I’ve Just Started the SCD Diet, Here’s My Questions:

I’ve Just Started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Ok so here it is. Im a 29 year old from the Bay Area. I have had UC for 2 years now……. Well Now I’m in my first flare, Its sucks! They have me on prednisone(40), still taking Asacol 9 pills a day. Also im taking VSL#3 pill form. Well I don’t feel the prednisone is working so enough is enough. I started the SCD intro diet on Wednesday and its now Friday. During the day I’m fine nothing happens just at night (I think its the prednisone wearing off) I get about 2 or 3 diarrhea movements (nothing formed) And about 3 movements with no stool just some blood and discharge stuff.. (eww sorry for being nasty) I’m new to this.
So I have so many questions…. I’m just going to put them all out on the table.

1) I believe this SCD diet really works, I’m just not sure how long it is going to take to see results?

2) And are frozen beef patties ok to use?

3) Has anyone else taken VSL#3 (pill form), and should I stop when starting the SCD diet.

4) Also is it true you should not start off with too much yogurt at first?

5) Oh and one last thing….. How much beef patties and salmon should I eat…. I’m not trying to lose anymore weight.

Sorry If this is not spelled right I went really fast in writing this.

PS this is such a great website! Thanks Adam 100% you did great!


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“Hey Nichole”

I’ts Adam here.  Thanks for writing your story in, and wow, you’re in the Bay Area too?  Same as me.  Maybe we’re neighbors…

Anyways, you’ve got some great questions, and that’s way cool that you have already begun the intro diet.  I myself have just over 2 years experience on the diet, so I’ll try to give you some pointers from my point of view.  And remember, I started the diet 10 months after being diagnosed with severe Colitis and after using all sorts of medications(humira, remicade, prednisone, asacol, colazal, sulfasalazine, enemas, and a more prednisone…)

Actually you know what Nichole, let me just give you a video response, this way, if you recognize me and we really are neighbors, maybe next time you’ll say hi:

There is a whole bunch of other stories from other people who are starting or have started the SCD Diet in the “Starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Section”

And of course the main Specific Carbohydrate Diet Page has quite a bit of good information too, it’s here: SCD / Ulcerative Colitis Diet Page

Good Luck Nichole with the SCD Diet !!! I hope you find a nice longterm treatment in it and someday tell other UC’ers and people with Crohn’s disease about this type of treatment. Are you my neighbor????


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  1. Hi Nichole

    My name is Vicky, im 28 tomorrow and it will be my second birthday with UC and unfortunley the same flare. I have been on the SCD for a week now. I’m so relieved to hear someone is in the same boat as me. I was actually feeling pretty great before I started thanks to my first 3 remicade infusions. I figured that being on the scd would be a great life style change to eat healthy and hopefully keep my symptoms at bay since so many others have had such good luck. Well starting day 2 my semi normal bms started to disappear and I started feeling effects of what I guess is die-off. In other words..no good :( You can probably relate with how discouraging this makes me feel. I am also on prednisone 15mg and asacol HD 3 times a day. I’m sure everyone is different in how long it takes to see positive results but I plan to hang in there and be strict with it, I hope you do too. I think frozen beef is fine as long as you are making sure there was nothing added during processing. I haven’t tried to make the scd yogurt I just don’t think it looks good and I want to wait on it. In the breaking the vicious cycle book, they say not to limit yourself-if you have an appetite then

    1. Hi Vicky. Thanks for your reply! Trust me I know just how discouraging this makes you feel! You have been in the same flare for a year now? Did I read that right? Can I ask what made you want to do remicade? And so far what do you think about it? Also how bad were your symptoms, And for how long have they been out of control for? (sorry for all the questions I do that a lot) Its just at night time I see a lot of blood, It kinda keeps me up all night. The DR said its a really bad flare. Prednisone only works durring the day for me. Are you doing the intro diet? And one more thing Happy birthday! Like I said sorry for all the questions. If you would like to E-mail me you can. Its Luvbabykayla@yahoo.com. Best of luck to you!

  2. I think you should eat until you feel full. I have been broiling chicken beef and salmon and I believe its been ok. I’m hoping to start seeing better results as the weeks pass. I really wish you the best of luck while trying to get through your flare and also being on such a challenging diet!!! I know we can do it! :)

  3. Omg Adam! So amazing that you took the time to send me a video chat….. And yes we are neighbors, I live in fremont! But I have always loved the area where you live. Thanks for the advice about the beef, I went down last night and got some all natural beef from Whole foods. THANKS! I think that might make a big difference… The stuff I was eating tasted like horse meat…. The stuff from Whole foods is really good. Once again thanks. … Your neighbor Nichole

  4. 1. Everyone is different and each flare can be different. First time I was on SCD I saw results within days and the next time it took longer (about 3 months). I had to lay of the yogourt and nuts and then things got much better.

    2. I would avoid the frozen patties especially if they come out of a box. They usually have illegals like starches or sugars.

    3. Never tried this.

    4. I would agree that you should slowly work your way up to the yogourt.

    5. Eat as much meat as you want. It’s things like nuts and sometimes even fruit that you shouldn’t overdo. Other foods like beans (e.g. lentils), nuts, coffee can be added slowly after you have been on the diet for a while and you are pretty much symptom free.

    Good luck!

  5. Although I have been on the SCD diet for over a year- with good results- last month I again began experiencing a flare. I stay on the diet and am now taking 40mg of Pred and Asacol 3 cap X 3 times a day. I also take 3 or 4 VSL#3 caps a day. I have had UC for 40 years and have only had 3 bad flares. One 10 years ago, one last year in Sept., and now this one that started in Sept. I have asked about the seasonal appearance of symptoms. My doctor has said that it may be a reaction to a virus or other pathogen that appears seasonally.

    My doctor is going to try and help me find a helminth study or program to try. I like the simplicity of the solution.

    It is difficult to have a disease that can appear out of nowwhere. The unpredictability is trying. I enjoyed a lovely 9 month remission from syptoms this year and hope to enter into remission again soon.

    Because my symptoms are worse at night my doctor suggesting splitting my dosage so that I take 3 Pred in the AM and 1 in the evening. Or 3.5 in the AM and .5 at night. So far this has helped a bit. We do need our sleep.

    Hang in there. By the way, I am a 60 year old woman.

    1. Ive been on the into diet for 4 days now, things are not getting anybetter. It seems like it got worse last night. I went almost 17 time. Im down to 108lbs. Tomorrow I call my Dr to see what she says. I will give the intro diet one more day and then I need to start eating more scd meals. Has anyone else went from intro diet to eating the meals?

  6. Hi again Nichole. I was diagnosed with UC august of last year but I was having symptoms for quite a while before I acutally went to a doctor. So sadly, I have not had any relief from this flare for about 22 months. Yikes!! When I say that, I realized just how long its been since I’ve felt normal… I started remicade because after a year of being on prednisone I just said enough is enough! I hate these stupid steroids and I haven’t been able to get off of them. The side effects are just horrible. I’ve gained 40 pounds, have swelling in my ankles and joints, my hair has gotten super thin- it’s just bad. So my doctor recommended remicade. I have had my 3 loading doses and have an appointment with my GI to discuss how often to have my maintinence doses. It really has worked for me. Only now I feel like I screwed it all up having started this diet. I am having several bms and now there is blood again..NO GOOD. I went 4 days on the intro diet. I am trying to add foods slowly back into my diet now but its hard. I want to follow through and be as strict as they say you should be but with my symptoms coming back it makes me feel like maybe I should just go back to eating whatever I want. I plan on sticking with it though and think its a healthier way to eat anyway. I guess we will see what happens. Hang in there and if you would like to email me you can at vickyetter@gmail.com. Good luck!!!

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