Irish Colitis Sufferer

I was diagnosed in March 2008 after about 5 months of extreme fatigue, and very interesting (and frequent) toilet visits. I went in for a colonoscopy in the morning and 8 days later I was released with a script for 75mg daily imuran, pentasa and calcichew. I was then put on fosimax coz I has some bone density loss – bit scary!!

I’m 33 now and am looking for alternatives to my present medication. Am havin gum problems now and still dealing with extreme tiredness issues.


Imuran 75mg daily

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  1. Hey Paul:

    I’m hoping you received my email a moment ago, but when I was looking for alternatives I settled on the SCD diet. It has worked wonders for me and quite a few others. I know at least one other person who follows the site uses Silverwater for the/part of a the treatment.
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi if you go to facebook there is a great support group for people with crohns and colitis there. Where are you in Ireland, Im in Cork, diagnosed in April this year with UC. doing ok with Dipentum and dietary change, but your symptoms all bring back memories of how i felt before I went to to doctor

  3. Hey Paul,
    Welcome to this great support page. Im sure you are pretty confused about it all right now but we are here to help and give advice I have been diagnosed since 07 and I too am on imuran,pentasa(steroids at the moment for flare up). I am from Wexford myself. Where are you from? Also as Ciaran says there is an irish support group on facebook where we now have nearly 500 members which is fantastic. We also have up a petition for people to sign to get IBD under the Long Term Illness act in Ireland as they refuse to put us under it which is ridiculous.!/group.php?gid=106491930028 Thats the FB page. Hope you are doing well.. JEN!

  4. Cheers Adam – definitely going to look into this diet – I rememeber at the time i was diagnosed reading somewhere about diet being important but as you said yourself Adam the doctors/consultants don’t seem to want to know!
    Thanks Ciaran and Jen for the great comments – I know when I go to St.James’s every 6 months the endoscopy day clinic is usually full, and I presume it’s like that most days, but it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one suffering with this. And yeah the fact the authorities don’t recognise colitis as a long term illness seems crazy. When people usually hear IBD, or when I mention it to them, some have told me about their inability to eat certain foods as it can give them wind or mild stomach upset – As we know the symptoms of both colitis and crohns are a lot more drastic than this! I’m from wicklow but living in carlow now.
    thanks again lads

  5. Hi Paul, I am waiting for my third go at Remicade, after a very bad flare that took me to hospital twice, steroid resistant..lost about 18 kg..
    Now much much better, and I follow a diet similar to Scd, for tiredness bee pollen at least 3 teaspoons a day is helping a lot, but you have to see how much you can tolerate it..
    Best of luck,

  6. Hi all, might seem like a really weird thing to say but nice to meet some colitis sufferers living in Ireland. Living in Cork. Currently in the middle of a flare up waiting to start Humira in the new year because the steroids don’t work for me anymore. I have had it 5 years and and have had 3 hospital admissions and loads and loads of out patients appointments. This seems to be one of my longest to date I have had a few complictions this time which is slowing down the healing process. Have any of ye been on humira? I have really achy joints at the min and can’t stop eating because of the steroids? Any tips for the achy joint other than pain meds which don’t work half the time :( Helen, 27, Cork.

    p.s totally get where you are all coming from with people not getting this disease, how tiring it is and how much pain we can be in at times and need to back of social things when we get a flare up. Comparing IBS (which I have as well) to IBD is like comparing a splinter to a broken leg…there is NO comparison.

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