Learning How to Start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Hey Everyone, I  Have Ulcerative Colitis!

I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with UC over 8 years ago. I am currently on Asacol. I have done Remicade in the past but had a bad reaction to it so I had to stop. I was also on prednisone for a while which I will regret till the day I die.

Anyway, I am so happy to have found this website where there are other people who understand what I’m going through.

I recently decided to begin the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I have the book (“Breaking the Vicious Cycle). But I really don’t know where to start. I just need ideas on what to eat. Just the basics. What can I have for breakfast? lunch? and dinner? For example, I usually take some sort of sandwich to work for lunch–ham, cheese, turkey, etc. But from what I understand those aren’t options if your on SCD. Any suggestions? Why can’t life just be easy. ;-)

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4 thoughts on “Learning How to Start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet”

  1. Hey NY Chick, When you first start SCD it can seem overwhelming. It took two or three readings for me to start to get it set in my head and begin to formulate some meal ideas. The website Pecan Bread has a wonderful list of foods for the stages of the SCD, introductory through advanced. As Elaine says in the book, make yourself a big pot of chicken soup (recipe is in the book). Soft foods to start, eggs, peeled and well cooked fruits and vegetables. If you eat meat I’d stay with chicken or fish at first. It is a little boring at first in stage one, but when you’re feeling crappy who wants to eat anyway? As you begin to feel better, and I hope you will, you will know when you are up to slowly introducing new foods. I printed out the legal/illegal list from the SCD website and kept it right on the kitchen counter for when preparing meals. Lunches for work can be tricky but I’ve learned to make enough at dinner for leftovers that I can pop in the microwave at work. I also make big pots of stuff on the weekend that will carry me through several weekday lunches. The internet is a great resource too. Simply Google SCD recipes and you’ll find loads of bloggers showcasing their own amazing recipes. Just be careful to check all ingredients carefully against the legal list. Not everyone strictly adheres to the diet. Each time I found a new legal recipe that sounded good, I printed it out and put in a three ring binder. I now have a 4″ binder that’s bulging with recipes, literally from soup to nuts. Digestive Wellness also has SCD cookbooks and other legals for purchase, as well as a recipe blog. Lucy’s Kitchen Shop is a great resource. Mrs. Ed’s Research and Recipes is my new favorite blog for recipes. Over time you’ll know what you can and can’t have and begin to make your own recipes.
    Good luck! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Omg. I’m 33 as well and have had UC for 8 yrs as well. I love this site because people really do understand how I feel. I’m currently on Asacol and i just finished a one month round of Pred. It was my 2nd time this yr. I HATED the Pred. It did bad things to my body. But the only thing that would calm the bleeding down. If I flare against doc says he will treat me with 7Mp which I’m terrified of. The longer I’ve had this disease the more intense my flare ups have become. I have that book too and am hesitant to start the diet. My diet is already very similar except for that I do eat a little bit of carbs. I had rice for the first time last night in a long time and I was in major pain. You know that awful pain on your left side. I tend to stay away from wheat, dairy, fried foods, and heavy carbs…and alcochol. It’s hard and every day is a challeng. Oh and all my veggies must be cooked. Raw veggies just are too hard to digest.

    1. Tina, I just was suggested this diet after the horrible pain for 5 years after I twisted my intestinal tract twice. I am so happy to hear you say you too have that left side pain! I deal with that and the other issues (the big Diahreia). I am just researching and I am totally confused. I thought nuts and fruits with skins are things I was told to avoid. Any help…I am scared to start, but want to get well.

  3. While reading your post I kept saying to myself, “Did I write this?” I’m 33, I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I will always regret Prednisone as well. I recently came off Imuran after have a bad side effect (humming in my left ear and all over apathetic feeling). I started the SCD program about a week ago, and so far so good. I had a really bad day yesterday, however I think I just into some tougher foods too quickly for my poor tender gut. So I’m trying to ease into it more. I’ve made tons of SCD yogurt (its so easy!) which I add honey and vanilla bean to and its a delicious breakfast. I also have a banana because it makes me full and I love the feel of a banana on my tummy (comfort). Check out the websites: Comfybelly.com and Roostblog.com, and Elanaspantry.com (Elana’s blog is Paleo Diet rather than SCD, but they are close enough for easy substitutions if something isn’t on the “legal” list) for other great recipes (Roostblog was what really gave me the courage to try the diet). My entire Thanksgiving meal was SCD approved, and everyone loved it. My husband says he is going to do this with me, but he’s having a hard time and dragging his feet a bit, but once he sees the benefits, I think he’ll come around. I also made a lot of hard boiled eggs and I buy rotisserie chickens as an easy meal… and if you can tolerate nuts, they are a great snack. Keep me updated if you find any great recipes! Good Luck!

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