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L-Glutamine and Fish Oil Supplements

Intro to Joan M:

Hi, I have had UC for 14 years. I was diagnosed in 2000 at the age of 45 years old. I have been taking Asacol for most of those years. I was on Prednisone for a number of months in the 2000, Imuran for a couple of months and then just Asacol. I quit smoking in September 2013 and within 2 weeks I was in a flare. It’s now February 2014 and I am still battling this flare-up. I started the SCD diet about 10 days ago, I’m sticking to it religiously and I am hoping that I will have good results. I am considering trying L-glutamine and fish old pills. Can you give me any good feedback on either and what dosage of each supplement would be good for me to start with. Please respond as I am getting so frustrated and want to find something natural instead of being lead down to the pharmaceutical path to stronger medications such as Remicade. Thanks for listening and I really appreciate your website. Thanks.

Some more about Joan:

She works at a school

Symptoms Joan Has:

blood, diarrhea, urgency

Joan’s Story:

I take Asacol HD, Rowasa enema and Canasa.
Diagnosed in 2000 at age 45. Does anyone take L-glutamine
or fish oil pills? What dosage and how often?

I think the EVOO is interesting and I do believe that could be effective. I just can’t see drinking a tablespoon of EVOO three times a day without gagging on it. I love olive oil but I need to have it over lettuce or something like that in order to get that much down.

Any suggestions as to another way that the EVOO can be ingested. Perhaps in a smoothie?

He suggests taking on an empty stomach, I don’t know if I could handle that.  Any suggestions would be helpful as I will try the EVOO as remedy.

I have been through a couple of GI docs and of course the say the don’t know why nicotine affects the colitis, diet doesn’t have any effect on the colitis and that the meds are the only real remedy. Although, one of the GI specialists did tell me that research has indicated that eating yoghurt and the probiotics are effective if taken religiously. I am now making my own yoghurt since starting the diet. I feel that the foods on the diet are soothing to the gut and I am really hoping that I get good results from the SCD diet. I am being so careful not to eat anything illegal, it’s hard but if helps cure that horrible disease, I will stick with it forever. I just want to be able to function again and live life in a healthy manner.

I have such a hard time at work sometimes with urgency, sometimes with getting sickened by something I ate (previous to the SCD diet) and the fatigue that goes along with the disease. Please give me some feedback to my questions. Thanks so much.

written by Joan M and submitted in the colitis venting area

Adam Scheuer Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy

Adam Scheuer – founder of iHaveUC

Ask Adam:

“Do you take any supplements like L-glutamine or fish oil pills? If so, what dosage and how often?”

Hey Joan,

Thanks for sharing what’s going on with your UC, and I hope you see some awesome improvements to your colitis and over control of your bowels moving forward.

To answer your question, No, I don’t take any supplements like L-Glutamine or fish oil pills.  Some people definitely do take those types of supplements, and some of those folks have had success with them.

If you’d like to read a story about a UC’er using L-Glutamine…let’s see…UM…BEV!

That’s right, have you read Bev’s story yet?  Here’s the link to her most recent post here:

Bev has been pounding the L-Gluta for a long time and unless something’s changed I don’t know about, she’s still taking it right now.

Fish oil, part of your question too.  I’m no fish oil expert by any means, but here’s an idea you might really like.  If you’re getting into starting the SCD diet (which I think is GREAT!) why not also start including a good healthy amount of fish into your meals?  Certainly you’ll be getting some fish oil there, and maybe killing two birds with one stone.

Seriously, I’m all about people doing whatever it takes to get healthy from UC, but on the same type of thinking, good high quality protein, baked/broiled/even grilled is a really good move for SCD eaters like me.  And if you can get your fish oil from the actual food, BINGO.

I wish you the best Joan, and thanks again for sharing your story.  Let us know how you’re feeling in a few weeks and please keep up with us.

Adam Scheuer

26 thoughts on “L-Glutamine and Fish Oil Supplements”

  1. Graham from England

    Hi Joan,

    I recently read that nicotine is a TNF blocker, this is similar to what Asacol and Canasa do. I also understand that the inflammatory response and calming stress are directly involved with the vagus nerve. Perhaps this is why Nicotine reduces the inflammation and calms us all in one.

    Six weeks on Asacol produced a stroke like episode, I had perfect cardio vascular results but cranial nerve damage (from TNF drugs) can produce these episodes. Evoo naturally blocks TNF and is obviously much safer. Though I am very used to it now, people do seem very reluctant to take the oil as trial and error recommends. It really does work best this way, even Jini Patel Thompson’s “Listen To Your Gut” suggest taking healing oils in this way. Taking a better quality peppery oil will help and it is only olive fruit juice after all. Not only is it one of nature’s finest health foods it is not a drug to be scared of in any way. 10ml doses are perfect, some table spoons are huge so it’s worth measuring out before you start. Perhaps it’s time to withdraw the tablespoon!

    Good luck…

  2. UC Family Boy

    Can’t go into it in full detail right now. But as per Graham would recommend; take EVO and I would suggest supplement this with Vitamin D. Lower your intake of Omega 6 (veg oil, corn oil…) whilst trying this. I hope this works for you as well as it had for me.

  3. Joan!

    As Adam said up above, I DO still take L-glutamine daily. I take North Coast Naturals fermented L-glutamine powder in the amount of 1 scoop (the scoop is right in the tub) per day. I take the unflavored stuff and mix it in a teaspoon or so of cranberry juice, but you can mix in into water as well.

    I also recommend a GOOD enteric coated (so that it dose not dissolve until it reaches the colon) probiotic. This must be taken daily, on a completely empty stomach, and then no eating or drinking anything other than water for at least half an hour. I take ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE (when am I going to get paid for this by the company I wonder???) by RENREWLIFE. It is WONDERFUL. The L-glutamine did not get me fully into remission on it’s own. The probiotic did. The L-glutamine simply helps to repair or heal the mucosa of the colon. The probiotic replenishes the good bacteria that we UCers are obviously severely lacking.

    I also take vitamin D and astaxanthin (two natural anti inflammatories) with fats and one 3.75mg capsule of LDN (low dose naltrexone) at bedtime. Not sure if the LDN is doing anything for the UC, because the other stuff got me into remission, but I sleep real good on it! You can read about LDN by googling it and going to the LDN homepage.


      1. Any pharmacy that compounds.

        In other words, phone some pharmacies and ask if they are a ‘compounding’ pharmacy.

        Not all pharmacies do that.

        Cheers :)

    1. Bev,
      You are a great help, starting on l glutamine tomorrow,!
      Wish me luck!!
      How much NF probiotic do you take every morning? I have UC but haven’t taken any probiotics, docs never recommended for some reason. This forum is excellent!!

      1. Hi Avital,

        I take one capsule with water first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything…and then no eating or drinking anything other than water for at least half an hour or more. Nothing interferes wit its absoption

  4. Having had UC since 1991. I decided to try L-Glutamine ( Taking Bev’s Advise ) for the first time a year or two ago. The recent flare I had, was the first flare with NO BLOOD involved. The ONLY CHANGE I made was adding L-Glutamine to my diet. I prefer the orange flavored from North Coast Naturals. So try it. Oh almost forgot … Thank you Bev !!

    1. I’m just so happy for you Tim…that makes all right in the world!!

      That L=glutamine really helps heal that mucosa of the colon, meaning less or no bleeding:)

  5. I developed UC in 2007 following a broken hip and a decision to give up smoking – I was 52. It took 3 years to fully diagnose the UC and all that time I was on Asacol 2.4g x 2 daily and up to 40 mg prednisilone daily to control the flares. I gained in total 6 stone in weight but then I followed Bev’s advice and started taking Ultimate life flora capsules and L-glutamin capsules, I also saw a natreopath who prescribed some mineral supplements. There has been a definate improvement in my bowel habits and I have recently introduced Asacol suppositeries 1 every other night and have been blood and mucous free for one month (longer than any other time since 2007). Supplements can’t hurt and are definately worth a try

  6. Kyle

    Hey Joan! How are you doing? Hey, I am currently on the SCD diet and taking both Fish Oil and L-Glutamine supplements. I take the actual liquid form of the fish oil though because I have heard questionable things about the pill form and also a lot of pills contain different types of illegals for SCD, I also take an SCD legal L-glutamine that I got from Kirkman labs, found out about them through pecanbread.

    As far as results go, I am not sure, I know that I am not feeling any worse by taking them, so it’s not hurting me! I was recommended taking them by a naturopathic doctor that I met with this winter. I am dealing with some cramps due to scar tissue/nerve healing in the gut and she recommended both of these for the healing process, as well as helping with the IBD, I actually have Crohn’s. So I don’t know if I can give you too much insight, just the fact that I am taking both supplements and haven’t seen any negatives as a result.

    Just as anything you have to give it time, so that is what I am doing. Feel free to ask any other questions you have on it and I can provide whatever insight I can give you! Hope all is well.



  7. How much l’glutamine is everyone taking? I have just bought 500mg capsules and it says take one a day, preferably with a meal. Is this too weak a dose to take for us UC’ers or shall I stick to what it says on the bottle?!

    1. I don’t take the capsules I take the powdered form, but you could just take the recommended dose and see for a week. If you keep bleeding, take two.

      Cheers :)

  8. How long did it take for it to take effect? I know alternative remedies usually take a long time to work. I suppose it’s different for everyone.

    1. For me, it was only a few days…but it’s not the same for everyone. Plus, I was taking that ULTIMATE FLORA probiotic at the very same time. Not sure if it was a combination of the two together that made everything work so well and so fast for me?

  9. Bev please remind me which probiotic you take? My flare is getting a little out of control now so am on the dreaded prednisone as of today. But for me best to get it controlled and then I can look to alternative remedies to maintain remission.


      One per day.

      Always remember to take on a completely empty stomach and then no eating or drinking anything other than water for at least half an hour afterward.


      1. Sorry if this has been answered Bev but quick L Glutamine question – is it ok to take the tablets rather than the powder – just ordered some on offer but they are tablets . Wasn’t sure if you knew of a difference xx Much love and Happy New Year

        1. Hi Joanna,

          I have no idea if there is any difference at all…does anyone else have any information on whether it is better to take powdered L-glutamine or tablet form?

          Thanking you in advance…

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