Just When Things Were Good, Here We Go Again

Lisa’s Colitis Story:

Hi, call me lisa. I’ve had ulcerative colitis since I was 21 and pregnant with our second. I thought I was losing the baby. I was running to the bathroom to see blood and all that other wonderful stuff floating in the toilet. With pain that I never felt before – oh yeah, somethings wrong with the baby and me. This all happened in one day. In about two hours I’m being driven by my sister in law to the doctors, who urgently sent me downstairs to a gastro. After a few tests, in he came, “well Lisa, you have ulcerative colitis”.

I asked him what kind of antibiotics will I be on? (thinking u.c. was a name for an infection)

No, this is a disease…than he explained.

Now 20 years later I’ve been the roller-coaster time and time again. Two years after I was diagnosed, I started to bodybuild, yea while being on prednisone and everything else. I’m married to a bodybuilder, and I knew that I need to resist cravings and sweat everyday to keep the moon face away. That prednisone believe it or not was what got me psyched everyday to have killer workouts. I just learned to channel all the crazy ass predisone head trip “pissed at the world, don’t f with me” at the gym. I ate clean, most of the time and gained ten pounds everytime i had to go on prednisone. Well now I’m flared again and the doctor just put me on 40mgs I’m gonna try and psyche myself up eat clean as possible, wish me luck.

I don’t think I’m ready for “the” operation yet,

and I really don’t wanna try remicade.

I’d rather have acne for a little while, some hair-loss, sicko cravings 24/7 , a beard, nightmares, insomnia, workout harder than a normal woman has to!!!… than try anything else, I think I really am not sure what to do about this anymore. When it goes away for 6 months life is amazing only to visit you again. When its not present I’m glad i never got the “bag”. Well, there it is in a nutshell!

Colitis Medications:

prednisone usually calms it down immediatley, side effects are crazy. Ive tried pentasa, asacol, immurane… in my head I feel like prednisones side effects are all I can deal with. Ive tried the others mentioned without pred. and they didn’t do squat but gave me acne and hairloss. I have something with my hair its massive and wild out of control hair. When I lose it like anyone else it sucks! It always ends up half of what I have. It always grows back great only until the next time! If I take anymore meds with prednisone¬† I’m scarred Ill go bald- for real!

5 thoughts on “Just When Things Were Good, Here We Go Again”

    1. hi uma yup ive tried all garden of life products and stuck with them at a time in my life they worked and they didnt… Like alot of things out there, but thankyou for throwing that one out there ill try anything once!

  1. Hey Lisa, I was kind of excited when the doctor told me he was going to prescribe me steroids when I was diagnosed with UC. I was nieve and didn’t know anything about UC at the time, nor prednisone. I’d been working out naturally (nothing but protein shakes and some creatine here and there) for years and loved lifting weights. I found out quickly that the Prednisone didn’t help me get any stronger in the gym, so that was dissapointing. I kept up my weight lifting routine the whole time I was dealing with UC, 5 days a week, usually having to take atleast 2 poop breaks each 75 minute workout (after I’d already been like 10 times before I’d even get to the gym). I found it made me feel better for atleast a few hours after I worked out. It just helps your moral. Cut to right now, I just had my colon removed last Tuesday, Dec 6th. I’m feeling great already, eating mostly what I want, although there are still restrictions, and not having to shit my pants anymore-a really great feeling. Sure, now I have to learn how to live with an ostomy bag, but it’s still far better than what I was going through before. I can’t wait to get back to the gym already, the doctor says not to do anything strenuous outside of walking for 6 weeks. I’m not even supposed to pick up my 2 year old for 6 weeks, which has been tough and I find myself testing the boundaries already, just did some push ups today to see what would happen and I was fine. Anyway, I just share the same passion as you with working out and just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and if you ever decide to get surgery done, you can get back to the gym eventually-this was my main concern when making the decision to remove my colon, that and I was out of options. I’m already glad my colon is gone, don’t miss it one bit. Here is a fun fact, the colon weighs about 5 or 6 lbs and is about 6 feet long, so its a great way to drop 5 or 6 lbs, haha. Bad humor, I know. Anyway, if things ever get so bad where you need to make a decision, just know you’ll be gaining a lot more than you’re losing. Take care Lisa, keep clanging and banging those weights.


    1. hey blake good for you to finally go through with it! Its probably the best thing youve done, and I bet you wished youd done it earlier huh? My time will come, I dont know why I dont feel Im ready yet, I mean its worse as I get older! What dont I get?! Wow. Im glad you took the time to write alittle something it means alot believe it or not. Well talk soon. I hope you remain healthy and that the quality of your life is mega now!!

      1. Thanks Lisa, I hope your situation gets better so you don’t have to consider surgery, but don’t let fear get in the way of your quality of life. I’m a few days out of 2 weeks since surgery. The biggest problem I’m having is 1) body image and learning how to conceal the bag. I haven’t really been out much, just been chilling on the couch recovering although I did go to the gym (totally against docs orders but I just walked on the treadmill and lifted a few light weights, nothing that would strain the abdomen). I’m looking into getting some type of belt to help conceal the bag. 2) Sleeping has been a little rough, the bag fills up pretty quickly at night and I usually get up about twice to empty. I always have trouble falling back asleep after I get up, but still way better than dealing with UC. 3) Random pains, including back pain and shortness of breath, but my nurse said that is totally natural after surgery. Other than that, everything is great. I do feel depressed sometimes, but I blame that on being so lazy and shut out from the rest of the world during recovery. I think that will disapear once I start going back to work and feel like a productive member of society again. Anyways, hope you have a Merry Christmas, I’m excited to eat things I wouldn’t have dared to try when I had my colon. Take care!

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