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Father of 4 and husband of one awesome lady. Web developer / programmer with lots of life to live and doesn’t need UC cramping my style. 43 years old and had IBS since college and diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2001.

Joint Pain Remedies for Colitis:

I’ve been looking for a solution to my joint pain. Seems to be pretty common among UC’ers. My GI doc said that it usually involves symmetric joints (both knees or both elbows for instance) and is not isolated to a single joint. It also usually involves the larger joints. In any case, it’s horrible to live with (worse at times than Ulcerative Colitis symptoms) and I’ve been looking for a solution that does not involve Prednisone or the biologics like Remicade or Humira. My GI doc took me off Asacol and started me on Azulfidine which is basically the same drug, but has a sulpha component that is not in Asacol. He says Azulfidine can sometimes help UC-related joint pain but might take a few weeks to work, so he wanted to also put me on Preds. Interestingly, and as noted by many others, I am not experiencing any UC symptoms, but the joint pain is out of control. I feel like an old man.

My GI doc says that when the immune system attacks the intestine lining, it creates antigen-antibody pairs that then move through the blood and lodge in the joints causing inflammation. It seems to me that this is a different mechanism than what causes other arthritic conditions and may be why the common joint pain remedies don’t work like MSM and glucosamine.

I found this link that talks about some possible natural remedies to the joint pain. This guy is to Crohns as Adam is to UC (but Adam’s site has much more info and sharing). Still, it’s good info and I am going to try to reduce my meat intake (difficult since I rely heavily on protein for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and increase vitamin D.

Question:  What is everyone else doing for their joint pain?

Pete’s Colitis Medications:

Been doing the SCD for 3 months now and loving it. Prior to that was taking Remicade but now off that after my new GI doc said I would not need to continue use of biologics (was just about to start Humira, too) if I would take my Asacol religiously. I did a really bad job of taking my meds before things got really bad in 2010 and almost lost my colon (and my life). Soon after, I found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and have been symptom free. Not going back to the SAD (standard american diet) as SCD has also improved by blood sugar and cholesterol levels. By the way, I plan to keep the colon.



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  1. Meats are rich in purines, which can increase inflammation, particularly when you consume too few omega-3 fatty acids, which are prevalent in cold-water fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts.

    Purines break down into uric acid in the blood and form crystals that can deposit in the body’s tissues, especially in joints. UC makes it worse because the liver gets overloaded and it can’t do its job of filtering.

    Excessive amounts of alcohol, especially red wine, coffee, soft drinks, anchovies, asparagus, legumes (beans), mushrooms, and shellfish can cause an elevation of uric acid as well.

    Night Shades are also an important causative factor in arthritis in sensitive people. These include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cayenne, paprika, and tobacco.

    Joint pain can also be caused by bacteria or other infectious agents, severe stress, and a vitamin B5 deficiency.

    I would reduce meat, drink more water, and add a good omega-3 fish or flax oil supplement. Also drink the juice of 1/2 lemon in 8 ounces of water every morning before breakfast. Lemons cleanse the liver, alkalinize the body, and neutralizes acids like uric acid.

    Purine content is greater in red meats and organ meats, so eat more lean, healthy proteins like chicken breast or Salmon.

    I don’t believe in the use of pharmaceuticals. Stay away from drugs :)

  2. I’ve had colitis for 24 years (since age 14), but I practice martial arts and grappling especially and cannot afford joint pain or lack of strength. Having lifted weights for years and never exceeding 125 lbs…I knew I had a problem. Anti-inflammatory drugs consume muscle tissue, but after using them for years my liver and kidneys were in no shape to risk steroid use. Then I found out about GHRP-6…100% legal, actually rebuilds your liver tissue, joint and muscle pain is gone, and I am putting on weight. The fountain of youth DOES exhist…it is GHRP-6.Look into it.

  3. My new GI said NO NSAIDS and told me to take Turmeric (curcumin) 500mg in the morning and evening. I get it at the health food store and so far it seems to be helping!

    1. My daughter just started on Curcumin too. It was recomended by our Doctor of Osteotherapy. We are thinking of ending our Sulfasalazine soon since she is doing so well.

  4. I’m going to keep it brief but just buy ZYLFAMEND LIQUID. Put it UNDER THE TONGUE twice a day two droppers AND for flare ups you can easily use more. this will also avoid flare-ups, as i never seem to have one any more.

    Adam is going to post my story it will be live on the 1st and links will be there. Made by New Chapter, 100% organic, 100% bio-available and works immediately. Will aid against UC but was made for arthritis sufferers.

    I do believe the 3x gulps a day of 100% virgin olive oil is helping me too. I started using it on my face against dehydration in winter, and strangely enough the ridges on my nails are smoothing out. So when Graham wrote about olive oil i thought better just gulp that down too for more internal benefits! It can’t hurt, that is for sure!

  5. I use Knox Gelatin daily to eliminate joint pain. One cup of jello. I make it with half Welch’s Grape juice and water. 5 envelopes per two liter total. Works like giving your joints a lube job.

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