Colitis Guide eBook – By Jim Miller



Do you have Ulcerative colitis,
or do you live with someone who does?


Have you struggled to understand this baffling disease and what it means for you or your loved one?

If so, this unique e-book may be just what you’re looking for…

Finding out you have a serious auto-immune condition can be both confusing and frightening. Faced with a life-time of disturbing symptoms, dependence on long-term drug therapies and forced changes to your lifestyle, the path ahead can seem both daunting and lonely.

This is how I felt back in 2010. One day I was fit and healthy, the next I was diagnosed with an incurable disease of which I had never heard.

Up to that point I had led a packed life. In my early thirties, I was physically fit, and apart from the occasional cold, rarely ill. Then suddenly my colon started to fail. I found myself gripping the throne day-in-day out, losing blood, feeling sick to my stomach, fatigued, and driven to tears.

I was scared, but above all I was deeply bewildered. I just didn’t understand what UC actually was or what having an auto-immune condition meant for me.

I searched the internet for information but struggled to make sense of the noise around UC. What I needed was a single source of useful guidance and information, the inside track on the disease from people who had been there and done it.

The trouble was the book I was looking for didn’t exist. So I decided to write it!

The Insider’s Guide to Ulcerative Colitis brings together four years of research based on my experience from initial diagnosis to eventual j-pouch surgery.


It is the ultimate A to Z of UC, covering everything you need to know about living, managing and surviving the disease

This comprehensive e-book’s nearly 140 pages are packed with great information, including:

  • My personal UC story (how I survived UC): from diagnosis to j pouch surgery
  • The UC 101 (everything you need to know about the disease)
    • The colon: what is it and why you need it
    • What exactly is UC?: theories and causes
    • Types of UC: from mild to severe
    • The cycle of remission and relapse
    • Who gets UC?
    • Outlook & rare complications
  • Jim’s A to Z of UC symptoms: the lowdown on just about every single possible UC symptom
  • How doctors diagnose UC
  • What to except from a colonoscopy
  • Medical treatment: an overview of the main drugs
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs: including aminosalicylates and steroids
    • Immune system suppressors: including Imuran, Methotrexate, Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus
    • Biologic immunosuppressants: including Adalimumab, Remicade and Vedolizumab
  • Alternative treatment options: the many non-medical options followed by UC’ers
    • UC diet: including the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™
    • Supplements: vitamins, minerals, and natural anti-inflammatories
    • Probiotics: what you need to know about off-the-shelf brands and natural sources
    • The Human Probiotic: otherwise known as fecal implants
    • Helminthic therapy: the weird world of gut parasites
  • Living with UC: 9 strategies to help you survive and thrive, including emotional management and day-to-day tips and tricks
  • Surgery: a last resort or life regained?
    • Making a decision
    • What is involved?
    • The step-by-step process to a fully functioning j-pouch

This is not just a UC manual.  It is also a personal story of my journey through the UC ‘mill’ from first colonoscopy to final surgery.

My story is proof that a diagnosis of UC does not mean your life is over. Many people learn to manage this disease and continue to lead full lives.  In my case, I recovered from the severest form of UC and returned to a happy and active lifestyle.

I may no longer have a colon but I do have a life.  And I’m living it to the full.

This guide is for anyone with UC, especially the recently diagnosed, and of course the many people who care for, love, and live, with someone battling this disease.

If you want the full facts about UC then look no further…

In good health,
Jim Miller