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Just Out of the Hospital

Hi, i am just out of hospital after being told i have severe colitis.i am lost as to what foods i can eat and not eat.i have being prescribed pentasa twice a day.had corn flakes for breakfast and am bent up with pain now.can someone help me with my new diet,also can i eat smoked fish?

Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area by: “SpiderWoman”

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6 thoughts on “Just Out of the Hospital”

  1. Hi,
    I found when I was first diagnosed or whenever I’m in a bad flare I stick with really bland plain foods at first then slowly add in proteins then a small amount of well cooked veggies and so forth. I found that any dairy products really bothered me. I ate a lot of white rice, rice chex, white bread, white pasta, saltines, chicken soup, turkey sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches. Personally, I would wait on the smoked fish until your feeling a lil better. I hope this helps a little. You should also check out the “i have uc” facebook page.

  2. My experience is similar to Pricilla’s. I try to go as bland as possible – with no dairy – and then I gradually try other things. I’m flaring now and find that Cream of Wheat and bananas are my staples. :-). Also eggs are ok for me, peanut butter, protein bars & shakes. I’m fine with soy yogurts, but I’ve heard some folks have trouble with soy. You’ll probably find some “random” stuff that does or doesn’t sit well with you. Like for me: waffles – fine; rye bread – no. {shrug} Everybody’s “triggers” are different, but I’d definitely stay away from raw vegetables and obvious stuff like spicy or fried foods for awhile.

  3. Completely agree with the comments about sticking to bland. For me, sticking to low fat foods was the key. Word of warning on the White bread stuff, I ate loads and whilst it didn’t bring the flare back, I gave me horrible constipation that has become a problem in itself months after the flare.

  4. I have found the following to be problematic: corn especially anything with high fructose corn syrup, white rice, white bread, milk, anything carbonated, red meat, regular potatoes, tomatoes (although I can now eat some from time to time), fried food, gluten, and commercial mayo.

    What does work for me: salmon (not smoked) but either cooked or canned, rice crackers, oatmeal, rice milk, bananas, black raspberries, chicken, eggs, apple sauce.

    What I was in trying to recover, my diet was oatmeal (cooked with water and rice milk – sugar), applesauce (pure make sure there aren’t any additives), eggs or rice cheese sandwich on gluten free bread for lunch with more applesauce, a banana for a snack, and fish and a vegetable like carrots or squash for dinner. I know it seems boring but it was either this or stronger meds. Fast forward a year and I am in much better shape and have more latitude now. I still do not eat any food in my problematic list except that I can now sneak in a burger once every two months (no fries).

  5. I find it very interesting about how different foods affect differnt people. I am a plant eating pussy (vegetarian) and found that I had a better time with colitis if I ommitted gluten fom my diet. Other than that I seem to be able to eat anything.
    However, during periods when colitis is flaring I do find that just living off the juicer machine is the way to go. After about a week or 2 I start to introduce food like mashed veges etc.
    I wouldn’t eat a fish.
    Good luck to you,

  6. The dietician at my hospital put me on a no-fibre diet for the first few weeks after I was released from hospital. I wasn’t allowed to eat any multi-grains, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, raw vegetables or popcorn (actually harder than it sounds). I could eat some fruit if it was peeled and some cooked vegetables. I found dairy products also upset me, as well as pasta. It sounds somewhat like the specific carbohydrate diet. I ate a lot of white bread, white rice, canned fruits, jello, soups, stirfries, tuna sandwiches, eggs, and really random things like that. I didn’t notice a huge difference, as I was still recovering, but started to notice which foods were triggering me and how much food I could handle after barely eating for a month. However, the dietician said to not stay on a diet like this for very long as it’s extremely low in nutrients and vitamins, and obviously fibre. It was more of a temporary thing while my colon was healing.

    Now, I’ve been kind of making up my own diet and seeing what is working for me. I find staying away from fried, processed, sugary foods, dairy and packaged foods helps, sticking to small portions and eating small things throughout the day, as well as staying away from restaurant/fast food which is high in salt, fat and portion size.

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