Just Diagnosed – 33 Years Old -Teacher in San Diego

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Jenz UC San Diego

Jenz - 33 Year Old Teacher in San Diego

I am Jen I am 33. Was diagnosed a week ago with UC. Unlike most people I was semi-vegetarian and always bought organic. I didn’t drink sodas, and rarely had coffee. I would eat meat every now and then but it wasn’t in every meal. So yes I am in the disappointed stage because I was already trying to eat well and do the right things. I think over the last year I have had a few stresses that might have made the issue surface. I moved from Texas to San Diego, but couldn’t sell my house, so I remained in short sale limbo for almost 2 years, and recently we were foreclosed on. I moved to San Diego with my boyfriend of 11 years and we both started grad school. I am the only working, so I guess that also put strain on me. But I really am ok with it and actually enjoy my man being home. Then I have the stress of teaching. I have had some great kids, but it is a lot of work.
So back to the UC…..Currently I am on 9 pills of Balsalazide a day. I don’t really feel bad on it but I haven’t seen much improvement. My doctor said it may take 3 weeks or so to start working. Then our next option is Steroids, which I really don’t want do. So beyond meds, I drink apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, use coconut oil almost for everything, and am on a probiotic. I also use nutritional yeast to bring up my B vitamins and folic acid. The weird thing is, is several of my friends that lived in the same neighborhood growing up all the same issue or similar issues. so that is a little weird. I am looking for holistic means to heal myself. I am not much of a medicine taker, except for birth control pills. (Which I wonder have any relation to the disease) I will keep you guys posted. Had full blood work today. My ERYTHROCYTE count as 50. That means the red blood cells fall to the bottom of the container fast. Normal is 0-20, so that indica tes inflammation. I also have a fecal test that I am doing. As soon as I get test results I will post. Thanks for having a website where we can post!!!


Balsalazide…not sure if it is working yet, just been on it 10 days.

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  1. Welcome, Jen! I was diagnosed over a month ago, and I was kind of feeling the same way: I was disappointed, because I felt I was living a pretty healthy life. Hiking, walking (and running after) my dog, cooked everything from scratch, watched for ingredients, never any soda and so on. Apparently UC doesn’t care. For me it was probably more the stress.

    At first I didn’t want steroids but they really helped me and I am almost done taking them, the side effects were bad at times but bearable (I have no extra facial hair or weird weight gain). I’m trying a holistic way also, but I am including the meds because I feel they really help.

    I can recommend this book to you, if you haven’t already heard about it or read it: “Living With Crohn’s and Colitis – A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide for Complete Digestive Wellness” by Jessica Black and Dede Cummings. Their idea is also a holistic way to treat UC, I really liked it! They also talk about reasons for people to get sick in the first place, which might be interesting for you since you mentioned that some people you grew up with got sick also. They consider influences in childhood.

    Best wishes to you on getting better and getting back (if you’re out) in the classroom! I am a student teacher rightnow, I haven’t been able to go in much, but while I was in the hospital the kids wrote and drew get-well cards which was so sweet.

  2. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and my roommate was just recently diagnosed but hers was a lot more serious. She was borderline surgery and absolutely nothing they did was working for her. So she started a raw food diet and viola she was out of the hospital in a week and now she feels perfectly fine. As for me, I also started the raw food diet and the change is unbelievable! When I stick to it I have absolutely no symptoms and I feel like I’ve never had UC, it’s so amazing. If you’re interested, the book that helped me get started was “12 Steps to Raw Foods” by Victoria Boutenko. It’s an easy read and it’s very informative. By the way, I’m not affiliated with the book or author in any way. I just really support raw foodism being as I’ve been on both sides and experienced how much better I felt on a consistent basis.

  3. Hello Jenz!

    I was diagnosed almost a year and half ago with yucky UC mild to moderate in two opposite sides of my colon. (kinda rare) according to doc. Anyway, kudos to you for trying the natural way girl. I wish it would work out for more people. I used scd 9 ish months without success. I wanted it to work!
    I tore up my prescriptions from the start and NEVER looked back. Have had two flares of bleeding, mucus….never had runny stools..which I was able to heal with holistic means only. Agree, stress is an active player in this disease. We moved from Louisiana to Northern Cali then about 8 months later was found to have UC. Coming from a small town..close to family then suddenly moving across the world (to me) was scary and stressful beyonds words for me. This Feb my hubby job transfered us to Dallas…bam, second flare! Which lasted 4 months then I worked on getting blood under control… (denial) Within a three week period i was back to remission…yay!! All natural!! yoga, prayer, stress free as possible. Hope you can find some peace!

  4. Hello, I am new to this website. I am 44 male, live in the west cost of Canada, BC. I had sigmoidoscopy done few days ago and the GI doc suspected that I have corhn’s disease. Tomorrow I’m going to get full colonoscopy done. To be honest, I am concerned being put on Steroids. I consider myself a very health person, exercise regularly and eat the right food.

  5. Hey! I’m new to the San Diego area as well as this site. I’m sorry to hear about your stress and what you’re going through. If you have any advice about holistic doctors or insurance plans in the area, it would be much appreciated. Or if you would ever love to get together and talk, I’ve never met anyone else with UC. Might be helpful to swap stories. Otherwise take care.

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