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Introducing Zucchini Lasagna – SCD Legal, Vegetarian, and SUPER Tasty – Recipe Included

CJ and I several years ago fishing up in Alaska

Hey UC’ers,

So here’s the deal.  My friend CJ Hammer is a chef at a pretty sweet restaurant in Palo Alto, California called St. Michael’s Alley.  And I visit him often and help him out when I have spare time in the kitchen.  If you’re ever over there, walk back to the kitchen and tell him you know me, and I’ll guarantee he’ll send you out a free appetizer, just don’t make it a daily habit or he might not be my friend anymore.  Either way, he’s the most impressive chef I know, and my oldest friend.  Actually, he’s my very first friend, not too crazy since his family lived across the street from us.  But the bottom line is he kicks serious butt in the kitchen, enough that when Chelsea Clinton (who some of you may know) graduated from Stanford University, she brought her parents to his restaurant for her graduation dinner.

Anyways, the other day, I was helping him out (which means snapping off the ends of some green beans) and I noticed something that looked incredible.  There was a full tray of lasagna, or so I thought.  Actually, what it was was a side dish for the entrees that night, and instead of lasagna which it looked like, it was filled with zucchini instead.  BAAAAAM!  I can eat zucchini, but not the noodles since noodles aren’t down with SCD right!  So, when Michaela came to pick me up, CJ gave us a piece of his creation in a little to-go container, and off we went.

Well…we for sure didn’t make it to the car before it was an empty container, and it was a fight for the one plastic fork if you know what I mean.

Later that week, I told Michaela, we’ve got to make some of that stuff up ourselves.  And that’s just what we did.  Last week, we cranked some out, and it came up super tasty, maybe not as good as CJ’s, but friggin incredible none the less and I’m sure a whole bunch of you will think the same as well.

I’ll put it to you this way:

  1. You will find it easy as hell to make
  2. You’re going to have  fun making it
  3. If you are dating someone or married, or trying to impress someone with your kitchen skills…YOU WILL knock their socks off FOR SURE!  And then who knows what will happen next, you might even be naming your next child Zucchi… I don’t know
  4. If you follow the SCD eating rules, or if you want to give them a try, you’re all set
  5. If you are scared off by the “Vegetarian” part, well, pull your head out of your meat grinder and read the recipe

I’m going to give you the recipe that we used here, but believe me, there’s a ton of modifications you can make to it if you like.  I’m midway through cranking it out tonight and Michaela said to me, “Do you want to put some of the left-over pesto sauce in it too?”.  Didn’t end up doing that tonight, but I like her thinking right?

Zucchini Lasagna Recipe (in picture format below):

Serves 2-3 people


  • 4-5 small zucchini
  • 1 big fat ripe tomato
  • Parmesan cheese grated (you’ll see the picture below to get an idea of the grating and how much)
  • Asiago cheese
  • Fresh Oregano
  • Fresh Basil (don’t be a wussy, get yourself some fresh herbs, but either way, but even if that’s not possible, you’re still gonna love it)
  • Olive Oil (maybe a tablespoon is all you need, unless you really love that stuff)
  • Salt – just a tiny bit since the cheese is salty



Bread loaf pyrex dish

This works real well, a small 1-1/2QT Pyrex Loaf Dish.  I put down a few specs of salt on the very bottom, not sure exactly why, but CJ told me to do it, enough said.

sliced zucchini

Slice Up the Zucchini real thin lengthwise. If you have a Mandolin Slicer you’ll want to get it out. Otherwise you need to be much more careful with the cutting.

setting up zucchini lasagna

fresh oregano

Those two little twigs are FRESH OREGANO. Peel off the tiny leaves, and chop them up! Put them in a small container or just let the chopped herbs sit on the side, we’ll be using them soon.  No need to use the stem, or at least that’s what Michaela says…

fresh basil

Those are basil leaves. They make this dish SCREAM YUMMY. Even if you have to ask your neighbor who has an herb garden for some, try to get the fresh stuff, you’ll be super happy and it tastes/smells super good.  Chop the basil up and like the oregano, put it to the side, its going to be used in just a moment.

asiago and parmesan cheese

We had some Parmesan and Asiago cheese leftover from when we made this last week, and guess what, it holds pretty well in the fridge, and we used up some more…And guess what…the rest is going back in the fridge to see if it can last until next week’s zucchini lasagna. My body can’t handle loads and loads of cheese, so I don’t dump on as much as CJ does, but a little goes a long way. And the little bit of burnt cheese when its all done…YUM YUM.  Just grate up the cheese, if you’re using two or three types, that’s fine, just mix it all together in a bowl and get ready to use it in a moment as well.

sliced tomato

We just used one tomato this time. And I think 1 is all you need. CJ uses sun-dried tomato at his restaurant, but I like the fresh ones better. The dish gets a little layer of juice at the bottom of the pan, but when you scoop out your serving, its stays there too. So don’t trip out on the juices you see when its all done because cooked veggies lose their water right…     This picture is what everything looks like when you’re about to get the party started with putting together the lasagna.

second layer of zucchini lasagna

This is what it starts to look like when you begin putting it together. A layer of sliced zucchini, some tomato slices, add some of the chopped herbs, and then some cheese. I also drizzle a tiny tiny bit of olive oil in there too.

second layer of zucchini

Here is another layer of zucchini, new game of Tetris

top layer of zucchini lasagna

This is the top layer before adding the cheese and maybe a few drips of olive oil for some more nice tastes.  Looking pretty nice right!

leftover cheese

hey, even got some leftover cheese for the dog (or cat)

zucchini lasagna profile view

Nice profile shot before it goes in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees. (Everyone’s oven is different, so check back on your creation a few times.  If things are turning brown, probably time to take it out.  But at 350, that should not happen for a while.

dirty dishes and the cleanup

After you popped it in the oven, don’t forget (like I often do) to do the cleanup. You’ll win points with the you know who…


Zucchini Lasagna with Baked Chicken

Here it is, with some baked chicken to the left.

So these aren’t ordinary recipe instructions right, but I hope that you get the idea, and the fact is, I’m no expert chef.  Just another average guy, who has been cooking some pretty tasty things at home, especially since diet is such a huge part of how I’m getting past UC.  One thing is for sure, you don’t need to go to Chef school for several years, you don’t need some fancy kitchen, and you definitely don’t need alot of money to crank out this dish.  AND, if you have leftovers, go grab some container and stick the rest in the fridge and pull it out in a few days and it will taste just as good if not better.  And again, the way I made it above is only 1 of probably thousands of variations you could do.  There’s all sorts of things you could add to change it up if you like.

For those of you who ordered my ebooks and wanted some more vegetarian foods in the cookbook, this will be in the updated versions you will all receive in the future.

I really hope everyone who tries this recipe, or your own sub-version of it, enjoys it as much as Michaela and I have.

Best of luck with your UC, and much more to come soon,

-Adam Scheuer


18 thoughts on “Introducing Zucchini Lasagna – SCD Legal, Vegetarian, and SUPER Tasty – Recipe Included”

    1. Hey Eileen,

      I think you’ll like it. I think next week we’re going to make it with a little bit of pesto in the middle to change it up a tad.
      Bon Apetit!

      1. Adam – thanks sooo much for this recipe. Made it tonight and am in LOVE :) only problem is I have to share with my daughter who just loves food :)

        Will definitely be a regular on my weekly menu.

        Hope we get more recipes in future.

  1. Hmmmm As a hard core carnivore, I’ve managed to avoid these green things that you call “vegetables”… Especially these things called zucchini and squash… They’re what I call “squeeshy things”… However, after looking at these pictures and seeing something with tomatos and cheese in it, I might…MIGHT…have to break down and try them… *grin* You’re gonna make me eat right if it keeeels me!! I’ll give it a go and let you know! Thanks for sharing AND for the photos!!

  2. After years of not flaring, the past few months of been rough. So I am trying some diet changes to get this flare under control. I tried this recipe tonight and it is awesome! Thank you for posting this and I will be checking out your other recipes.

    1. What Up Jeff, Way cool that you gave it a try. I wish you the very best in getting the UC under control.
      Take care, and glad you liked it:) More to come with some new foods.

  3. I will show this to my 13 year old daughter tonight, to try and encourage her. She loves to help me cook. Adam, with such great photos and commentary, I think she will have fun giving it a go. We gave up the diet for a while as she was presribed Sulphazine. Since it hasn’t worked we are going to start once again with the SCD. She doesn’t tolerate nuts very well so I cant bake. Our main problem is school lunches. She takes a packed lunch, but has got sick of soup and apple puree. we have amazing fruit in Borneo but she does not seem to like the taste of the exotic fresh fruits such as mango, papaya and the like!!! Crazy! Thanks again :) Senga

    1. Your so welcomed Senga!

      I wish your daughter the best, and for sure you can modify the ingredients in all sorts of ways if you want. Borneo???!!! Wow, lucky lucky lucky you guys! way cool.

      Take care,


  4. I just came across this. Thanks for posting!! It gives me some hope and ideas. Right now I need lots to look forward too…so hard when your down in the dumps!

    Thanks again!!

    1. Hey Kathy,
      Hang in there:)

      ALSO, you can come up with tons and tons of variations from this meal with adding in different meats if you like and or other spices/vegetables to suit your tastes. Best of luck to you moving forward,

  5. Hi and sorry if ths sounds like a silly question, but…..have recently been trying to follow this diet,,20500615_6,00.html

    It talks about small whole seeds.

    I’m guessing from this recipe though that you are ok with tomatoes? And the seeds? Have avoided them from meals and its soooo hard Would love to use them in cooking again!

  6. This looks so yummy thanks for posting it Adam, I love zucchini or as us people or from England like to call them “courgettes!”. Laura T I struggle to eat small seeds with my colitis sometimes so I just scrape them out x

  7. this looks soooooo yummy..but has cheese and tomatoes which i’m not allowed to eat *sigh*

    hope everyone who prepares this dish enjoys it though..

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