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Hey Everyone.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a year and a half ago.

Sophomore year of college. At first I thought I had a bad case of a stomach flu, or diarrhea of some sort. Never thought of it to be any thing serious so I never went to the hospital to check it out. Also, because I was paying for college and couldn’t afford any types of doctor visits. So i was living with this “stomach flu” for 6 months then finally realized that it was only getting worse. It got so bad that I “had to” go to the doctors and find out whats wrong with me. After 3 doctor visits and a colonoscopy, they finally gave me the news about my UC. Explaining in details exactly what I was diagnosed with. I was a sophomore attending Cal State University of Fullerton, I was planning to join a Fraternity. When I was talking to my doctor, he repeatedly told me that I can not drink any type of alcohol substance. A frat was out of the question. I was prescribed prednisone and Asacol, I was using the restroom as a staggering rate of 15- 20 restroom visits a day, that went on for another 6 months, then they raised my predisone.

So for about a year now, I have been taking just Asacol and I have been down to using the restroom to about 4 times a day. I have been reading on this website about the SCD diet and want to get on it. But I am scared to get off the Asacol and have an instant flare up. How did everyone now using the SCD diet get off there pills? Not knowing if the diet was actually working for them?

Submitted by:  Jake


If you’re interested too: Visit the SCD diet treatment page: HERE


2 thoughts on “Interested in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Treatment”

  1. Hello Jake, you do not need to stop the medication, just start the diet. Plan you meals a head and you will be fine. It is difficlt at the beginning but in few days you will start feeling better, more energy and your colon will feel happy. You know what I mean!.
    To me this diet is working, slowly but is working. I had my colonoscopy and the doctor told me that my colon looks better, I had been in this diet for 3 months, I lost weight, I have energy and the most important is that my colon is getting better. So give it a try……I still taking medication at night ( Canasa supp, Imuran and Asazol) for a long time and I never have a change until now, because Iam doing this diet.

    Good Luck to you. Keep in touch and tell us how you feel…

  2. Hey jake i feel your pain about being in college and wanting to join a frat and stuff. Im in the same spot but I prob stay away from the frat scene due to the binge drinking and stuff. Its tough bein in college and dealin with colitis and its good to hear from people in the same boat. I’m chillin a home rite now wile all my friends are out parting and drinking because im still in this flair. I seem to do alright when im in remission with a little bit of alcohol but drinking too much ant good for this disease I don’t think.
    Anyways I’m new to this disease (diagnosed last year) but some doctors try and ween you off of the asacol. Maybe different according to how severe the case is but I have a moderate case and my doctor told me his plan for me was to slowly ween me off of the asacol and he said that he would like to see me med free. I asked him if all doctors used this approach with there patients and he said not all but some do some dont. He said some doctors will just commit their patients to a lifetime of medicine some will not. I guess it has to do with how severe your condition is and what kind of doctor you are working with.

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