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Kicking UC Butt!

Recent BBQ Party!

Recent BBQ Party!


Hi All!

Name is Bruno, i am 25 years old currently been working in IT for 7 years or so.

Last year 2013 early Nov i was diagnosed with UC. 3 months prior leading up my diagnosis I noticed that my bowels were containing blood and I had diarrhea each time I went to the bathroom. I’m one of those ppl that dnt like going to the doctor so I thought if id give it a couple of weeks hopefully it will go away but it didn’t and each day the symptoms got worse and worse. So I decided to visit my GP and gave me some antibiotics which I used for 3 weeks but did not help at all.
That is when I started stressing and the more I ate to sustain my daily diet for gym the worse the symptoms got, so after 3 months I went to a specialist surgeon an he performed the tests ie: scopes, samples and blood samples.
Results came back and BAM! I have UC, I had no idea what the hell was UC until I researched it on the net and suddenly it sunk in as to how bad this really was.

Some more about me:

I love sports have a passion for cars and currently obsessed with ‘Body Building’, as a teenager I grew up skinny and slim(51kg’s) and from one day to the next I decided this is it! joined a gym and picked up 19kg’s in 3,5years until one day my body decided to throw me a curve ball :( and we all know what I am talking about… lol

Was healthy as horse, never visited the doc, never had any such sickness’s.


I currently almost have no symptoms for the past month or so.

Kicking UC Butt!

Basically two months after being diagnosed I lost 9-11KG’s and OMG I felt like crap, weak, no energy, depressed, flat and just tired all the dam time. I landed up going to the bathroom 7-9 times a day having bad cramps and unable to focus at work. Over December time I went away for 3,5weeks and it wasn’t the best holiday I’ve had mainly due to having UC which just brought me down and made me depressed. I would’ve have never thought a sickness could bring someone down so much, I mean last time I was in a hospital was when I was a kid and that was for a bashed head.

Doc prescribed me Asacol + an Antibiotic(forgot the name) and while I was on the meds there was absolutely no change to my symptoms at all!!!!!!! at this point I was ready to just give up! but fortunately my family and friends were there to support me in a huge way! So I decided to research other alternatives to treat myself and I am soooooo glad I did. As most of us know ‘DIET’ is a huge factor don’t let any doc or anyone tell you otherwise. I stopped eating diary, spicy foods, sugars, sulpher dioxide, beans, carbonated drinks, deep fried foods and nuts… all these foods at my symptoms peak made my symptoms even worse, some worse than others. After trying numerous health remedies and advise from family and friends I found a combination that works for me. As a result I’m currently in remission (4weeks now) with no sides and with no prescribed medication.

After I started taking the below ‘medication’ I kid you not my diarrhea stopped from one day to the next :0 I was absolutely ecstatic that my bowel was almost a solid… Iv never looked at my poo with such joy :) and 7-9 visits went down to 1-2 visits a day, no cramps and A LOT less blood, after 2weeks I stopped seeing blood as well which was a huge relief for me.
A few tips: Drink 2L min water a day, don’t mix fruit + veg in same meal and no rich creamy foods.

Morning : multivitamin + vitamin C, magnesium, omega 3, 1x tablespoon flaxseeds, BifidoFlora*, teaspoon Flaxomucil*, 3x Green Power tablets\powder and Zinc.

Evening : Vitamin C, magnesium, omega 3, 1x tablespoon raw flaxseeds, BifidoFlora*, teaspoon Flaxomucil* and 3x Green Power tablets\powder.

This so far has been working for me 100%, I am able to ‘cheat’ on foods and have chocolates or sweets without any troubles even drinking alcohol isn’t a issue and I’m also able to have a toilet free night out every night :)….. I’m back in the gym hitting it hard, and slowly but surely increasing the amount of food I eat and see what i can or not eat.

So that’s my story and I hope what I’m doing now will carry on working like it is now and i hope this will work for some of you too!!! Will def keep you guys up to date with how things are going.

Thank you Adam for creating such an amazing site!!!!

Bruno Cidrais

21 thoughts on “Kicking UC Butt!”

  1. Bruno,

    Awesome story and so so so happy to hear you’re doing well with your UC program!!

    Keep it going and good luck with the grilling.

    Best to you,

  2. Hi Bruno, I am glad to hear what is working for you. I don’t want to bust your bubble but after have this disease for 25+ years it definitely has it’s ups and downs. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in and out of remission. Just about the time I think I have figured it out with diet, meds or whatever, BAM, it is starting at me in the face once again. If this happens to you, never give up and keep trying things that make you get back into remission. You are on the road to hearing doctors say there is nothing you can do and the disease has a mind of it’s own. I don’t believe that. I think diet, meds, stress, supplements are all significant factors when dealing with this mess. I love this website because it has helped me tremendously in trying to find alternatives in keeping uc under control. I am currently on the SCD, multi vitamin, zinc, 2 tsp cod liver oil, probiotic (Bev’s), and “Ass”acol HD 3-800 mg tabs. I am coming out of a tiny flare. I discovered I was drinking sweetened almond milk for about a week and pretty sure that is what put me into the flare. I know it can be difficult if in a major flare

  3. That’s awesome, Bruno!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!
    I’m just curious as to what foods you’ve been eating or staying away from during this time? I’m having a tough time just finding some foundational foods to build on.

  4. Yes Ann totally agree with u. I’m more than 1 year with UC. (Still a baby i know with UC, but not a baby in age). My 2nd flare up now. I’m currently busy with a trial. Going for my 2nd sigmoidoscopy next week.Stress,meds,diet, all factors that plays a role in this disease.Glad to hear there’s stuff that works for you Bruno. Good luck to you.

  5. Good going Bruno! The diet changes you’ve
    made have created a healthy bio dome in
    your colon, check out the SCD legal and
    illegal foods ( google it) and Adam’s cook
    book…please be careful with alcohol no
    matter how good you feel, OK? And please
    add some multiple strain high count probiotic
    like Critical Care . 50 billion ea capsule each
    day. You’ve got the right idea from what your
    email shared. Addressed the diet along
    with meds and look how great you’re
    doing. It’s all good… Be well. Karen

  6. Ni ce to “meet” you Bruno! Your story is just like mine, although I’ve had UC since I was 19, with many ups and downs with this disease. Now I’m 37. 18 months ago I was in a flare and decided to try the SCD. Within two months my symptoms were almost gone! I have since introduced many new foods that work for me, such as soy sauce, half&half for my coffee, etc. with no problems. I am thrilled to have finally found a way to feel better without dangerous medication! It sounds like you have found something that works for you. Every body is different, which means different regimens work for different people, especially when dealing with diseases of the intestines. Maybe what you’re doing will also work for others! Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. Hi Bruno! I was wondering what type of multivitamin you are taking? Love your story really gives me hope that I can have a semi normal life again.

  8. After 25+years with this disease—I can tell you although you won’t believe me, it’s the “Gluten” and it’s in everything. When I am strict with my diet I have no symptoms. I encourage everyone to try it!!!! We cannot ‘digest foods like normal folks do. All the drugs are harmful, just do natural.

  9. Hi Tina, I really think it’s the sugar as well as the gluten. I bought some almond milk and realized it was not the unsweetened kind and drank it for about a week. I could not understand why I was starting to flare because I thought I was following the SCD to the T. I have not seen any blood for about 4 days now so I think I am back on track. NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR and NO LACTOSE is my motto!

  10. Hey guys!!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome and responses! :)

    Latest update is that all is still in order! :) thank goodness…. i get off days here and there but i supposes thats normal and to be fair i do cheat and have foods im not supposed to haha… (i cnt help it)

    Foods i still stay away from is mostly diary; like cheese and milk :( those are a big no for me even tho i love pizza to death….. Spicy foods i tend to stay away from aswell. Beans are also no good as they give me serious cramps/gas/pain… Deep fried foods is also one of the main ones i stay away from.

    Foods i do eat are; brown/white rice, chicken, turkey, meat(LEAN!!! no fat), nuts, eggs, potatoes, veggies, bread etc. Basically very plain foods haha :) be careful of sources too as they can be rich in fat or creamy.

    Tina – i think u right!!! Gluten is probably the worst thing for us to eat, specially if you in a flare up. I found that high fibre foods during a flare up is not good at all, need easily digestible foods. i heard that Sugar is toxic for our guts :0

    Mellisa – Multivitamin i use is Solgar V2000. Bit expensive but worth every cent, looking at the values its almost double than most MV brands.

    Diet and stress i believe are the two main problematic areas for us, and living in the world we do now both Diet and Stress is shitty… Hope all guys come right and find a solution/workaround and as embarrassing as it is talking to friends and family really helps you move forward and stay strong.

    Cheers for now!

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  12. Hi, my son was diagnosed with uc at the age of 14 in 2010, he was not able to tolerate Asacol or Pentasa, he started the scd diet and gradually he began to get better, he was in remission for 19mnths until two weeks ago, when for no reason he started a bad flare, he is studying for exams but did not appear stressed. He is so dissapointed and gutted, of course missing school doesnt help. I took him back to the doctor yesterday and he started him on 30mg Prednisone tapering weekly, has anyone on the diet had this experience and how long did it take to get out of a flare? I dread going back to his GI because all he talked about was surgery and not happy with how we were treating him. The only other medication he is on is Low dose Naltrexon.

  13. Hi Barbara, I have posted on this site a many times…I have been on the SCD for over a year now but even with that I still flare after a few days if I go off of the Asacol HD. Very frustrating. I wish I could be more help. There is a difference between Asacol and Asacol HD but not sure what it is. Maybe since your son is older he might be able to tolerate Asacol HD…maybe it’s worth the try. Wish I had more advice for you. Good luck to your son.

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