Introducing Myself and Wondering a Couple Things about SCD

Hey guys my name is Tyler I’m 21. I was diagnosed with mild/moderate case of colitis November 2010 witch landed me in the hospital for a couple weeks. The docs treated me with a high does of interventions steroid, antibiotic and asacol and we got it under control and was back on my feet taking only asacol as maintenance. In may I flared again and i’m still currently coming out of a 2 month of this flaire and i started the SCD about a month ago and i’m currently on it 100 percent now. Its hard to say If it is brought me out of my flair or not because im on 40mg of prednisone and 20 mg of cortisone suppositories twice a day and down to using the bathroom 3 times a day now with little mucus but no blood. Pretty sure i’m on my way to being into remission now.

Anyways that’s a intro about me i have a few questions regarding the SCD now. I just ordered a yogurt maker, do you all think it would be too soon to start the yogurt? Ive already started taking the sddophilus for a couple days now. I just got my yogurt maker in the mail kinda excited to try it lol. Also any serious gym goers on this site and follow the SCD? Im really into working out and am somewhat concerned about putting weight on without complex carbohydrates which usually play a pretty big role in bodybuilding.

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  1. Hi there ! I started with goat milk yogourt (which apparently in easier to digest) 4 weeks into the SCD diet. It went well. I am now on day 50 and will try cow’s milk shortly.

    When I started on prednisone, 2 weeks before trying the SCD diet, all the blood and mucus stopped. Sooo… i don’t know, since you still have mucus in your stools, maybe you could go with the probiotics for a week or so before trying the yogourt ?

    I can understand you want to use your yogourt maker NOW, I did the same LOL

    Good luck and let us know how you’re doing !

  2. Hi Tylotyler,
    Congrats on starting your SCD journey to help you get past UC! I’m doing the same.
    As for starting the yogurt, for most people, starting the yogurt is something you can try once your symptoms have gotten considerable better from using the SCD intro diet. Many people recommend not to start yogurt until you have no more bleeding. Also, as you’ve probably read in the SCD guides, you want to take it very slow when starting the SCD diet. You don’t want to eat anymore than a spoonful on your first several days to see how your body reacts. In the end, you’re trying to make some major changes to your gut bacteria, and small steps in the right direction are JUST FINE! It sounds like you are already making them!
    As for the gym, and putting on muscle and having loads of calories to burn, that is possible, but as you already have suspected, its going to be a bit more challenging without dumping all the complex carbs into your system as most bodybuilders do. But, for sure you can load up on many different proteins as you’ll learn with SCD, and there are other carbs that you also can consume in high quantities once you have healed.
    My best bit of advice would be to reach total healing thru SCD and once you’ve gotten that under your belt for several months, then you can begin to focus on other physical stuff like the gym etc… First things first, and my suggestion would be to give your digestive system priority #1 because without it working properly, its going to be a definite struggle to pull off the other stuff.
    Good luck with everything you’re doing, sounds like you got your head in the right spot, which is KEY!

    1. I have been on the scdophilus for 3 or 4 days may add a spoon of yogurt a tomorrow because i already started the yogurt making process lol. Good point on letting my intestines heal first, i really think staying active and working out helps control my symptoms of colitis when i was in remission but being healthy is way more important than a few extra pounds of muscle mass when you really think about it. Im really hoping the scd works for me and im glad you guys are here for the encouragement.

      When I bought Breaking the vicious cycle I also bought the Makers Diet book to keep a open Mind about which diet to follow. The makers diet seems to be easier to follow for an athlete or gym rat because it allows Sprouted Ezekiel bread sweet potatoes and small amounts of brown rice (select complex carbs). I wonder if I would be okay when I get back into remission to possibly try and add either sweet potatoes or Ezekiel bread to my diet. According to the Makers Diet, carbohydrates are okay to eat if they are in there predigested form (after being soaked, sprouted, or fermented)and that the only way to include whole grain products in makers diet is if they have been sprouted and this apparently changes the disaccharides to monosaccharides. I also read of Elaine Gottshall making an exception to one preg lady who was craving bread and she allowed her to eat Sprouted grain. Sweet potatoes im not sure why are on the makers diet tho because im pretty sure they are a polysaccharieds. Im 100 percent on SCD as of now but I was thinking of maybe incorporating a few things from the makers diet into SCD possibly later on down the road. What do you all think? Adam i read somewhere on here that you sometimes have corn tortilla and don’t have too much trouble, maybe sprouted grain or sweet potato could be my cheat food.

      1. I follow the SCD because I have IBD. My husband who is as healthy as can be also adheres to the diet and he is a serious weightlifter and runner. He calls the SCD diet his “paleo-diet.” His workout routine is through Crossfit and he regularly out lifts and out runs twenty year olds. He is in his mid 50’s.

        Give yourself time to heal and start your fitness routine slowly and carefully.

        Hope this helps

        1. I have UC and do Crossfit daily. I feel that my UC is pretty severe. The working out has really helped me in my opinion. I also just started the Paleo diet yesterday which seems to be pretty damn close to the scd discussed. I really hope it worksas I am pretty close to throwing in the towel and getting the surgery. I keep a good weight of 205lbs. I hate this disease with a passion and hope this new diet makes me feel better. I am on apriso for medication but don’t believe it works. Good luck everyone.

  3. Yea I just researched the paleo diet a bit. looks like the paleo is very similar to the SDC. It amazing the amount of diets that are closely related to the SCD diet. Ive seen at-least 4 0r 5 that that have the same over all structure. Cutting out refined foods, sugar and grains seems to be the best way for overall health in general and lowering inflammation. Hopeful the rest of America will catch on to this and maybe consider changing the ridiculous food pyramid.

  4. Yea Ive been researching a bit and finding quite a bit of foods that are really good for bodybuilding that i had never even considered, like butternut squash is pretty much gunna replace my sweet potato, just started that one. That crossfit seems pretty intense. Might be something id like to get into one day. Hang in there man hopefully everything will work out. I would def try the dietary approach if you can. I sometimes wonder if all the crazy amount of carbs i was taking in wile on these crazy workouts i was on may of contributed to my colitis some.

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