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Its Been 1 Month and I’m FEELING GREAT


Hey everyone, I’m Trent and I had colon surgery or Ileoanal Anastomosis if you want to get all the medical terms involved, well its been one month and I would like to share with you about how I have been doing. Also I would like to say thanks Adam for the awesome comment you left on my last post that really got me going that day. As well as a big thank you to you for making this site its helped me tremendously.

My Ulcerative Colitis Experience:

Its been one month since I had my surgery to remove my colon, and I feel so amazing. I have so much energy to do so many things. I am healing really well, waiting on my incision to continue to close up, the doctor said another few weeks and I should be good as far as that. I was able to have one of my drain tubes taken out about two weeks ago and the other one should come out tomorrow (that’s gonna hurt a bit). I must say I am really happy with everything, I wish I would have done the surgery when I first got sick, but like many people I was scared to death of the idea of not having a colon. I was also really hoping the medications would be able to help me get it all under control.

prior to colon surgery and very sick

at my worst, weighing only 95 pounds

So if your wondering what I have been doing since my surgery here is a little list of things and I must say I still get so excited to get up out of my house whatever chance I get, because after spending every day of my summer laying on a bed, I feel I have to make up for that even if my body can’t keep up I still push myself to be up and active and enjoying the day until I feel like every muscle in my body is going to give up on me. The doctors weren’t kidding when they say, “for every day that you spend in bed, is two days it will take for you muscles to regain strength.” The biggest difference I have noticed since the surgery is that I don’t get so tired all the time from lack of blood in me which is awesome, because after having to get 10 blood infusions I don’t want any more of those (and thats why it is so cool for people to donate blood when they can because that saved my life more than a few times). Iabdomen after colon surgery have been out playing Frisbee golf because the weather here in Texas has finally cooled off enough to enjoy being outside, I love Frisbee golf but it is a little tough for me to bend over to pick up the Frisbee after each throw but I somehow manage. I took a road trip up to see my brother, and that was the greatest car ride I had in a long time because I didn’t once worry about having to stop and hit up a bathroom. That has been the best thing I think since this surgery is that everywhere I go I am not constantly thinking about a bathroom or abdominal pain, I can just go and do what I want and everything goes into my bag. The ileostomy is really cool in some ways I think, I show it to everyone because they really don’t think I have it because you can’t see it when I have my shirt over it, I mean they would never know about it if I didn’t tell them. I also haven’t had many issues with changing it, there was one morning where after I got the old bag off and was getting ready to put the new one on, stuff just kept coming out and wouldn’t stop and that was a bit rough but I somehow got the new bag on. HA. I also got the strength back to take my dog for a walk which is funny to say, because she is only ten pounds but when she sees a squirrel down the road she doesn’t stop pulling until she gets to the tree she saw that squirrel and it was tough for me to handle her pulling at first but now I can hold on to her pretty well. That was one thing I really missed when I was sick was getting to take her for walks and enjoying the outdoors and stuff and I am so happy I can do that again.

incision from colon surgery

colon surgery incision

I just want to say that for everyone who is beating this disease with medications and diet, I am so dang happy for you and I want to wish you all the best that it keeps working for you. It makes me so happy to talk

ostomy bag on side

abdomen after surgery with bag

with other people who have UC and hear all about how their meds are working or that a change in what they ate was all they needed to get healthy again. For those who can’t seem to find a fix to this it really doesn’t hurt to talk with doctors about surgery, it isn’t the end of the world like I thought at first.

I also would like to send a shout out to Curtis and wish him the best as he continues to recover from his takedown surgery.

If anyone would like to talk with me about UC or anything I’ve got nothing better to do, since I wasn’t able to go to school this semester so I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands my email is, or find me on facebook.

After Surgery and Moving on with Life!

After Surgery and Moving on with Life!

Peace, Love, and Happiness.


Current Ulcerative Colitis Medication:

Well my Flintstone vitamins but thats it!!!



5 thoughts on “Its Been 1 Month and I’m FEELING GREAT”

  1. Cassandra

    I’m so happy for you Trent :) I’m going to be getting my first surgery in 9 days, and I’m trying my best not to get too nervous.
    I know it’s the right decision for me and I’ve heard so many wonderful stories like yours.

    I hope that everything continues to heal for you, and that you’re able to do things you never were with the UC!

    All the best,


  2. Trent – You are doing amazing! I found you through my nephew, Curtis, who you mention in your post. I just want you to know how brave you are for having the guts (pun fully intended) to go through your surgery and post everything about it here. You have no idea what a positive impact you are having on others with the same condition. You are headed toward wellness and all the things you love… I know because I have seen the transformation in Curtis. I hope your family is doing o.k. – it is so hard to sit by and watch you guys suffer through all of this crap (again, pun fully intended), but I hope that everyone is able to enjoy your new found energy… it only gets better! No doubt, you will have some down days, but keep doing what you’re doing, Trent, you’re a stud!

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