke

I haven’t so far been able to try that much of alternative herbs/therapies to the meds but so far the list is:

– Yoga (Reduces stress – good for me)
– Acupuncture (Reduces stress – good for me)
– Turmic (Not sure it did anything but it reduces pain)
– Aloe Vera Juice (a mild laxative.. might work)
– Zink (Improves wound healing read it should be taken with B-vitamins)
– L-glutamine (Improved recovery of the body)
– Selenium (Good for the immune system)
– C-vitamin (Not for my UC specifically, but good for liver)
– lacto-fermented vegetables (This really works wonders for my poop)
– Probiotic tablets large range of bacteria (Haven’t seen a big improvement)
– 5-HTP (This is for increasing serotonin levels in the body and the intestines uses a lot of serotonin, I found that I got my appetite back when using this but I also got some side effects the first week I was trying a few pills and these I learned was the typical side effects you may get from serotonin )
– Ginseng
– Coconut milk (Great to mix with hotwater those days when you need energy but don’t want to eat)
– Garlic (against yeast infections, might be a bit strong for the intestine)
– Melissa infusion (for a relaxative)
– Cats Claw (I like the taste of it, so i believe it is good for me)
– Mixture of chinese herbs (Not bad, maybe good)

And probably I am forgetting something.

I can write a bit about my diet which I follow quite strictly:
– At least three proper meals a day and make sure to get enough of calories and fluid.
– No sugar (sometimes a banana is ok but usually I avoid also fruit)
– A lot of vegetables
– Avoid flours, especially wheat
– Amount of proteins and fat should be quite high
– Try to incorporate a lot of beans, peas and lentils (believe the bacteria needs them, its a good prebiotic)

Also I want to find a way of not getting flare ups.. this time I could feel that my body was actually in a lot of stress but couldn’t take myself out of it… Thinking that a substance like Phosphatidylserine (reduces the body’s signal substance ACTH which in turn gives the signal to produce cortisol) or DHEA (I actually read some get better with this).

The reason why I am sick I believe comes from an induced stress (stress from toxins/heavy metals/life situation/earlier training to hard) level and I do believe that adrenal fatigue could be a important key in my UC.

Now I am curious on trying Boswellia Serrata and it would be great if anyone has any experience on it!


Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

Learning how to read my body better and to help my body to cope with whatever is wrong.

written by:  TiiniTete

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9 thoughts on “List of What I Tried and My Diet”

  1. Hey!

    I also live in Stockholm, you seem pretty close to where I am in my complementary treatment of the disease. There is one more thing that I seem to be very helped of as well. That is sleep, it’s probably related to reducing stress. But if I force myself in bed at 21:00-22:00 and sleep 8-9 hours for longer periods of time I feel less stressed and therefore less reaction of the disease.

    Also very important: to eat fat fish and eel

    Maybe we could cook some SCD-dinner together some day! :)

  2. Hi Slingshot!

    Nice to get a comment from you and I agree it could be a very nice idea to cook dinner someday!

    I totally agree about the sleeping part. It is something like a hobby of mine. Thanks for the tip about eel, it is tasty I should learn how to use it more often. After I wrote the post and read up on SCD I am all in, but I am following the introduction diet of GAPS diet since that is closer to my taste. The SCD/GAPS diets makes so much sense to me and I feel that I was more or less going in that direction anyhow. But the beginning is not easy, my whole body is craving sugary stuff.

  3. Hey TiiniTete,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and detailing all you’ve been through and tried so far. I totally agree with you that stress can be a big problem. At least that’s what I believe in even though some GI’s i’ve met with say otherwise.

    Please keep us posted on how things go. There are quite a few people who have talked very positively about boswellia on the site so far, so if you go down that road, I wish you the best too.

    And how could I forget, WOWWWIE!! I wish someday to be able to vacation whereever you are in that picture. Sure looks amazing!!! thanks for sharing the picture and best of luck to you:)


  4. Hei TiiniTete,

    Thank you kindly for posting your findings. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic ulcerative colitis about a year and a half ago. Sucks, huh? I’m doing research on new treatments, as I’m in a flare-up right now. This is how I stumbled upon your post. BTW, I’m a bit of a neighbor, as well. I’m living in Finland. Anyway, the only advice I can offer is to move. Walk, run (not only to the toilet), lift weights… exercise seems to help with pain levels and seems to keep me regular.

    During a flare-up, it’s very difficult to get motivated, and I tend to have a puff or two of the green, and that helps me to go to the bathroom and not be in so much pain. Then, I can function by noon, and get things done. I take my meds religiously and get my blood checked every month. I think I will go for a second opinion, and see what that does for me.

    I hope you Tiini, and everyone who reads this is feeling well. Thanks for all your information and support. To good health!!!


    1. Hey,

      I am one of those Swedsih-Finnish ppl. My parents are from finland, but I am born and raised in Sweden. Just got of the ferry from Finland this morning!

      It’s such a shit that the green is sooo unleagal in these countries, they do some good…

      1. Hey Tiini,

        How are you feeling?
        I’ve had another flare-up, and back on the Prednisolon. The Dr. said I am steroid dependent, and they want to try biological medication now. After some research and my wife chatting with a nutritionist, I have started the Paleo Diet. 3 Day, and the cramping is almost gone!
        I recommend checking out this diet if you are suffering with UC. I read many accounts of people who have the same symptoms as I have, becoming so healthy, that they can live in remission, and drug-free! Let’s hope it works :)
        Are you on Facebook Tiini?
        Jay Stern

        1. Hi Jay,

          Sorry to hear that you have a flare-up! I am on autoimmune Paleo, or almost. My loooong flare starts to be a memory even though making itself known every now and then. AND no meds!!

          Yes, Im on facebook. Miia Klingstedt, I believe I am the only one.

  5. Hi!

    Hope you are all well, I’m much better and wanted to share.
    I have now switched tactics. It fits into a A4 sheet that you can print and put:
    1. in your toilet
    2. kitchen
    3. bed
    4. workplace
    To remind you of what your body needs.

    I eat only:
    Green smoothies
    one plate of green leaf vegetables a dag
    one plate of sulfir rich food a day (kale (vitkål), mushrooms and some other stuff.
    one plate of antioxidant rich food a day, (colorful (berries, peppers, tomatoes))
    If I eat meat I eat only grass fed ecological/organic (KRAV)
    Once a week I eat intestine food and algaes

    I take:
    no medicine

    I sleep:
    8-9 hours per night to reduce stress

    I exercise:
    3 times a week

    I go to toilet:
    MAX 4 times a day

    1. Sweet!

      Nice to hear you are much better! So am I! :)

      I’ve been on the SCD for a year now and feel that finally my body has come to a nice place. My hormones were down to the bottom and now they seem to be at ok levels and serious healing can start to take place. A year ago I couldn’t really do much at all, my energy was completely drained, now I go for hikes sailing for a few days without much problem at all and get tired of course but on a normal level.

      Such a journey, I learnt so much about myself, guess you feel the same?

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