Learning to NOT Let UC Define Me

I’m a 26 year old graduate student who was diagnosed with UC 2 weeks ago.

The process that led to my eventual diagnosis was incredibly frustrating and degrading ( I had one doctor tell me I just needed to do more ab crunches!? ). Thankfully, I came upon a doctor who checked for the right things, and got me on the path to remission. I had to cancel my holiday plans so as to stay home and heal, but I’m hoping that my condition will not stop me from the internship I will be starting in January in a new city for 6 months ( I don’t want Ulcerative Colitis to stop me from achieving that dream). Nor do I want it to impact the wedding I am currently planning! All in all, I’m still coming to terms with the condition and what it means for day to day life.

Discovering this blog has been a godsend. I’ve been struggling with so much of the information I’ve been finding, some of which contradicts how I’ve been living my life thus far. I’m a runner who has been a lacto-ovo vegetarian all of my life. I don’t like to eat out, and I never drink carbonated drinks, etc… So, I find it difficult to have been handed this diagnosis. The fact that I don’t eat meat has made my current transition to an SCD diet much more difficult as well!

Story aside, I did have some questions for readers out there:

1. Do I need to follow the SCD diet once my flare up has fully healed? I’m not clear about the diet during the times when a person doesn’t have a flare up
2. Can spices be reintroduced when one is not flared-up? I like foods to have a bit of a kick, like with using green chilies or red chilli powder.

Ulcerative Colitis Medications:

I’m currently on melasamine pills and salofalk enemas. I’ve had issues with the enema bottles leaking, and have discussed it with my pharmacist. I’m curious if other people have faced that issue, because why pay some much for something meant to heal you when you can’t even ‘apply’ it properly?


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4 thoughts on “Learning to NOT Let UC Define Me”

  1. Absolutely! For me, I had to slowly re-introduce spices back into my foods. Don’t rush into it. I tried that one day & ended up being sick for 2-3 days after. Just remember not to rush it.

    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. For the enemas, I find that removing the rubber/filter piece (not sure how to call it) right inside the application tip will allow fluid to flow easily and without so much air/pressure.

  3. Regarding the Salofalk ,when is it leaking for you?
    Becuase I found difficulty getting all of the liquid out?
    I wish you peace at this trying time

    1. hi :),

      it’s actually been leaking out of the connection between the two parts of the container. so, there’s the plastic portion that holds the liquid medication, and there’s the “application” portion that has the spout ( if you will). the spout is screwed onto the portion with the liquid, and i find it tends to leak from there.

      i’ll try what paula suggested – maybe i’m applying too much pressure and it’s forcing it to leak as opposed to being applied properly.

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