Just Diagnosed with Colitis in South Dakota

From South Dakota/recently diagnosed with UC May 2010.

Received my second loading dose of Remicade and still on 10 mg of Prednisone. I am getting better/ more energy since starting Remicade and have not had diarrhea for 3 weeks! I can not tolerate any high fiber foods/raw vegies or fruits at this time. I am lucky to not have gluten intolerance, but have some moderate intolerance to lactose. Very life changing experience getting diagnosed with UC/but am glad to know what is now going on in my body.
I have read some on the SCD diet, but can’t imagine eating some of the foods mentioned when I am in a flare. I really want to steer towards foods that move through my colon with the least amount of resistance. At this point I am petrified of eating any raw veggies, fruits or high fiber foods.

(Thanks for posting anonymous UC’er!.  That’s great that you are seeing some quick results with Remicade.  I know exactly what you are talking about regarding being super scared of raw veggies and fruits and high fiber stuff. That’s the common thought, I was definitely thinking that back in my massive flared out days.  My uncle was always saying that certain foods are like sandpaper moving through the walls of the colon, and when its already cut up all over…well you get the picture.  Keep us posted on how things come along for you, and thanks for being the first to add to the site from South Dakota.  hey, how is Crazy Horse coming along?  Adam)

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  1. Remicade seems to be working good for the UC/however now have started to see what happens with supressed immune system. Have a throat infection and can’t take just any antibiotic for fear of over growth of bacteria in intestines. Nothing is easy now!! Does it ever get easier or does one just get used to the constant up and downs/running to the doctor etc?

    1. Hey Tracey,
      You are sure right about the idea that not too much comes easy when you are dealing with UC! For me, one positive thing has been that I really appreciate the little (and “big”) parts of life that come along. I am not sure how long you have been dealing with UC, but it seems that as time goes on, somehow the brain starts to get more used to the complications that go along with the disease, so just hang in there, things will get easier to cope with, it just takes time!

  2. Adam
    Thanks for the advice. Actually I am the anonymous UCer from South Dakota/so am two months into UC. I will adjust and adapt as time goes on. I am pretty sure family and friends are sick listening to my list of ailments and issues related to UC. I also think people don’t take UC that seriously since we can still walk, talk and for the most part act like normal human beings/however they have no clue what goes on beyond the bathroom door nor do they understand the pain and exhaustion, the diet restrictions,weight loss etc. More then one time I have had someone tell me they wish they could be thin like me and lose weight. If they only had a clue!
    Oh, and in regards to Crazy Horse/I haven’t seen that monument for 20 years!! I hear it’s coming along, but honestly I am sure I will be long gone before that monster is completed.
    Take care

    1. Hey Tracey,
      I know what you mean about it being hard for others without the disease to understand it sometimes. I guess sometimes all you need to do is go right into a true hardcore story about a day in the life of a uc person, all the bathroom details, cramping details, and other stuff, and if that doesn’t work, tell someone to just sit outside the bathroom you use, and they should get the message. Well, thanks for posting and commenting on the site, and feel free to add whatever you want. this is a pretty good place to clear your mind and getting stuff out. I sure have been known to do that here…
      I’ll keep fingers crossed on Crazy Horse, I’m still hoping for the opening day event one of these years.

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