Is Salad Bad For Colitis?

I think salad is great for colitis. No, I don’t think salad is bad.

But I didn’t always think that way. Ever since starting the SCD diet, a few things are for certain. And one of those is that I eat a whole bunch more salad than ever before. It surely isn’t because I am turning into a vegetarian, and it’s not because I watched the Food Inc. movie and got all creepped out on some things.

The reason I am chowing so many salads these days is because ever since August 11th 2009, I went on the SCD diet and salad for me just makes sense, and I think it tastes pretty good. As long as you do one thing. ADD SOME GRILLED MEATS TO IT. Steak, chicken, fish if you like that on your salad, I don’t know, something, especially since there’s good protein in that too.

I remember when I wondered if it was a bad idea to eat salad with my colitis because it might be hard on my ulcerative colitis intestines. But, for me, its seems to be just fine. It also finds a way to turn into a nice hard poop quite often, and that is just great isn’t it.

So here is a video about dinner tonight, a nice little grilled chicken salad, with tiny SCD cheat as there is some brown sugar in the salad dressing, and probably a minor minor cheat somewhere else if you count the 1 milligram of blue cheese I dropped in while making the salad at the salad bar.

If you’ve got any questions about other ideas for some great meals that are SCD legit(Specific Carbohydrate Diet) please take a moment or two and check out an awesome website which is more than just a site but a live saving resource. Kat is a SCD expert and has a blog that I follow quite closely. There is a link on the bottom right to her blog, but if you are too lazy to go there, just check it out here at KATS BLOG

7 thoughts on “Is Salad Bad For Colitis?”

  1. Since I was diagnosed, I too have started to eat a lot of salad, mostly fresh spinach from farmers markets, yummeee

  2. I found salad to be the hard to digest when my gut was really bad. I did SCD for 2.5 years before finally trying a salad. Now it’s all good, I can digest it all. But at first, cooked veggies was much better for me.

  3. Adam

    How do you make smoothes using strawberrys when they have seeds which is a no no.What about coffee and white wine or certain liquers. Aren’t these no noS? I am new at this and making some progress, but I am afraid to venture too far astray at this point.

    1. Hey Rick,

      First off all, thanks so much for writing in your comment. It’s always awesome writing with other UC’ers for the first time.

      So, as for the strawberry smoothies, I don’t drink those when my symptoms are very bad. If I am having mild symptoms then I often do drink them.
      The strawberries seeds don’t seem to be an issue for me at all. I often drink two of those smoothies per day, like today for example. Anyways, everyone’s unique, and most people do the best when they take it very slow with introducing new things into the diet. I totally agree with that train of thought.

      As for coffee, I only drink decaf coffee, and I try to make it very weak, and I don’t drink that either if I’m in a flare with bad symptoms. White wine—-I never drink that, haven’t had a glass of that in over 1 1/2 years at least. Other liquers, I basically don’t drink either. Maybe a tiny tiny bit of bourbon or vodka A FEW time a year, almost never. If you haven’t already, i’d suggest you read this page: which has some ideas. If you stay on that page long enough, a pop up should appear too with a “diet” newsletter you can join if you haven’t already. Take care, and thanks so much for writing, that’s what this site is alla bout, asking questions when you got em. Heck, I got questions sometimes about certain stuff.

  4. I love salad but can not eat salad with UC. I am really surprised that you guys have no problems with salad and that is good for you. NO ruffage for me. I do however eat it maybe 2x a month when I am not having any flares.

  5. Ironically enough I had been diagnosed on August 12 after the most awful debilitating excruciating bout of Colitis August 11…Im a bit at a stand still since my all liquid diet instructions…It stated that after one week i can reintrodyce foods a little at a time, no seeds, nuts, no fiber!!??? I however suffer from constipation…waiting for Drs call still…No answers yet…im confused about this…anyone experience that? And what have you done to alleviate the constipation?

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