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Its Been 2 Months Since Surgery, Throwing Out an Update

Hey everyone, it has been about 2 months since my first surgery and just another month to go until my next one.

It has been another great month, I have been doing so many crazy, awesome, and fun things that I probably wouldn’t even have thought of trying before when I still had a colon. For starters I went to visit my best friend who lives in Austin, TX, and its about a 2 hour or so drive for me and it was an awesome drive through Texas, and I didn’t once have to stop for an emergency bathroom run. I spent the weekend hanging with him and having a good time, we went to a cool German festival called Wurst Fest. it was a ton fun, everyone had huge pitchers of beer and a ton of bratwurst, I loved it, but I don’t drink so I stuck to the bratwurst. I had got free tickets to go see the Texas Longhorns play although I am not a big Longhorn fan it was cool to see the stadium packed with 100,000 plus people. It makes me miss being in school, I can’t wait to go back next semester.
I also just got back from a delayed trip to Disney World, I was supposed to go this past May but that was when UC hit me like a semi-truck and knocked me into the hospital for my summer, so after finally getting some stamina back I finally got the chance to go hang with Goofy, haha. It was a great time although I didn’t ride all the major rides because I am still waiting for my incision to fully heal, it is getting really close to almost being closed up. I might miss having to pack it every night … nah I won’t miss it a bit. But back to Disney, I was able to walk everywhere and stand in the lines and not have to freak out running to a bathroom like I would have had to do before hand. That to me is still worth the surgery in my mind, I like being able to run everywhere and not worry about pooping, I love the outdoors and I love spending time places and the surgery gave me the chance to do that, something many of the medication never were able to do.
I really hope to get back to cycling again, I have really missed that, but my doctor told me it would be best to hold off until after surgery number two, just because the way I sit on the bike could put strain on my incision and whatnot so I don’t mind holding off if its for the better. I remember before I got sick I would be able to go out and ride my bike 30 something miles a day and I just want that freedom of road again, and with the weather cooling off there isn’t a better time than now to go, although the wind can make it a bit tough.
Just one more thing before I finish here, I just everyone to know if you are struggling with medications and nothing seems to be going right, give surgery a thought, I haven’t had any regrets to it at all and I wouldn’t change a thing right now. I love how I am feeling everyday, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything (maybe other than having a normal healthy colon that didn’t put me in this situation in the first place), but hey this has really been a blessing for me I have a whole new sense on life and I do my best to enjoy everyday that I get. I will be hoping the best for everyone out there and again I am always down to answer question for those who have them, I know I had a ton of questions about surgery when I first thought about it. Email me at


3 thoughts on “Its Been 2 Months Since Surgery, Throwing Out an Update”

  1. You rock, Trent! This is exactly how I felt after my partial bowel resection! I can TRAVEL. But take it slow and easy–one thing, you have an amazing attitude! That will help you stay in remission. After my surgery (for Crohns/colitis in 2006), I wrote a book, ran a half marathon, went to Costa Rica, Seattle, Honduras, Spain …. Yah! And I told myslef I wanted to be in what I (naively!) called “the blue sky club.” :) So, I am still in it, and you are, too. Even fellow ucers, who are non surgical patients can be in “the club” by having a good attitude and being diligent about diet, mess, rest, exercise, etc.

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