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Just Diagnosed with UC This Week

First off: for those people who have been dealing with UC for years, allow me to give you a standing “O” (or in my case a sitting, grunting AAAaahhh).

I was diagnosed with UC this week and it has been the most painful, gut wrenching, fatigue inducing experience of my whole life. I’m starting to believe this condition is just as mental as it is physical. Please dont give up! We must continue to fight the hellacious pain and not give up. although, last night when i woke up for about the 5th time after yet another bloody stool I wondered how i could ever have my life back again. I’m not used to this. I’m 31 years old, active, social, and this disease has totally put me on the shelf. it’s got me questioning how I will live my life. I just dont know how this is gonna work. But i do know i’m not gonna let this thing whup me. If that means a diet of no french fries and pizza :(
then so be it.

My saga began about 3 or 4 years ago when i noticed the occasional blood in my stool. so i figured the blood was a result of my eating habits. i went to the Dr., he suggested a colonoscopy but because of my previous phobia of all things rectal i ignored the advice. i didnt really think it to be a big deal. there was no pain involved, and it was typically after eating fast food like McDonalds.

No real pain, no nausea-no fatigue. Life was large. But THEN…about 3 weeks ago, i began to have the bloodiest, most disgusting bowels imaginable. I’m talking, “Would you like some diarrhea with that blood sir?” freaked me out. But i had convinced myself that my body heals itself so i didn’t quickly go into the doctor. i dealt with it up until last Sunday when my wife took me to the emergency room. Amazingly, i was received quickly and after a smattering of tests and needles and blood work the diagnosis was in. “UC”. i had no idea what “UC” was, i was just happy it wasnt colon cancer.

While in the hospital i began to feel better, my energy began to come back, and i’m thinking that with a little medication and rest that i’ll be right back on the horse. WRONG!! i got home last Thursday and the fight was on. UC has had my bowels in a lock ever since. i feel terrible, have absolutely no motivation, and am just a generally crabby person to be around. the bloody diarrhea is just saddening to look at when it’s 5 am. i pooped 7 bloody stools last night! this is just as bad as it was before i went to the ER.

The GI specialist prescribed me Lialda, flagyl, Prednisone, and a rectal suppository. I honestly dont think any of this is the answer so now i’m focused on my diet.

I’ll try to stay positive and you do the same.


3 thoughts on “Just Diagnosed with UC This Week”

  1. I was also diagnosed with UC last week. Fortunately, I don’t know how, but somehow I managed to stay out of the hospital. I don’t think anyone understands how crappy you feel(no pun intended)when you have this..

    I was also put on Lialda, only once a day. I started it a week ago. At first it was almost like it made me feel worse. I did get night sweats the first night and was waking up to go, but its been smooth sailing at night since day Day 3 and the past two days no blood wahoo!

    I’ve been trying to start the diet.. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it…at this point it’s like it can’t make me feel any worse than I already do..

    Good luck.. stay positive.. and find a good book to read in the bathroom :)

  2. Hang in there, Poopie. I know the experience. When I was first diagnosed, I was having 20 or so bloody bowel movements per day so I know exactly what it’s like to be up all night on the can. You can get your life back. You just have to find the path that will work for you. Good luck!

  3. I have been reading the stories here, Honestly I just came across this site today, I will be downloading the book and cookbook, I am feeling a bit unsure I have for sure been struggling with foods Why you ask ?? I don’t seem to have any triggers, I am willing to try anything, I was diagnosed about 2 and a half years ago and i have had 5 flare ups I am on meds right now to heal the flare but I am still bleeding alot, I am very worried that it won’t heal this time, I have no pain never do thank god but all the bloody mucosy stuff, bathroom several times a day. so I guess my fear is how will I know where to start with the foods??
    Any Advice ??

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