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Leg and Knee Joints Sore, Loose Stools, Weight Loss, Colitis?

I am so glad to have found this site! Although our bodies are all going through a terrible time it is a real comfort to know I am not alone. I was told i had UC after the birth of my second child 6 yrs ago. I was on Pentasa for about a yr and weened myself off it, was trouble free for 5 yrs (except for a few horrible stomach gut wrenching cramps over the yrs that lasted 2 hours in length ea time and i could contribute to certain food i ate) Diet is key I avoided beef and anyhting with seeds in it .
Recently though after a terribly stressful time in life (job changes money issues ect) my body broke down. I thought i was dying, my legs and knee joints were so sore I could barely walk, loose stools , and major weight loss. I could not relate the symptoms to ulcerative colitis as my doctor had no idea and just prescribed me Ativan and I couldn’t find any relation to UC on internet sites. So Frustrating that doctors are not up to date on digestive problems. Finally had my scope and they prescribed me ..i have to say it was a Godsend for me right now as the leg pain is GONE!! My bowels are just starting to come around ..I wanted to YELL in the street ” I had a hard poo !!!!” lol.. I guess my main concern is what to eat?? I need to gain weight back as i am down to 108 pounds. I should be 130. Everything i read is different. I went on Help for and it seems easy to follow, offering recipes and guides to soluable fibers that are good for us and digestion. However a lot differs from the diet Adam recommends, like white breads ect . I have an apt with a dietitian this week hopefully she can help . I love what the Predisone has done for me now but i don’t want to stay on it forever. Biggest frustrations: staff in the scope wards should be knowledgeable on diet for UC patients and there should be a handout on what foods would be good to eat after scope (after cleaning out your system we are weak and hungry and they give you nothing to follow) I would have loved a big mac !! I am glad to read the stories on this site I just pray for happy results for us all.

(Thanks for your story L.M.   We wish you good luck.  Have you full on tried the SCD Diet yet?)

3 thoughts on “Leg and Knee Joints Sore, Loose Stools, Weight Loss, Colitis?”

  1. I hear you loud and clear about the Big Mac, that used to be one of my best friends about 15 years ago, especially when it was buy 2 for $2 at Macdonnies.

    Best of luck with everything regarding your treatment. I think for sure you should give the SCD diet a try if you haven’t already. jessica who has posted quite a bit is having some good success with it, even after an initial setback when she originally started it.

  2. Lori from Prince Edward Island

    Thank you Adam for words of encouragement…it seems amazing to me that on the SCD diet you can eat red meat and nuts and greenleafy salads??? These are all hard on digestion which makes me question it.
    I will for sure order the book though I see how well it is working for people on this site. I saw a dietition and i was wondering with your experience, do you recommend supplememts? She recommended Omega3 pills, L-Glutamine and a probiotic . Also peppermint tea. Any thoughts or experiences appreciated. Since i need to gain weight she recommended smoothies between meals and meals should have soluable fibre in them ie French bread banana’s, potatos,rice.. was told to stay away from all corn canola oil nuts ,caffine, dairy,choc,. Diet is so differnt for all of us, it is terribly confusing! Thank you Lori

    1. Hi There Lori,
      I really hope you get the SCD book soon. And yes, you are right, diet is unique to pretty much everyone. I have spoken with quite a few people now who follow the diet, and the uniqueness factor runs true each time.
      That being said, I have found that most people who are successful with the SCD diet wipe out completley all breads, and most people cut out alot if not all of the potatoes in their diet. no more dairy as well is a big thing too.
      As for your questions on probiotics, perpermint teas, omega3 pills, l-glutamine, I have not myself really experimented with any of that. There was time when I was bleeding like mad, and taking 15-20 craps per day when I did have a family member go down to the GNC store and they bought me a huge jar of probiotics. I tried a couple of the pills and didn’t see any results, so stopped taking them, and haven’t starrted up again.(BUT that was a piss poor trial I did, only a few days, and I was super severe at the time and on all other types of medications)
      I definitely have seen other responses on this site from others who are taking probiotics, I think that most people taking them are taking them along with medications, not as a sole treatment.
      Please let me know once you’ve got the book, and how things go in the early days of the SCD diet if you do decide to give it a try. A fair warning is that its a rather strict diet, and you do need to go at it 100% at first. I’m here all the time if you need any encouragement when you start it out.
      Best of luck Lori,

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