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June 2011 Ulcerative Colitis Update

Hi Everybody,

Good old Adam here, for those of you who are brand new, I’m the guy who started this site several moons ago, and as you guessed, I have UC too.

It is now June, can you all believe that?  As crazy as it sounds, come a few more days from now, we will be halfway through the calendar year (well that depends on what type of calendar you use I guess…)

I want to say a few things about new things with the “I Have UC” website, so here we go:

  1. Welcome to all the new people who have joined in on this evolving place for everyone dealing with Ulcerative Colitis.  Whether you submitted your story in the “Ulcerative Colitis Venting Area“, or if you posted a comment on someone else’s story(of which there are now more than 2,000 comments on this site if you can believe that), or if you are one of those other thousands of people enrolled in the IHAVEUC Newsletter who like to simply read the information that makes up the 600 plus pages of this website.  Welcome to
  2. A BIG FAT thanks goes out to everyone who has submitted a “Doctor Review“.  We now have over 60 doctor reviews on the “Find a Doctor” page, and they are from 7 different countries.  If you work with a great or good doctor for your ulcerative colitis, please take a moment and submit a review so we can add it to our growing list.  You can do that right here.(it’s anonymous and takes just a minute or two, and is very useful to others)
  3. A very big thanks goes out to a longtime follower Peter from New Zealand who sent me an email a few days ago requesting a section be built for the website listing “Cures” or Good Treatments that fellow UC’ers are using with success.  What a great idea right! Thx Peter.  Although I’m no genius with the web designing, I made a few more pages to make this happen.  So, now, if you are feeling like you have your UC under control, and things are working well for you, please colitis venting area, so we can highlight your HAPPY story.   Thanks again Peter.

As always, if anybody has any suggestions for the website, please feel free to send them on over.  You can use the contact form at the top of the page and it will go right to me.  I try my hardest to incorporate all ulcerative colitis related ideas that are submitted.

And finally, my health, is doing just great.  Again for all the new people following, I’m one of those people who uses the SCD diet.  There is tons of info on it withing this website, and a specific carbohydrate diet page as well.  I would encourage all new users of the site to at least give it a read, as it may be a good option for you to try if you are looking for some other options to do with or without medications.  It has really helped me a ton and I am now medication free again.  The science behind the diet is to get our gut bacteria in check.(For detailed talk about Gut Bacteria, I suggest you watch the Gut Bacteria Videos from my interviews with the Stanford Microbiologist who is a world leader in gut bacteria research.  Those videos start here.)

I cranked out a video below that I hope some of you laugh at least once or twice.  It was shot just before dinner on June 6th, 2011.  The truth is I have not done any videos for quite some time, and I had just got out of the bathroom after laying some hard pipe and I figured its time to share the story and bust out the camera again.

Have a great June, and I can’t wait to hear from you all.


7 thoughts on “June 2011 Ulcerative Colitis Update”

  1. Man 245 in bench sounds pretty good for 160. Thats around where my bench was before I started flaring a month ago hopefully it will come back quick. Hope you start hittin up the gym so we can maybe post up some things about making the SCD diet work for bodybuilding. I feel like il be relying heavly on bananas, avocados, dccc, SDC yogurt, dates, beans, peanut butter, meats, of course and cheese to put muscle mass back on. There all pretty good weight gainers. I may just throw them all in a blender and call it SCD weight Gainer lol. Also good to know you can go out and have a good time still, hopefully when I get pretty good a healed up I can try gettin a little buzz.

    1. Hey Peter, I have heard of that, and its super expensive over here in the states, sometimes 6-8 times the price of “normal” honey, but I did not know the reasons that they described in the pages. Sounds really interesting, especially the dressing of the wounds with it.. You doing that too out there in NZ???

      Anyways, if you got some buddies over at the place where they are researching it, get your hands on the data and send it this way eh..
      “The University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand has formed the Waikato Honey Research Unit to study the composition of honey and its antimicrobial activity.” Might be super interesting stuff to see what they’ve come up with, especially if they are doing some gut bacteria research with honey… Take care,adam

  2. Hey Adam,
    Sorry I haven’t checked in with you lately it has been a little nutty around here with my little guys running around. Things are good. but I still feel like I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out some time…I know that is not healthy. But either way I am feeling well. So glad that you arer doing well. As for the honey…COSTCO has a huge thing of honey for like 9 bucks….I’m not sure how much, I know its more than T.joes…but its less expensive. I go thru it pretty often too!

    I am looking into signing up for Vegas this week! Are you still in? Anyway, glad to hear that you are well.
    Chat soon.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Good to hear from you!
      I’ll have to check into the honey at Costco, next time i sneak in there. thx for the tip!
      As for Vegas, heck yeah, i’m still in for that. I’m pretty excited to get back there for some fun.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out :) And that’s pretty interesting about the honey. I think I’ll start incorporating that.

    I’m so glad you post these videos. I think they really help people and offer ideas for alternative and supplemental treatment/management for UC.

    See you in Vegas ;)

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