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after j pouch surgeryIntroduction:

Hello, My name is Michael Schroll and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. I recently had a J pouch surgery on 11/12/13. My Surgeon says I made the right decision and I can’t wait to go home.

Some more about me:

I enjoy riding motorcycle and photography. I can juggle and am currently learning how to ride a unicycle. I’m a film major from Miami,FL.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the support and friendly E-mails. My surgery was a success and the Dr. is very pleased with my stoma. My pre-op wasn’t as easy as I anticipated and I threw up a lot of the mira-lax mixed with apple juice. I was nervous that my colon wasn’t clear but they assured me that I was empty. My colon was extremely inflamed and my Surgeon is positive that I made the right decision. R.I.P Colon 11/07/91-11/12/13

I woke up from surgery and my lungs felt crushed. I literally felt like I had a car on top of me. I did some breathing exercises and within a few days was back to normal. Every movement especially any laughing killed me. Even talking hurt, so I had to choose my words carefully. The morphine seemed to really help with the pain. I had a clicker which I could use every 10 minutes, so I would intensely stare at the clock waiting for another click. I managed to go for a short walk the first night of my surgery. I was immediately on a clear liquid diet but was in more pain than hunger.

The next day I was on a full liquid diet and still felt pain. Sleep was difficult with nurses coming in all throughout the night. Not just checking for vitals, I had to give blood and take shots at like 4 A.M. I finally met the stoma nurse who helped me empty my ostomy pouch. It was much easier than I thought. By the 3rd day I was tolerating my “food” OK and got on a low fiber diet! This really helped me restore energy and feel normal again to chew FOOD. BY day 4 I had much more energy and they removed my catheter. It was much more painful then expected. I was just pleased to have it gone and only had 1 cable with IV connected to me.

I still have a long way to go with recovery but at least my colon is gone!




Mike Schroll


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  1. So awesome to hear your positive story. It’s not an easy surgery to go through, and everything is a learning curve at the start. Sounds like you got a good grip on it all. I hope the best for you and that you continue to regain strength and no major complications arise.
    Best of luck,

  2. You did it Michael!!

    Don’t worry…by this time next year. everything will be better than you ever thought it could be. I know this from reading others’ experiences on this site, with their surgeries.

    Mark my words! You are FREE!!!!

    Happiness to you always,
    Bev :)

  3. Hello Michael,
    I hope all is going well for you from one Ostomate to another.

    I was diagnosed in March of 2013 with UC and on 9/11 ended up in ER at Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale,AZ.

    Within 5 days after not responding to any meds and a count between 27-30 urgent movements per day the chief doctor entered my room and told me that it was in my best interest to consider a total colectomy. I said let’s do it! I did not give it much thought.
    The surgeon team visited me and explained that it would be a 3 stage surgical process over several months assuring me that the UC would be gone for good.
    We moved forward and I accepted my new “bag” friend.

    After researching j-pouch surgeons that worked with my insurance plan I chose the surgeon with the most procedures performed and felt confident to move to surgery 2 j-pouch creation, proctoctomy, iliostomy.

    The surgery took place on March 12, 2014 just 4 weeks ago.
    I was up and moving that night with my pole, IV, morpine button and foley.
    I was released 3 days later and went home.

    Well I thought I was superman, and on my way to a speedy recovery…not true.
    I screwed up and did not drink enough fluids and ended up back in ER the following Thursday diagnosed with severe dehydration.

    That was scary for my entire body went into cramp shock while I was on the table having an ultrasound for clots.
    Released that night late..and started the smart water Gatorade high intake.
    The following Thursday night back into ER again for now I couldn’t pee!
    Simple ultrasound and CT scan showed my prostate was the size of a grapefruit where normal would be that of a walnut. So I went home with a cathater in and Foley strapped to my leg.
    No fun! Not at all for now I was double bagged.

    Got to a top urologist asap..that was 2 weeks ago…tomorrow they will Cystoscope me and I’m prepared to accept more added pain. I am going to beat this all and get my life back!!!

    I do believe at this point the enlarged prostate is putting pressure on the j-pouch causing most of the pain.. I only feel OK when laying down. So tomorrow I’m looking forward to more answers.. Its all been tough and I’m fighting my way through it.

    Michael, most people even though you explain to them really have no idea what we deal with and at times we are really tired of it all…

    I just want to encourage you to keep fighting your way to the finish line. So what.. We have slightly been remodeled a bit and have cured the UC and have chosen not to live on the med path.

    I’m looking forward to the take down in 7 weeks and getting my life back!

  4. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all the support and positive words.

    I did end up having some complications after my first surgery. My stoma output completely stopped and I couldn’t stop throwing up. I rushed to the ER and immediately needed an NG tube (way worse than folly catheter). I could barely speak, wasn’t allowed to have ANY fluids for a few days and only communicated by typing into my phone. My surgeon took a look and concluded that my J-pouch had a leak.

    After resolving that I went through several ostomy bags and even had 1 completely fall off of me. I hated the Velcro bags and eventually found the perfect bag for me.

    I thought everything would be OK and I would be going home shortly after. My Dr. prescribed 2 immodiums before meals and 1 before going to sleep. After a clerical error only 1 was given to me before each meal. The first night, I had to get up to pee and couldn’t stand. I almost fainted and could barely breath. My father called the nurse and had about 10 people in the room in less than a minute. I was extremely dehydrated and beyond scared. If I ever found out who made that “Clerical error” I would most likely be writing behind bars ;-)

    I eventually went home and proceeded to my 2nd surgery. This was much easier and felt amazing to wake up without a bag. I ACTUALLY went Kayaking yesterday and felt like a normal person again.

    @Andrew Wheeler- I know it is difficult, but surgery was the greatest thing to happen to Me and hopefully you too. Thanks you for sharing your story and I hope your takedown surgery runs as smooth..

    To Everyone- Please feel free to contact me at Michaelschroll1@yahoo.com for any questions or comments on having a J-pouch Surgery!

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