Is the GAPS Diet Another Ulcerative Colitis Diet?

“Have You heard about the GAPS diet?”

That is the message that appeared from my father today, when I woke up and looked at my telephone.  To answer his question, “Yes”, I have heard of it, but up until a few hours ago, I’d never looked into it too much.  There have been a few other blogs that I follow which make mention of this diet, but I have not found a huge amount of ulcerative colitis people yelling at me to research it further, so I haven’t yet.

GAPS Diet is Just Like My Current Diet, I Think…

Well, it has been a few hours now of poking around other GAPS Diet sites, and I have a much better understanding of GAPS.  At least a general understanding which I wanted to share with the rest of the colitis peoples who follow this site.

The GAPS diet according to one of the sites I read states this:

The recommended diet for GAPS patients is largely based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).  The main difference pertains to dairy products.”  This was pretty interesting to me mainly because I follow the SCD diet to treat my colitis, much like alot of others here.  So, I really wanted to know next what the main difference(s) between the two diets are.

The next sentence explained that “SCD permits lactose-free dairy products.  Lactose is a milk sugar.  GAPS and people with digestive problems are unable to digest it and must avoid it.”

I went through for quite a bit of time the long list of foods that are listed as allowed and not allowed for the GAPS diet, and they seem to be very much the same as the foods(if not identical) listed as allowed and not allowed for the SCD diet.  It was almost hard to figure out what was really different at all with the two diets. To me it almost seemed as though the GAPS diet is a knock off of the SCD diet, but just with a different name.


The GAPS diet looks very similar to the SCD program, but there was one thing missing for me.  I did not see much mention of it being used to treat ulcerative colitis.  I did not see any mention either of it being used to treat Crohn’s Disease.  This was a bit strange considering its so similar to the SCD diet which all kinds of people with UC use as a treatment.  I can remember quite clearly reading my SCD diet book and seeing the words ulcerative colitis several times and feeling happy that there was a diet other’s use for my disease.  So, since the two diets are so similar, I’m guessing that there are UC people using the GAPS diet too?  Maybe some people who read this can help me out there…Anyways, thanks pops for getting me into some research into more potential diets for ulcerative colitis! 

The SCD Book: Breaking the Vicious Cycle-Intestinal Health Through Diet
GAPS (2010 New Edition) and Internal Bliss-GAPS Cookbook (2 Books)
Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

5 thoughts on “Is the GAPS Diet Another Ulcerative Colitis Diet?”

  1. I wrote a few paragraphs about it here:

    It is just like SCD but incorporates more recent research into the benefits of various supplements, it recommends Kefir and detoxing the body. Overall, it includes a few more healing tools than SCD but it’s foundation is still the same.

    I do know of a woman about our age Adam that uses GAPS for her UC. I plan on interviewing her this year. I think she’s in the Bay area! I’ll send her the link to this post and see if she wants to share her info.

  2. I should also add that dairy IS allowed but not in the intro phase. It is recommended to eliminate it for 6 weeks to start. Once dairy is allowed, it is in the form of fermented dairy like homemade kefir and yogurt. I also enjoy raw cheeses when available. There are other cheeses allowed in advanced stages of the diet or “full GAPS.”

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