Life Has Changed Since March 2011… Just Got Colitis

My Story,

Turning 30 this year. In March of this year I was sitting on the toilet one day going for what use to be my most enjoyable time of the day with magazine in hand (even though I am a girl) loving life, no complaints and it hurt more than usual. Lots of different noises there too. I looked down in the toilet and noticed red. Something I had never seen before. Scary. But like a fool I just put it out of my head and went about my business.
The next day came along and went to the bathroom and noticed a little more blood and the again the next day a little more blood.
My son (who’s 1 1/2) got the flu and like any mother on this earth I didn’t think about my problems and took care of him for the next several days. As my bathroom issues got worse I just kept doing my thing. I guess I thought it would take care of itself or go away. Well it didn’t!
One morning I woke up and noticed my bed was wet. I thought what the h*ll….I wet the bed! I got up and noticed blood, mucus, and poo in the bed. Now I was scared. It had gotten so bad I didn’t even know I had gone.
I took myself right to emergency at that point and they did a scope and diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis!
Living with this problem has been so hard, embarrassing, and challenging. I feel like people around me do not know what I am going through. They can’t understand why I don’t want to go to the park, shopping, or for a walk.
I have never took a poop in the bush until this year. LOL!

The hardest part of this problem is my son.

I feel like I let him down all the time.

I can’t be a fun mom for him because I simple have no energy.

I just hope things change soon.

Question is:

I know everyone is different but how long does a flare up last?

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  1. JennyPooh,
    you are not alone. I would surmise that everyone who posts on this site has been through and knows how you are feeling. It will get better. I hope that you hook up with a good GI specialist that can help you out and get you feeling better.

    best regards,

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