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Jaclyn’s Ulcerative Colitis Solution – Blood Type Based Diet

blood type based diet
Jaclyn’s selfie!

I am an actress and a singer. This disease has put my life on hold for TOO many years. I just want to make my dreams come true and this disease has been putting a LONG hold on it. Finally I am auditioning again and feeling good and I am ready to walk through whatever door I need to follow my heart. This disease will no longer consume me. I strongly believe solution eating right for my blood type is my solution.

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms:

The ONLY symptoms left from the flare is the urgency in the car. THAT we all know if so very hard. It wasn’t there was the prednisone was high but now that I have finished it, it’s the minor symptom left. But I can hold it in and that is the MAIN thing. I have control.

Jaclyn’s Story:

I will keep the longest story of my life as short as I can right about now. I am 28 years old. Ulcerative Colitis symptoms started at age 10 and was diagnosed at 21. Since then have had a total of approximately 3 great years of remission. I am coming out of a year and a half flare that was the worst flare I’ve head in 18 years of the disease.

In the year and a half I have been on 6 doses of prednisone and as we all know, that is alotttt. As soon as the taper would get down to 5 tablets a day from 8, I’d start to feel everything coming back. This time, finally I haven’t felt the symptoms come back! I tried something NEW and I strongly believe this is my long anticipated solution!

I started eating for my BLOOD TYPE, which is “O”. I have been very strictly following the diet for now for 2 and a half months. It includes zero grains (except ezekiel), zero dairy, zero alcohol and much more. I have eliminated all foods causing inflammation in my body. Now, I’ve realized, colitis is so hard to treat and every case is different because we ALL have different blood types. Some foods and drinks that are beneficial to some blood types are POISON for others. I had to eliminate foods that I had NO idea were hurting me. For example: black olives are an “Avoid” (specifically damaging the digestive track) and I ‘always’ had them in my fridge everyday to snack on! Another example is anything coconut! I was consuming coconut and putting the oil on my body everyday which we know anything that goes on our skin goes right into our blood stream. Another HUGE change I did was introduce meat into my body again. I never ate a lot of meat and had my reasons but after reading Dr. Peter J. D’Amo’s “Live Right 4 Your Type, I discovered that meat is Highly Beneficial for me and my body digests it differently than the 3 other blood types. (side note, I only buy organic/non GMO meat from the butcher). Since introducing meat in my diet, my energy has took a total turn! I am finally waking up feeling refreshed after 7 hours of sleeping whereas before I could sleep 12 hours and want to go back to sleep.

I strongly suggest that you ALL give this a try. BE STRICT with it for at least a month and see if you feel any changes. I will eat this way the rest of my life if it means I will feel human again. If you have any questions for me please comment below. This only scratched the surface of my journey of course.

Lots of love to everyone,



I am currently on a multi vitamin x2/day, calcium x2/day, vitamin D

I am also on Salofalk 4 pills x2/day and the salofalk suppositories.

side note. I have tried MANY of these maintenance drugs in the past and they never worked for me. These must be working BUT I have a feeling its the way I am eating that is keeping me at bay :)

written by Jaclyn

submitted in the colitis venting area

51 thoughts on “Jaclyn’s Ulcerative Colitis Solution – Blood Type Based Diet”

  1. Do you eat any kinds of spices in your basic diet … Ask this because spices are a kind of poison for my condition and I made sure of the result when I refrain from eating them forever … knowing that my blood category is o-

  2. Jaclyn,

    Thank you so much for sharing what is working for you and for providing an update on how you got to where you are.

    Please please keep us posted, so we can follow you through your success.

    Thank you again,


  3. I’m glad you have found something that works for you! Does anyone know what the connection is between blood type (cell markers) and diet? How do differences in cell markers change the way your organs, enzymes and flora digest food?

  4. Wow!

    I am blood type O…since I have eliminated alcohol and milk, I have been in remission….for a LONG time now.

    I attribute my remission to the probiotic that I take.

    I was not aware of this blood type thing. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Jaclyn D

      ALCOHOL is another HUGE thing I had to eliminate! No more BEER and no more LIQUOR for me. I drink red wine and ciders. THATS ALL..

  5. Hi! It’s really quite a long time for me to have a chat here. After reading Jaclyn story~ I am a O blood too. I am glad Jaclyn is under remission with her self adjustment on food intake.
    Alright! Let me share of my condition here.
    I am still depending on medication. Going well with my dosage . I eat everything. I mean all kinds of food & alcohol moderately. Frankly speaking I have doubts . What if I have stopped totally on medication? I know I am so selfish to myself. But one thing i have my little discipline here. That is eating & drinking moderately. Do daily exercising . And enjoying my daily life.
    I wish you all well . And do share.

    1. Jaclyn D

      I believe….that the medication is covering your symptoms but if you took it away, still eating the way that you want to eat, the inflammatory levels in your blood are probably extremely high still and you would go into a flare up. So that is up to you. Curious how you are blood type O too. If you don’t want meds then I say try it!!

  6. I’m always happy to hear of any improvements in anyone’s battle with UC! There must be some aspects of the changes you’ve made that are helping you. It’s important to note, however, that scientifically speaking, the blood type diet theory has been thoroughly debunked. There’s plenty to read about it if one does a google search. Here’s a short video that summarizes some of the work that’s been done to evaluate it’s claims. There are some other interesting research-based videos at this site if you do a search for “Crohn’s” or “Ulcerative Colitis,” etc. Best wishes to all who read this!

    1. Jaclyn D

      I know it has been debunked BUT when something works for you it works. I even got my genetic testing done. Its my own personal saliva test. I have my very own booklet now about my personal DNA and the foods that are good and bad for me and it was surprisingly enough EXACTING what the blood type diet was telling me were my avoids and beneficials.

      1. That is so great to hear, I’m really happy for you and am also convinced that it work! That’s the reason why some don’t feel well eating for example red meat and some, like us 0’s do. I have read the book Eat right for your type book many year ago, when it was still under development with the genotypes etc., and followed it to a quite big extent, not fully since I’m not sick.

        My daughter though has Ulcerative Colitis which we have managed with a low dose of Asacol and glutenfree food for 2,5 years. She did have a bad flare this summer, probably due to stress going away for camp, and we now has her on a diet similar to the blood type diet. Already doing better after just 3 weeks. Would be interesting to hear more of your history!

  7. Jolie

    The blood type diet is the only thing I have had success with and I’ve tried different ‘health’ avenues over the last 22 years, including fodmap and paleo, I’m A and have gotten myself into remission purely on blood type diet (no meds of any kind taken)

  8. Thanks for letting us know what is working for you. I am always interested in hearing success stories, new ideas to try. No probiotics? Continue to keep us posted on how you are doing. Btw I am not far from you, nice to hear from other Ontarians!

    1. Jaclyn D

      I am now 6 and a half months in and still behaving myself :)

      I sometimes eat brown rice and ezekiel or Mana break. I am a little scared of it, though it doesnt bother me too much.

      Other than that still following the DIET. There are so many options these days I am so grateful for! So many grain free pastas and fours!

      I am not on a probiotic.

    1. Jaclyn D

      Yes I sure am. O positive or O negate doesnt make a difference. Please give it a try and be strict!!! and give it time! The levels of inflammation in your blood need time to go down. We are pretty much paleo girls!

  9. Hi,

    read your story with interest and would like to comment on similar experience.

    I have had UC for 40 years.

    I have played with my diet many times with little effect till 2 things happened.

    I My doctor finally discovered that I was allergic to Sulphur which I kinda thought but could not confirm. What triggered my thinking was that I could eat anything, except preserved meats and red meat from the supermarket etc, white meat was never a problem.
    I came across a study of the abuse of preservatives on meats for both colour and preservation, being Sulphur Dioxide and Sodium Nitrate, both being not good, especially since one sulphur based.

    My eldest daughter also suffers UC and consumes wine which uses Sulphur bases preservative, ands she has been confirmed as allergic to Sulphur

    I too use a Probiotic daily plus Turmeric, the turmeric came about as I have met people from Mauritius who cook of curries, use turmeric, consumed with rices etc, and lots of red meat, particularly the cheaper cuts. Besides being very tasty, I notice that there was no reaction to the meat. Indian food also does not affect me.

    I do not know what the answers are but the changes and combinations work, ie very limited red meat, no preserved spicy meats, NO Sulphur additives (still get caught out though), turmeric supplement daily, probiotic. I have also noticed that if I am physically active, and I don’t mean exercise but simply moving and ‘moving’ my body, the bowel is also exercised.

    Sugar is a big NO NO.

    Yes, Diet is a big thing and I agree with you, based on my experience. I will have my blood type confirmed also.

    I hope this is of interest to your readers, 40 years builds a lot of experience.

    PS, I also had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago, this could be a combination of bad diet and effects of the Salazopyrin, (side effect?).

    Mike – Glass House Mountains – Australia

  10. I have UC and am also a health professional. The blood type diet does great things for many people with regards to health, and I’m glad to hear of someone who is managing their UC with dietary changes. I would like to mention that I had a tough time with this article, as it was full of typos and grammatical errors. You might consider editing submitting stories for clarity, or just correctness. It was like reading a story written by my 8 year old son who is dyslexic. Quite strange.

    1. you are quite strange for being a pretentious witch pointing out insignificant grammatical errors is a PROFOUNDLY beautiful success story. Go away. Far far away.

      1. Wow. That was a bit harsh, and it was directed at whomever publishes the site. Are you seriously that crazy? Good luck to you out there.

        1. Hi LucyJane,

          Thank you for your comments.

          There have been and will continue to be quite a few typos and grammatical errors on the published stories from the past 9 years and moving forward, please forgive us.


            1. Hi J, you know what, as far as editing errors from the actual posted story, there is no real easy way to do that because it would take quite a bit of time if U allowed everyone to go back and edit their simple errors… there’s a couple thousand stories on the site so don’t worry about any of the mistakes and there’s literally mistakes in every single story that’s ever been published on the site and I have errors in probably every single one of my posts but I think people are able to understand them so don’t worry about it one bit and thank you again for writing have a good day! Adam

    2. Elaine J

      That’s interesting about the sulphur, had not considered that. But I’ve noticed that drinking wine – or any alcohol as far as I can tell) does seem to upset my tum, so I tend to avoid as much as I can. For a long time I believed bread was a ‘no-no’ for me, but if appears that I do seem to need the ‘bulk’ bread provided, so now am not so sure.

      As for comments about typos, grammar, etc., that must be difficult to monitor, Adam, since comments are posted directly by members (and appear unmoderated). It only bothers me if I can’t understand what information is being imparted! Generally speaking, the human brain tends to ‘read between the lines’ as it were, so most of the time it’s not a problem for me. Obviously I can’t speak for others, but please let’s not get bogged down with minor criticisms on a website/forum which is SO helpful for its members…. :-)

    3. Hi Jaclyn,

      I am so glad to hear you are having success. My sister is also Type O and following the blood type diet for about a little over a month now. However, once she went off her prednisone, things started to get worse again. How long were you in a flare before you started your diet and how long after starting the diet did you start to see results?


    4. Jaclyn D

      I was in a flare for 2 years. I had 6 doses of prednisone. I was on the prednisone for 2 of the months that I had started eating strictly for blood type O. So I was nervous that it may not be working because I was in limbo feeling good on the drug. But when I got off of it I was happy to see that my symptoms were gone too. Wait at least 3 months to see changes. And stick to the diet. I still am 8 and a half months later and feeling great!

    5. Hi Jaclyn, never heard of the blood type diet before, so thank you for sharing.

      Sometimes when having one of my bad days, all I can do is have toast. If I can a little worried if I know I am going out, I will have a little brandy which helps holds my stomach for a little while so I am not worrying if I need to go to use the public loos.

      But I am starting to worried if food plays a part in me cramping up in agony. Sometimes I feel like I have to go back to being a baby and blending up all the food.

      All the best.

      1. Jaclyn D

        FOOD IS EVERYTHING! I want to feel confident enough to say that this BLOOD TYPE DIET is the solution I’ve been searching for since I was 10 years of age. I have now been on it for 8 months and have my life back again! You HAVE to be strict. It will change your life. It may be hard but you will do it if it means having a life again. All the best! Dr Peter J’adamo. Docs will say it doesnt work and I have told all my Docs what I’m doing and now they say “whatever works for you”.

    6. Just two weeks since my first diagnosed colitis flare up! I have been eating only salmon, white fish, rice and applesauce….. peanut butter, white bread and other cooked veggies caused a lot of heartburn & burpies…… I’m also just coming off the two antibiotics given. No cocktails!

      Here’s my question: now what?

      I would like to keep this under control with my diet, but am nervous about what to add in first…. looking at the list of low FODMAP foods.

      Any advice is appreciated!

    7. Jaclyn D

      find out your blood type and do not eat ANYTHING THAT IS AN AVOID. It is poison to your body and creating inflammation which will not allow the glare to go away. I have been eating for blood type O for 8 months now! I am so so grateful that I am well ! very well! I would even eliminate the rice right now. I barely eat grains because I cannot digest them.

    8. I’m interested in this diet too but leery to restrict my diet unnecessarily because:

      1. that can have unintended consequences and

      2. The blood type diet doesn’t stand up to ‘science’ (but since ‘science’ hasn’t figured out UC yet, I like to keep an open mind)

      3. I feel tired of trying diets and I don’t know if I have the will to try this one

      I’d like to know if other UCers with blood types other than O have had success because it could be that the prescribed diet for O type might be the one that helps UC as it sounds similar to SCD etc.(which helps for other ‘scientific’ theories) Not only that, but most people changing from a standard American diet to a whole foods diet will feel better anyways

      So, any As or Bs or ABs used this diet and experienced success?

      Congratulations Jaclyn! So happy you’ve found something that’s helping you!

      1. Jolie

        Im an A and as commented earlier in this thread Blood Type diet is the only thing that has ever worked for me.I was in complete remission with no medication following the A blood type diet. (was, because I am not as strict these days and have been having things I shouldn’t)

    9. Jaclyn D

      TRY IT! Science, pfft. Sorry but sometimes science can’t prove what works in someone. Thank you I am so very grateful I finally found my solution!

    10. I got my UC under control in less than a year on the IBD-AID diet, not on any UC meds since February. Over that year, I lost 30 pounds, and got myself the fittest I have ever been. Please do not oversimplify autoimmune diseases. In just less than a year I came down with another autoimmune condition. Stress and genetics definitely play a role in my case, and in many others If you have one autoimmune condition, you are at risk of another. Do not assume because you get UC under control through diet, it’s a cure for autoimmunity.

    11. Suzanne,

      I don’t want to hijack this thread, so I’m wondering if you have shared your story about using the IBD-AID on this site elsewhere?

    12. Graham from England

      I like the idea of this suggestion, I don’t know how you determine which foods suit each blood type but if you can it makes a good deal of sense. Theoretically own blood type foods could be less likely to attract the attention of our immune system.

      I am reading “Gut” by Giulia Enders, she stated that as babies we have very little gut bacteria and can theoretically receive a blood transfusion from any type (though the mothers blood group is used as a precaution). As babies develope a rudimentary immune system and gut flora they can only tolerate blood from their own group.

      Red blood cells have bacteria like proteins on them and the immune system has learned to attack them if not of our own type. Sorry if you knew that already but this is a new UC angle for me.

      1. Thx Graham for the comment. I’m glad your reading and learning more. Crazy enough, just last night I ordered the ebook Eat right for your type…and it is a page turner so far. Fascinating stuff indeed. Thx to the enthusiasm with this post, and all the positive thinking:)) good luck everyone!

        1. Hi Adam,

          What is your blood group type? As you have got success with SCD, just curious to know.
          MIne is group A. I am wondering if SCD can be good for blood group A.

      2. Hi Graham,

        What diet do you suggest? My blood type is A. What is your blood type and what diets and supplements you are taking? What is the conclusion of ‘Gut’ book?


        Best wishes,

    13. Graham from England

      Hi Adam, I have a feeling I will also be reading that book, definitely a must try and a great post! I paid privately for a full stool analysis and they found some nasty things in significant numbers, one of which was recently implicated in IBD. I’m starting there but still watching with interest as always.

    14. Hi! A lot has changed. The diet was no longer working for me but I discover a much different solution to my remission I’ve now been in for 6 months. I am eating all normal foods again including what the blood type O diet said not to eat.

      I got blood work done by an integrated doctor. My results showed I was only producing estrogen. Estrogen is very inflammatory and it was creating all the inflammation in my gut. As soon as he normalized my hormones and put me on adrenal support within 3 weeks my flare up cleared ! If you have any questions let me know. My issue was hormonal and I am now amazing and eating whatever I want :)

      1. HI!

        Congratulations! Happy for you.
        Interesting information. Never thought about it. Btw how hormones were normalized? How you got adrenal support? What are your current medications and supplements?

        Currently, I am not 35mg of steroid. I took 40mg for 4 weeks, but it didn’t work efficiently like before. Just a week ago I got external hemorrhoids and again I started bleeding. I am using some ointment Neproct and it is getting better but still some blood. I don’t know what is the cause of it? I think steroid should be working normally even if there’s hemorrhoids.

        Thank you. Best wishes.

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