Indian 25 Years Old with Ulcerative Colitis

Diya P f

Diya Patel
25 years old. Born and raised in India.
Moved to Chicago when I was about 8 years old.
I have a BS in Health Science.
I was diagnosed with UC 5 months ago.
I’ve been in India for over two months trying alternative medicine along with prednisone and Masalmine.

Some more background:

I’m looking to get MS in nutrition. I love photography and sadly, eating out!

Colitis Symptoms…

I’m currently in the middle of my second (but not as bad as first) flare up. I was prednisone for two months (40mg till 5mg). 10 days after I stopped I had this second flare up. I started started following SCD diet 5 days into my second flare up. I feel much better. However, I’m gassy,there is a few drops of blood, pain before and after loo-visits (9-10 times a day) there is pain in my right abdoman, sharp shooting pain from right underarm running across my chest till the center (occasionally while I’m on steroids). There is a red flesh-like stuff that I notice in the toilet once in a while. What is that stuff? Anything I need to worry about?

Diya’s Colitis Story:

I am a simple 25yo who loves her parents, eating out, and has aspiration in life. UC changed alot of it. I got married in February 2015 and moved in with my husband and his family in Arkansas. I started working as a nutrition assistant almost right after I moved in. Marriage is stressful, life changed, my diet changed too (my in-laws eat spicier than I did) Three months after I moved in I started feeling bloated, gassy and had constant diarrhea. I went to my PCP who gave me flagyl after suspecting a C.Diff infection (which I was later tested negative). At this point I had bloody diarrhea, cramping and the usual UC stuff. Then, I saw a GI who put me on lialda and did a colonoscopy. I wasn’t doing too well so I decided to temporarily move back to India. Here, I rest and meditate. My parents take great care of me, take me to hospitals and are as scared as I am. They are trying everything they can to find a magic pill that can cure me. They a re taking longer to accept that UC is for life. There is no going back. However, ayurveda provides assurance that it’s treatable so they are hopeful. I am going to have faith in everything they want to try. Currently, I’m doing much better than I was 5 months ago (and much better than a lot of people of this community) but I miss eating and I’m really confused. I dont know what I can eat or not eat especially since I am a vegetarian and I’m in India. Anyone out here who is a vegetarian, in India it would be great to have some questions answered as to what to eat and how to live with UC and if any alternative medicine has been helpful.


I’m new to this, havnt really tried a whole lot yet, but I’m going to try various alternative medicine like Ayurveda.

written by Diya

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  1. Hello! I’m not a vegetarian but my consultant has always said that during a flare up, eat foods that are easy to digest with low fibre. This is to rest the bowel. I’m sure if you cook your vegetables really well until they are very soft, you can achieve this.
    On the Facebook post you asked about the fleshy bowel movements. It sounds like mucous and when you have bleeding it looks pink or red. The mucous can be thick or watery. I find that reducing dairy helps with mucous. It’s just your gut trying to protect itself.
    I hope you find some solutions soon. Laura

  2. Acupuncture has been very helpful for me. I also avoid dairy and use bosweilla supplements. Still take Azathioprine, wish I could get off it but I can live with it because I feel so good right now. Everyone has different food triggers, I would suggest keeping a food and symptom diary to find your personal triggers, I still track my food everyday because I want to try new things and expand my diet if I can. I do eat some chicken, turkey and fish, but never red meat or pork so my diet is a little different than your vegetarian diet. But like I said, everyone with UC seems to have different food triggers. I also would recommend Epsom salt baths, like a cup or two in an average size bath to sooth the soreness and help absorbe some magnesium. Helps with spasms also. It took me over 2 years to really find my balance and get into full remission. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have felt well for a year, but very well for 6+ months. I also credit prayer. God has used UC to teach me many lessons. Best wishes and prayers!

  3. Hi Diya,

    Thank you again so much for posting your story. You mentioned alternative ideas for treating this beast, and I think you might gain a few ideas from checking out the “Alternative Medicine” part of the site.

    There are 76 different stories there right now and growing, here’s that link:

    Wishing you the very best in getting things under control and having a fun and exciting 2016!
    (SUper SUPER amazing picture you sent us:) Big thx for that too:)


  4. Hi

    I was in the same boat like you. Moved to US and then went thru all the things available on the planet. I am also veggie. Ping me directly and I can share my details

  5. Hi Diya,
    I just want to tell you to check out this
    probiotic called VSL#3…its specific for colitis and it helped me a lot.
    The meds did nothing.
    It is also covered by some insurances.
    And do keep a food list to take note of which foods
    affect you negatively. Good luck to you
    and to all who have this illness.

  6. Hello Diya , such a beautiful person and to be effected to a state of disability , let me reassure you , this UC disease is controllable . I ran myself down to 139 lbs from 200 lbs , tried all sorts of ” natural ” so called cures, nothing worked somethings actually made things worse . Deferred pain from the UC in my lower back and legs almost prevented me from being mobile . I was put on Salafalk suppositories 500 mgs at bedtime and for the first time in many years the bleeding stopped completely and the deferred pain deminished to the point I could live a normal life. I’ve had this UC since I was 20 years old and I am now 70 years old 200 lbs and symptom free . My present medications are as follows 1000 mgs Salafalk suppository and 2000 mgs oral Salafalk . The sleeping giant (UC) has not raised its ugly head for many years now . Hope this encourages you Diya .

  7. A big thank you to Adam, and everyone else who left a comment on my post. The support means alot to me. I feel less scared and less lonely.

    1. Hi Diya,

      Let me assure you that UC is controable. You just have to make a lifestyle change. My husband has been in remissions for the past three years. I personally think that what helped him most was diet change. We completely eliminated Spices from his diet and specially red chilly. For a detailed Indian diet plan that helped him you can personally email me. Probiotics, Slippery Elm & Boswellia were the other things he tried.

      Good luck.

  8. I am a chronic patitent of Ulcerative colities since 1989 and have a huge problem of
    mucous in the stolld, sometimes with blood, poor apettite and a worst physique. i
    dont know as to how to cure it despite a 28 years long medication with colonoscopy
    and gestrocopy utmost one in a year. Kindly help in curing it totally

  9. Hello Diya, I have been carrying this UC since 2013 and tried everything you can name it, I did went to India 4 times and tried ayurvedic, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicines also tried herbal medicine in Malaysia and China but nothing work for sure you got to stay with your GI plan and do what he/she recommending you, Remember these alternative medicine are good but for common illness not for chronic condition/illness since these types of diseases wasn;t exist back then let’s say centuries ago. You got to out of prednisone as there is another best option the medicine called Uciris. also I will highly recommending to talk to your GI to see if he/she think you can be a best candidate for Humira, which I am currently taking and must say helping me a lot. Feel free to contact me if you need further information as I would be happy to help you as I can….In a meantime, stay strong with positive attitude and follow your GI recommendation.

  10. Ok i think I can help a bit all of you here

    I am from India and a silent reader of this site as my 33 years old wife has been suffering from UC for last 19 months now. Due to our ignorance of steroids she was on wysolone steroids for more than one year as it was little bit helping her to control stools, along with mesacol 2400 mg per day, with some calcium and vitamin E capsules.

    I was so scared after knowing side effects of wysolone steroid and cursed myself for letting her have it for so long, but we changed so many GI in the mean time but nobody actually warned us about the side effects of it, they kept tapering it little bit but didn’t stop it. reality is wysolone shouldn’t be continued more than maximum 6 months.

    She was also taking Ayurveda medicine from jiva Ayurveda,for 9 months which only helped very little.

    As in January 2016, wysolone was finally stopped her weight loss happened rapidly and now she is only 38 kg from 54 kg.

    But we came to know another Ayurveda doctor in Chandigarh India Dr vikram chauhan, his website is planet Ayurveda and I saw more about 15 videos on YouTube patients testimony, all saying they are feeling much better than before and are very happy with the results.

    MY wife has taken 15th day his Ayurveda medicine today and I am really relieved that even she is feeling much better than before, today she has gone to the loo only 2 times (earlier it was somewhere 20 to 30 times a day) , yes there are still some heavy feeling in the stomach but it’s only 15th day of meditation today and we are hoping she will be much better with time………… I will keep you guys posted about her recovery, I hope this Ayurveda medicine will keep working, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    We got medicine through a relative from Chandigarh and will be visiting doctor vikram chauhan soon before taking medicine further. Will update here when we do that also

    I hope all of you best of luck, I know this is a very painful disease, a life draining one, I know how much my wife suffered, still suffering, but now we are more hopeful then ever before.

    Take care

      1. hi

        no we stopped planet Ayurveda medicines as it was not helping much , now we are under Dr randhir sud Medanta hospital Gurgaon now known as Gurugram ,Haryana and thankfully his medicines are working for past 8 months

    1. Hi Umesh, Hope your wife is doing well. Are you still taking ayurveda Planet medicines. How is your wife doing at present. Planet ayurveda medicines can cure this disease permanently?
      Please reply.. Thank you in Advance…

      1. hi

        no we stopped planet Ayurveda medicines as it was not helping much , now we are under Dr randhir sud Medanta hospital Gurgaon now known as Gurugram ,Haryana and thankfully his medicines are working for past 8 months

  11. Hey Diya,

    I think you acquired it from change of diet after going to US (as you mentioned – your in-laws eat spicy..rt). Similar thing happened to me – my friends visited us and they prepared something very spicy (full of Indian masala and mirch), I eat that and it triggered. You know UC is autoimmune disease and triggered with change in diet, environment etc. I suggest you which I am planning to try after returning to India (Right now, I am in US … UC patient from Dec 2015)-

    See if something like this can help. It’s autoimmune disease and can be controlled for sure with patience and diet. Hope it works for you, me and everyone suffering. Let me know if you need any information from my side.


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